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Change is Around the Corner - Seeing Industry Pivots - Interview with Ken Andrukow

Money Talkers

"Here's the thing man, anytime there has been a massive obstacle or challenge or whatever you want to call it, change is right around the corner. And if you're smart and you don't get pulled into the negative cycle of it all and you look for the trends, you will find ways to reimagine how people work together, and how a product or service gets delivered at a higher level than it was previously. And that's a pivot." This episode with Ken Andrukow is a must-listen if the world with Covid-19 has you a little shaken. We're talking about industry pivots, friendships, re-connecting, how our world is learning to work together, and how to work differently, remotely, and to be successful working from wherever. This in a whole is bringing people together from diverse places. Ken Andrukow is seasoned entrepreneur that has built a number of successful businesses in several industries. Ken has an uncanny knack at seeing industry pivots before they happen and is never slow to take the lead. He has followed that intuition in graphics arts, motion picture on location services, viniculture consolidation, ethnic food importation consolidation, and health and wellness for the masses.Today Ken spends most of his time in the mountains of British Columbia Canada with his wife Crystal and dog Billie considering the next major industry shift. Part of the week Ken focuses of mentoring founders and entrepreneurs to unlock their potential, capabilities and scale their businesses while maintaining freedom of time, money, relationships and purpose. Ken is currently working on creating a major coaching business for entrepreneurs and building a software business that allows remote teams to work together in real time. The other 3.5 days a week Ken focuses on making his wife’s dreams come true. Instagram perfectdayeverydayWebsite level5mentors.comEmail ken@level5mentors.com


7 Sep 2020

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Episode 14 – Ken Andrukow: Level 5 Mentors & navigating entrepreneurship

The Business Side Of Fitness

Ken Andrukow has built multimillion-dollar businesses across several sectors, but money isn't the driving force behind his success. He has an uncanny knack at spotting industry pivots before they happen. The companies he has founded and help grow span sectors that include graphic arts, motion picture on-location services, the wine industry, ethnic food importation consolidation and health and wellness for the masses. Through his health and wellness company, Ken has trained thousands of people helping them to change their lives and live a more meaningful boy and fulfill. Entrepreneurs who work with Ken benefit from an entrepreneur who sells resonate with their own. They benefit from the dedication and attention of values-driven coaching and mentorship Ken's experiences. A success and failure and a refreshingly honest approach that helps them develop across the five entrepreneurial freedoms – money, health, relationships, purpose and time in his personal and professional life. Ken has experienced all the highs and lows that you can imagine he brings us to the table not afraid to relate his own experiences to those of his clients that are undergoing and he brings clarity to difficult conversations that all entrepreneurs must-have. This episode is brought to you by Vanessa Severiano, LLC specializing in business development for fitness & wellness brands. For more info on The Business Side of Fitness visit: www.vanessaseveriano.com/podcast Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessaseveriano/ Want to be a guest or have a question about your business? Drop us a line hello@vanessaseveriano.com


6 Aug 2020

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Ep. 8 Ken Andrukow: Effective Time Management

The Black Diamond Podcast

Ken Andrukow is the owner and founder of Reebok CrossFit located in Ramsay, Canada. He is an experienced business owner and mentors with a demonstrated history of building businesses that scale. Being conscious of time will result in self-improvement and goal achievement. That's true in both your work and personal life. In this episode, we talked about how a busy entrepreneur manages his time yet still be productive and how free time helps to rejuvenate mind and think of a new way to become more creative and efficient. Quotes:         “And the only way I could think to do that was, be in a free mindset as much as I was in a work mindset.”         “If you're a CEO, founder, entrepreneur, you can work from anywhere at any time. But if you don't have intention about the type of work you're actually doing and when you're doing it, I think it becomes less valuable.” Resources and Links Reebok Crossfit Ramsay Ken Andrukow’s LinkedIn Level 5 Mentor Email Ken


21 Jul 2020

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265. Ken Andrukow

Best Hour of Their Day

"My goal is to make my wife’s dreams come true."  That is really all you need to know about Ken Andrukow.  Anyone that lives with that mantra in mind deserves to be listened to for a few minutes. In addition to owning one of the most successful CrossFit affiliates Ken is the founder of Level 5 mentors.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jason-ackerman/support


25 Jun 2020

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Ep. 5 Ken Andrukow and Kate Jaramillo: Defining the Entrepreneur

The Black Diamond Podcast

How do you define entrepreneurs and success? What are the common risks and challenges as an entrepreneur? Let's find out more with Kate Jaramillo and Ken Andrukow. Kate Jaramillo is a certified group fitness instructor and a ketogenic living expert. Kate has been leading the way in the Ketogenic community for years. Ken Andrukow is the owner and founder of Reebok CrossFit located in Ramsay, Canada. He is an experienced business owner and mentors with a demonstrated history of building businesses that scale. Quotes: "Entrepreneurs should crave freedom in every aspects of life." "Entrepreneurs in my way of thinking are innovators and visionaries" "Entrepreneurs see opportunity in everything." "We're always looking to innovate and change."


25 Jun 2020

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Ep. 1 Ken Andrukow: The Core Differentiator is You

The Black Diamond Podcast

Ken Andrukow is the owner and founder of Reebok CrossFit located in Ramsay, Canada. He is an experienced business owner and mentor with a demonstrated history of building businesses that scale. In this episode, he shared early stages working for his dad to becoming a successful entrepreneur owning a 7-figure business, how he overcame hardships, steps after surviving a health problem, his criteria of success, how he helps other entrepreneurs understanding their value, tips on aspiring entrepreneurs and many MORE! Quotes         “Health is critical.  You can have all of those things that you want without first taking care of yourself.”         “I define my success criteria of having a purpose, and having the freedom to choose whatever purpose of what is important to me and those around me that are close to me and how I want to live my life with that freedom of purpose.”         “Every success, there’s a lot of failure.”         “I don't like making repeating mistakes. So I really work hard to fail so I can learn great lessons so that I can do bigger and better things the next time.” Resources and Links Reebok Crossfit Ramsay Ken Andrukow’s LinkedIn Level 5 Mentor


10 Jun 2020

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The Positive Side of Uncertainty - Kate Jaramillo & Ken Andrukow

Future of Fitness

In today’s episode, I have Kate Jaramillo and Ken Andrukow as guests. We will touch topics such as changes that are taking place in the world and the fitness industry, and what people need to be doing in these trying times.  Kate is a wellness mentor and ketogenic lifestyle expert. Her goal is to help women thrive and become the best version of themselves.  Ken is the owner and founder of Reebok CrossFit in Ramsay, Canada. Ken is aimed at helping members become open-minded and willing to take action. Let’s get right into it, what do you guys see out there? (01:32) Ken says he believes that times like these are when greatness rises. He says the health industry will make a dramatic change in regards to vaccines and the trials that accompany these vaccines.  He thinks that the time spent on trials for vaccines and cures will be shortened because people don’t want to be in this position again.  Kate adds that she thinks this is an exciting time; she says business owners will realize how much money they can save on rent and hiring offices. People will see what a big percentage of their work can be done from home.  She adds that all these open spaces that were used for offices and businesses can be converted to apartments, churches or grocery stores.  Also, general expenses will be much less. People are spending less money on things like gas and dry cleaning when they work from home.  One of the important questions business owners should ask themselves right now, is do I want my business to survive this? (07:00) Kate says she was inspired by advice saying that this is the pause we need.  A lot of business owners are unhappy with where they are with their business; four or five years down the line they don’t remember why they started the business in the first place.  Ken says that if you’ve wanted to stop what you’re doing because you don’t love it anymore, now is the time to do it. He adds that if a business has been shut down for three months, it will be even harder than before to get it back on track. No one will blame you for shutting down.  If you’re in an industry that’s ripe for disruption, now is the time for innovation (09:28) Ken says there hasn’t been much change in the fitness industry in 30 years in terms of what people want and need from the industry.  Technology has played its part in the last 5 years, but mostly in data recording.  Regarding the interaction between fitness professionals and clients, there’s a major innovation on its way.  If you’re in the industry, you have to think about your clients; what they wanted before the coronavirus struck, and what their needs will be after it's over.  What are you guys seeing in the wellness industry? (17:29) Kate says that people are in a panic, and giving things away for free. They have also noticed a rise in fake work-from-home business opportunities. These ads are posted on Facebook, and people are even getting personal messages about these insincere opportunities.  A lot of people are also stepping up as leaders and offering their clients support.  It’s important to check in with your clients, even if it's just for support. She sent out an email to numerous clients, just asking if they need anything, and what can she do to assist.  They put together a resource guide with fitness and nutritional information so that clients can keep up their routine. They aren’t doing it as a lead magnet, but rather to make sure clients feel calm, loved and supported in these times.  Looking at it from a societal standpoint, what is the one change you’d like to see in societies and communities after this pandemic (19:30) Kate says she wants people to make more time for each other. She wants people to go the extra mile for one another; not to take a hug or a handshake for granted.  Ken says he doesn’t want people going back to normal when all this is over; he wants us to learn from it.  He hopes that we become closer, as a society and a world.  Resources Connect with Ken on LinkedIn Connect with Kate on LinkedIn


20 May 2020