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Ryan Hayward on Designing, business, building audience and much more.

Getting Started with Shashank Kumar

Ryan Hayward is the Founder & CEO at Pitchproof, he is also an organizer of a virtual conference for designers known as Frontrow. He shares his experience and knowledge on his Instagram page @pitchproof with a great following of nearly 90,000 designers.In today's Mindblowing Podcast, Ryan Hayward speaks about everything like his journey, Covid-19, building an audience, future plans, and how giving out the content for free change his life. You'll gain lots of career guidance and career hacks from this particular podcast! Hope you enjoy it :)


26 Jun 2020

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14 - Ryan Hayward: Add Value First

Creatively Brief

This week I had the chance to sit down and talk to the founder and CEO of Pitchproof and the virtual design conference, Frontrow. At a young age, Ryan knew he had an entrepreneurial and creative drive that set him apart. With that, he jumped all into the creative field as a freelance graphic designer, eventually finding a hole in the design market for a better way to present logos to clients and that's how Pitchproof was born. From there Ryan has focused on providing value and building a community for his audience and built Frontrow to do just that. In our conversation, we talked about building both Pitchproof and Frontrow, the key to building a true and engaged audience on social media and how important it is that you provide value for your audience above all else. Make sure you check out both Ryan's social media and Pitchproof's social media below: Pitchproof: @usepitchproofRyan's account: @theryanhayward Learn more about Frontrow2020 here: https://www.frontrow.design/A huge thank you to Ryan as well for offering all of you 10% off your purchase of a ticket to Frontrow2020 with code: CREATIVELYBRIEF! Make sure to check out Frontrow2020 here: https://www.frontrow.design/If you enjoyed today's episode, make sure to subscribe, leave a rating and review, and connect with Creatively Brief on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest at @CreativelyBrief and check out my personal design work on Instagram at @MichaelTumlinDesigns! Are you looking to pick up a new skill or refine one you already have? Skillshare is the best way to learn from professionals in their field at a low, affordable price! I've used skillshare in the past and it truly helped push me farther into the design field than I ever would have imagined. Click the link below to get a free two-month trial and take your creativity to the next level! skillshare-ambassador.pxf.io/nmBe9--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/creativelybrief/support


8 Apr 2020

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What Makes You Different? (Pitchproof Founder, Ryan Hayward)

Liftoff by Bottle Rocket

I can't believe we're on episode 50! And what a way to celebrate, then with the incredibly talented Founder of Pitchproof, Ryan Hayward. On this episode we discuss the importance of standing out as a designer and we talk about why it's so important to be unique and lean into your differences as a designer. Ryan also goes over 3 key ways to nail a pitch. So grab a pen, or save this episode for later :)It's rare that I feel so gobsmacked by a guest. But this week Ryan does it... and you'll hear why.Build interactive logo presentations with Pitchproof: https://www.usepitchproof.com/Pitchproof Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/usepitchproof/Ryan's Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/theryanhayward/-As always thank you for listening, and if you enjoy what you're hearing, please share with your friends and co-workers :)-Feel free to stalk the Experience Design podcast on Instagram at @xdpodcast-AND If you are feeling EXTRA inspired, I would love for you to check out my Patreon page here: https://patreon.com/xdpodcast#staycurious


10 Dec 2019

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Ryan Hayward - How to Build a Startup in 3 Days, CEO of PitchProof.

Design Huddle - UX Podcast

Ryan Hayward shares with us how he built his start up PitchProof in 3 days, created FrontRow 2019, one of the largest online design conference for designers, and shares with us a little bit behind the curtain how he does it all. 🔥Ryan’s Social Media: ✅Instagram: - Instagram.com/usepitchproof - Instagram.com/theryanhayward. ★ Join the conversation on Discord: https://discord.gg/XEsKbd9 ★--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/designhuddle/support


25 Nov 2019

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EP2 - Frank talks with Pitchproof CEO, Ryan Hayward

Two Red Chairs

Frank talks with Pitchproof CEO, Ryan Hayward--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gdaydesignlife/message


12 Nov 2019

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02 | Freelancing being a student + Pitchproof W/ Ryan Hayward

The Bless Show

I am joined today by Ryan, the CEO of PITCHPROOF (usepitchproof.com) - an online platform for logo designers to present their logo concepts in a very intuitive and effective way. In this episode, we talk about His Pitchproof journey and also the question of the day on how to start freelancing while you’re still a student. Ryan shares some amazing insights on how to start with the most effective way possible and how to continue your journey as a freelancer successfully. He also shares his vision with Pitchproof and how they’re taking it to a next level. Be sure to listen to the full episode for more insights.   Ryan Hayward is the CEO & Founder of Pitchproof; an online platform allowing designers to build interactive logo presentations. Ryan also works as a freelance graphic designer providing branding solutions for internet startups on a global scale. Ryan is a passionate digital designer, playing his part of influencing the future of design.  Links to his Social platforms:  usepitchproof.com instagram.com/usepitchproof ryanhayward.com.au instagram.com/theryanhayward Connect with me on Instagram www.instagram.com/blesscreatics.  Thank you for listening to this episode of The Bless Show! Take a screenshot or record a video of you listening to this podcast while you work/drive and share it on your Instagram stories and tag me @blesscreatics for a shoutout! If you’ve freelance questions for the show, send an audio/voice memo of you introducing yourself and asking the question to ‘theblessshow@gmail.com’  Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of every new episode. If you like the content, kindly rate and share your reviews for the show. Share the word on your Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.   Huge shoutout to this show’s sponsors! SKILLSHARE has been my favourite online learning hub since I started out. With thousands of classes on almost every topic makes it the best among all. Get 2 MONTHS OF SKILLSHARE and take your design skills to a next level. Sign up today at https://skl.sh/blesscreatics


22 Apr 2019

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Getting To Know Our Readify Consultants. Episode 02. Ryan Hayward

Getting to know our Readify Consultants

Thanks for tuning in. My name is Kahne Raja. This is episode 2 of Getting to know our consultants.Ryan Hayward is a Senior Developer at Readify.He's 25, based in Brisbane and passionate about building awesome products using .net, ios and web technologies. Music: Scott Gratton


8 Feb 2016