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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Alexa Silvaggio. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Alexa Silvaggio, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Alexa Silvaggio. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Alexa Silvaggio, often where they are interviewed.

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Spiritually Intimate Conversations
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We can't wait for you guys to listen to today's guest Alexa Silvaggio, a wellness entrepreneur based in New York City, and Los Angeles. She is a yoga instructor, writer, speaker, podcast host, social media influencer, retreat leader and CEO of Savage Chocolates.

Her amazing company Savage Chocolates doesn't believe in guilty pleasure, they believe in pleasure done well. Pleasure done whole heartedly, fully embodied, and present. And they want to encourage you to cultivate a more loving relationship to your body and self.

This episode was so fun to record and we enjoyed the many layers of this conversation. We jammed on so many topics from living with true intention, to self love & mindful eating, to a juicy convo around sex - and sooooo much more. We were literally flowing and it left us all feeling high from the energy exchanged between the 3 of us. Be ready to laugh a ton and literally feel your heart space open while you listen to some seriously healing convos that are so desperately needed to be had. Enjoy!

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Mar 14 2020



A SAVAGE chat on Food, Chocolate, Healing & Entrepreneurship with Alexa Silvaggio

On The Path
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On Episode #4 of On the Path, I am sitting down with Alexa Silvaggio (@alexasilvaggio).  Alexa and I went to school together at Syracuse University and studied Musical Theatre together and she is quite an inspirational woman.  After overcoming an eating disorder, Alexa found Yoga as a means of healing and turned her "mess into her message," as she so eloquently put it on today's episode.  She is now a self-love advocate, writer, speaker, podcast host, yoga instructor, social media influencer and wellness entrepreneur based in Los Angeles and New York City.

She is embarking on a new business endeavor, a chocolate company she named SAVAGE.  In today's episode, we talk all about Alexa and her journey, her new business, her pup Hugo, Girl Scout Cookies and how she used her past as a catalyst for her career.

Feb 19 2020



33 // Coming hOMe to Your Body w/ Alexa Silvaggio

School of Sparkles With Sara Fruman
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Alexa Silvaggio, an international yoga teacher/ meditation instructor, wellness entrepreneur, and the host of the Let’s Get INformation podcast joins the School of Sparkles.

Sara begins the podcast by discussing Alexa's astrology chart. From there, Alexa discusses her journey into yoga and meditation, detailing how these practices helped her heal from a severe eating disorder and why she began teaching herself. Alexa shares tips for getting into your body (many of us don't realize when we're somewhere else entirely), getting into meditation, and more!

Don't miss this episode!

Stay tuned for Alexa's book and delicious vegan Savage Chocolate company - both coming soon!

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PS - Sara's looking to help as many healers help more people through epic media & marketing sessions! Hit her up for a free idea session -

Feb 27 2019



Want to feel good? Try this. With Alexa Silvaggio

Savage Lifecast
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We all know that gratitude is where it's at, however many believe that gratitude is an attitude, when really, it's a practice.  A practice that requires well... practice! This time of year is a great time for a reminder to up our gratitude game, so sit back, tune in and let's get INformation.


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Nov 22 2017


Creating Awaken.Yoga with Alexa Silvaggio and Jessie Barr

SoulFeed with Shannon Algeo
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Just how powerful are the practices of yoga and meditation? In this episode, Shannon welcomes his co-founders onto the show, and they share about the creation of their new online yoga + meditation platform.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How Jessie and Alexa began practicing yoga.  
  • Learn to be present through uncertainty.
  • What is Awaken.Yoga?
  • Why Jessie, Alexa, and Shannon chose to come together in partnership for the creation of this new online space!

Listen as Jessie Barr, Alexa Silvaggio, and Shannon Algeo excitedly share their new partnership with all of us!

15 days or 30 days? You choose.

Begin your Free Practice Trial with Awaken.Yoga

FREE Guided Meditation for Self Care (led by Shannon):

Oct 02 2017



Alexa Silvaggio - Young Yogi and Anorexia

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Alexa Silvaggio talks about her struggles with anorexia and how meditation and yoga helped her transition to a happier, healthier life. She is a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner, and leads yoga retreats with The Travel Yogi to exotic locations like Bhutan, France, and Iceland.

Apr 11 2016



Alexa Silvaggio: Turn Self-Hatred Into Self-Love

SoulFeed with Shannon Algeo
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Do you sometimes judge your body or compare yourself to others?

The truth is: we ALL do it. What would it be like to embody your body and own your beauty as you are in this moment - right now?

Alexa Silvaggio takes us on her journey from a world of anorexia, comparison, and blame to a new life of radical self love, acceptance, and joy.

She teaches us that loving yourself is a daily practice that we mustn't wait to begin. In fact, it is our choice and our responsibility to start loving ourselves and become fully alive NOW.

Listen as Alexa makes self love a little (read: a LOT) more possible for all of us.

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Nov 09 2015



Alexa Silvaggio

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Alexa comes to the apartment and we talk about all things life and yoga. Alexa is very open about her eating disorder, her views on love and the power of spirituality in daily life. A lovely addition to the YogaSexGod family.

Feb 17 2015

1hr 6mins