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Managing Debt and Helping Businesses with Sid Powell

Fortune Teller Podcast

Today we’re talking to Sid Powell, the co-founder and CEO of Maple Finance, an institutional marketplace for capital built on the Ethereum blockchain. Sid has a traditional finance background, where he worked in banking and mortgage and asset backed securities. He says he was always more fascinated by what it would take to build a business, so he joined a FinTech and ran the treasury department. It was at that time that he started learning more about Ethereum. Sid says he started thinking about ways to manage debt and help businesses expand by using smart contracts. That was the idea that became Maple. Coming from banking, Sid had been exposed to the start-up scene, but he never saw huge financial innovation until blockchain. As he learned more, he could see a clear opportunity to have an impact on the financial system. He says what can start small in the defy space has potential to turn into huge protocols or companies. That’s one of the things that attracted him to the space. Sid says he could see that this was the internet of finance, so he knew there was going to be tremendous opportunity. Sid says he knew he would regret it if he hadn’t taken the plunge.Sid believes that success largely depends on the effort and effectiveness with which you approach your tasks. He says it’s amazing how much resilience is a core competency you need to have in this business. He’s described it before as chewing glass and staring into the abyss. When asked what books have inspired him lately, Sid says the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s a brief history of humankind that Sid says has highlighted the importance of focusing on the story you're telling your team, community, and customers. The book has also brought to his attention that most institutions, other than religion, are less than 300-400 years old. The Federal Reserve for example is only 107 years old. It’ll be interesting to see where the future takes us.When asked what he could confidently predict would happen by the end of the year, Sid said he thinks we’ll see over a billion dollars in under-collateralized loans done. To put that in perspective, across all protocols, there were maybe 10-15 million on chain in defy in under-collateralized loans at the beginning of 2021. This would be 100x growth.--The Fortune Teller podcast is a discussion between industry leaders in blockchain and financial technologies. The podcast focuses on the development of blockchain-based financial services and outlines the current state of the industry and future predictions for the adoption of decentralized finance. Go to www.teller.finance/


20 Aug 2021

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Talking Crypto #52 - Sid Powell from Maple Finance

Talking Crypto with Gabriel Haines

Sid Powell is the CEO & Co-Founder of Maple Finance. Sid comes from a background in debt capital markets and institutional banking. During his career in traditional finance, he participated in $3b+ of corporate bond issuance, established and ran a $200m+ bond funding program, and managed Treasury at a commercial lending fintech company.

1hr 2mins

4 Jul 2021

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Deep Dive 12: DAOs, Defi, and the Evolution of Capital Markets with Sid Powell

Square I

We're excited to share a conversation with Sid Powell, CEO and Founder of Maple Finance. The team at Maple is tackling one of the most risk involved and challenging issues of Decentralized Finance, undercollateralized lending. Sid is a unique founder in the web3 space, as he comes with a background in banking, not software development. We hope you find plenty of interesting ideas to chew on throughout this conversation.  https://twitter.com/sidbpowell

1hr 28mins

15 Jun 2021

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Deep Dive 7: digging into Defi with Sid Powell and Kerman Kohli

Square I

In this episode we chat with two Australian Defi founders Sid and Kerman about their perspective on decentralized finance. We break Defi down into four primary functions: exchanges, lending services, derivatives, and insurance. This ~should~ be relatively encompassing of the different applications you can find in the ecosystem today.


8 May 2021

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9. Sid Powell - Maple, Undercollateralised Loans & Roadmapping

Koji Conversations

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Sid has recently taken the space by storm with the development of Maple Finance - a decentralised corporate credit market built on the Ethereum blockchain. By leveraging his experience in traditional finance, Sid has become equipped with the tools that allow him to solve some of the leading problems in the emerging space.The genesis of Maple occurred during Sid’s time at a lending fintech. While pouring through hundreds of pages of legal documentation, the thought emerged that these documents could be codified onto the Ethereum blockchain. This realisation led to the creation of Maple Finance - the product that would result in the ability for institutions to access capital from anywhere in the world.Although Sid and his co-founder, Joe, never faltered in their belief in their idea, the world couldn’t always see it. Before DeFi Summer, Sid and Joe were funding the project internally with their own savings. Sid’s perseverance would prove to pay off, with Maple Finance overcoming all hurdles, and triumphing with a thriving team of 15 strong. Sid encourages founders to use their ‘why’ statement as a guiding light towards their goal and to persevere until the world is ready for your idea.Join this Koji Conversation, with Sid Powell.Join the Conversation:Find Sid on Twitter: @sidbpowellTwitter: @koji_capitalWebsite: koji.capitalEmail: hello@koji.capitalDiscord: https://discord.gg/MThFGFfuRa


29 Apr 2021

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Magic Drive Time Dante Marchitelli With Audio From Sid Powell on The Pod Squad 11-7-19

Orlando Magic Audio Network

Dante Marchitelli discusses Magic Basketball, and showcases Sid Powell audio from the Orlando Magic Pod Squad.


12 Nov 2019

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Orlando Magic Pod Squad With Sid Powell 11-5-19

Orlando Magic Pod Squad

The squad sits down with the Director of Team Operations for the Orlando Magic, Sid Powell.


5 Nov 2019

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Motivational Mantras Series: (Sid Powell)


Liz Colburn continues her monthly series of "Motivational Mantras" by welcoming Sid Powell to the program. Sid shares a part of his story and talks about what shaped him as a person. Want to let Liz know your thoughts on today's show? Send her an email at LizcolburnBB@gmail.com or go "like" The Morning Uplift on Facebook and send her a message.


7 Feb 2017