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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Depesh Mandalia. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Depesh Mandalia, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Depesh Mandalia. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Depesh Mandalia, often where they are interviewed.

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#57 - Depesh Mandalia (Live) - Pivoting your business during the pandemic

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Welcome to the first-ever live version of the Smarter Destiny Podcast. I’m joined by Depesh Mandalia, an experienced internet marketing entrepreneur who recently overcame the deadly coronavirus. Today we discuss the current business situation amid the pandemic, focusing on customer experience and Facebook advertising. Depesh has been on the show already, so if you are interested in learning more about him and internet marketing, you can check out episode 32.

  • Bullet points
  • 00:37 - Intro
  • 01:30 - Overcoming coronavirus
  • 06:05 - Ordering COVID-19 home test kit
  • 07:35 - Dropshipping and considering customer experience
  • 10:23 - The first coronavirus symptoms
  • 14:15 - Clients situations amid the pandemic
  • 19:50 - Pivoting your business
  • 22:20 - What people expect from online retailers
  • 24:00 - The most purchased item in the UK right now
  • 28:28 - Finding ways to keep the business going
  • 30:11 - Keeping your customers informed
  • 32:20 - Promoting Facebook groups
  • 34:22 - Local business digital marketing
  • 36:20 - Incentivize your customers to buy for the future
  • 39:00 - Rapid fire question round
  • 39:26 - What superhero would you be and why?
  • 40:35 - What is one thing that people incorrectly assume about you?
  • 44:37 - What is the most pointless subject taught at schools and what would you replace it with?
  • 48:05 - The number-one strategy for engaging people online
  • 52:00 - Handling stressful situations
  • 57:10 - What is one mistake you made in your life and what did you learn from it?
  • 59:55 - What book do you read or gift the most?
  • 01:02:15 - What do you look for when hiring?
  • 01:05:32 - What silly thing should people do more of?
  • 01:06:54 - If you could change one world problem with one wish, what would it be?
  • 01:10:25 - Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?
  • 01:12:05 - How would you motivate your lazy 18 year old son?
  • 01:14:27 - Do you have days where you have no motivation and how do you turn them around?
  • 01:19:50 - What inspired you to be an entrepreneur and what keeps motivating you to push forward?
  • 01:22:56 - What unusual or underrated food or drink should more people try out?
  • 01:25:02 - What makes you happiest?
  • 01:27:25 - Any asks or requests for the audience?
May 09 2020 · 1hr 30mins
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BONUS: A look at CBO with Molly Pittman & Depesh Mandalia

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On today's special BONUS episode we're talking about CBO.

That's Campaign Budget Optimization. Andrew sat down with expert digital advertisers Molly Pittman and Depesh Mandalia to talk about what's happening with CBO, how it's working, why it's working the way that it is, and some tips to improve your campaigns.

They discuss:

  • Why you can't treat CBO campaigns the same way as you were treating ABO campaigns
  • CBO misconceptions
  • When CBO works best
  • How to think about your budget when setting up CBO
  • CBO and Dynamic Creative
  • CBO best practices


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Feb 14 2020 · 53mins

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Crack the code - CBO AMA With Depesh Mandalia

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Feb 05 2020 · 56mins
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Exclusive Facebook Ads CBO Q&A With Depesh Mandalia

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📦 This episode was sponsored by Popbrands, the official distribution partner of Popcrumbs offers in e-commerce (jewelry, beauty, collectibles, gadgets) and lead generation (debt help, personal & business loans, credit card processing and hard money lending).

The team doesn't just make the offers and push them out, they thoroughly test it, especially on social channels like FB and IG. If you want Facebook-ready WH affiliate offers, sign up to Popbrands right here: http://popbrands.io/


Depesh is the author of The CBO Cookbook, which is a thorough guide and reference point for transitioning to CBO-only campaigns.

We asked you ladies and gents what are your most pressing CBO questions, so we went through them with Depesh. Give the episode a listen and find out:

✅ Why Facebook moved to CBO from ABO (ad set budget optimization).

✅ How to move from prospecting with CBO to scaling with CBO.

✅ How many ad sets Depesh uses in CBOs and why.

✅ How to structure CBO campaigns to have less guesswork in your campaigns and ads.

✅ How to make sure FB does give all ads and ad sets a fair test in a CBO, aka how to make sure some ads aren’t “dead on arrival” and get zero budget.

✅ What is the trend from FB for 2020 when it comes to their Ads platform.

Get The CBO Cookbook: https://www.bpmmethod.com/the-ultimate-cbo-cookbook-wtaff?affiliate_id=1923764

Contact Depesh: https://depeshmandalia.com/


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Jan 31 2020 · 50mins
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#32 - Depesh Mandalia - The problem with Facebook advertising

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Depesh Mandalia is an experienced internet marketing entrepreneur and international speaker. Founder and CEO of SM Commerce, a digital marketing agency specialising in Facebook, he's on a mission to help entrepreneurs and marketers achieve their goals by building highly profitable businesses through online advertising. An international speaker and Advisor at Facebook, he leads one of the most engaged Facebook ads groups and hosts events to help others learn from his broad experience, furthering his mission to create a positive impact in the world.

Show Notes Depesh Mandalia

  • 00:30 - Introduction Depesh Mandalia
  • 02:40 - Could you tell us about the time that was the starting point of your current journey?
  • 16:02 - How was it that you “called the attention of Facebook”?
  • 17:58 - How did you transitioned from the children’s book company to the next thing on your journey?
  • 33:05 - Was this time of your life fulfilling for you?
  • 39:45 - Making money vs making impact
  • 42:55 - What are some of the most common mistakes that you see?
  • 46:45 - And what opportunities people miss often?
  • 53:23 - Any unusual drinking or eating habits?
  • 55:22 - How do you get into a state of flow?
  • 59:15 - What nontraditional lesson would you teach at school?
  • 01:02:02 - What books had the biggest impact on your life?
  • 01:04:35 - What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like and when does it start?
  • 01:06:19 - Any advice for your previous boss or bosses?
  • 01:07:35 - What do you do or where do you go to get inspired?
  • 01:08:20 - How would you double USD 5K in 24h?
  • 01:09:21 - What’s the best advice ever given to you?
  • 01:10:05 - What silly thing people should do more of?
  • 01:10:40 - Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses?
  • 01:11:26 - How would you convince someone to do something that is good for them, but don’t want to do it?
  • 01:12:10 - What makes you happiest?
  • 01:13:35 - What would you ask from the audience?
Dec 01 2019 · 1hr 16mins
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Creating A Profitable eCommerce Business Using Facebook Ads With Depesh Mandalia

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Depesh Mandalia has been in the eCom space for over a decade and in this session, he reveals some of the biggest tips and tricks to finding success with Facebook Ads. Find out how to build a successful Shopify dropshipping store and scale it profitably!

Top 3 Value Bombs

1) Work on your foundations when it comes to marketing rather than focusing on the numbers.

2) Sales != Profits. You could very well be more profitable at the end of the day with 4 or 5 figures in sales compared to someone over 6 figures.

3) Stay in your own lane. Quit the shiny object syndrome and focus on your own next steps which will make you successful.

Thinking of starting Shopify? Use this affiliate link to sign up ==> https://goo.gl/DXKxuk (It helps the channel at NO extra cost to you!)

Nov 08 2019 · 24mins
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10: Talking 8-Figure CBO Facebook Ads Strategies For 2019 with Depesh Mandalia

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On this episode, I talk CBO Facebook Ads Strategies with Depesh Mandalia - a Facebook IQ Advisor, International Speaker, Founder of SMC, and high-level media buyer that scaled multiple businesses to 8-Figures using Facebook Ads. 

Depesh reveals what's his CBO Facebook Ads strategy for 2019, how he structures his Top-Of-Funnel campaigns, how he uses Maslow's hierarchy to build the RIGHT creatives...and SO MUCH MORE!
Sep 24 2019 · 20mins
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EP35: Depesh Mandalia: Facebook Ads Secrets

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Depesh Mandalia is in the house to share his secrets to Facebook ads. After a long stint as a programmer, Depesh got involved in e-commerce in 2005 as a project manager with no experience in e-commerce. Little did he know at the time, this move would ignite a passion for learning everything he could about the user experience and marketing psychology in the social media realm. Once he understood how Facebook algorithms work, he was able to take one brand from $800k a year to over  $26.5 million in just 18 months. It was such an impressive achievement that Facebook actually flew him out to meet with their engineers to discuss his strategies to help improve their own. This achievement skyrocketed his career and in this episode, he shares with us the lessons that can only come from building dynamic brands.

Sep 12 2019 · 47mins
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#1 - Depesh Mandalia

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Depesh Mandalia is on a mission to help entrepreneurs leverage digital marketing to build highly profitable businesses. As CEO of SM Commerce and ZASR Digital he is responsible for well over $100M of revenue generated and over $20M of profitable Facebook ad spend. An international speaker, he passionately believes in sharing traditional principles of sales and marketing adapted for the digital age through his online training and in-person workshops and masterminds.

Aug 16 2019 · 1hr 8mins
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JotUrl Interview #5 - Depesh Mandalia

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Kings & Queens welcome to our sixth episode and our fifth interview with Depesh Mandalia: Founder of SMC and Facebook marketing expert

Hosted by Stefano Pisoni & Janosch Lenzi 

Join our group ► Jo.my/king_of_links 

Jul 21 2019 · 45mins