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Ep. 103: Travis McElroy & Teresa McElroy

Go Fact Yourself

It's #MaxFunDrive time!Support this show for as little as $5 a month and earn great gifts! Go to Maximumfun.org/join. You can also boost your membership for as little as $1/month!Plus… YOU could be a guest on the show!All new, upgrading, and boosting members can opt in to play in our tournament, whose winners get to record a mini-episode of Go Fact Yourself!And listen for details on our stretch goals for even more opportunities. THANK YOU for supporting our show. We literally couldn't do it without members of MaxFun. Hopefully that includes YOU.Will you please join, upgrade, or boost at maximumfun.org/join?Grab the burger of the day and switch on the cable TV – it's a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! In honor of week two of the #MaxFunDrive, we’re joined by two more hosts from the Maximum Fun Network! Travis McElroy is part of the brotherly trio behind the hit shows “My Brother, My Brother and Me” and “The Adventure Zone.” In fact, he and his brothers were so successful that they eventually decided to write the book on podcasting: Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You).Travis also co-hosts the podcast “Shmanners” with his wife, Teresa McElroy. Together they explore the history and applications of etiquette. That includes finding the origins of idioms like “letting the cat out of the bag” which they’re happy to share with us today.What’s the Difference: Couples Therapy!What’s the difference between a couple and a pair?What’s the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?Areas of Expertise:Travis: The songs of Dave Matthews Band, 1990s Nickelodeon TV shows, and job interviews.Teresa: The TV Show “Bob’s Burgers,” the movie Ratatouille, and loading the dishwasher.Appearing in this episode:J. Keith van StraatenHelen HongTravis McElroyTeresa McElroyWith guest experts:Wendy & Lizzie Molyneux, Emmy-winning writers/producers on “Bob’s Burgers”Dan Mintz, voice of Tina Belcher on “Bob’s Burgers”Marc Summers, Emmy-nominated producer and host of several classic shows, including Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare”Go Fact Yourself was devised and is produced by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, in collaboration with Maximum Fun. Theme Song by Jonathan Green.Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.Associate Producer and Editor is Julian Burrell.Supporting MaxFunDrive by YOU!

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5 May 2022

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Ep. 1: My Brother, My Brother and Me (Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy & Griffin McElroy) is one of My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBaM) is one of my favorite podcasts ever. I have only seen a few podcasts live but theirs is the only I made the trek on my own to go see them in the middle of a cold wintery Chicago night. I hope to possibly return to cover more on this specific podcast and all their other podcasts in possibly a part two to this episode as this is my first attempt at this new podcast I am creating. Give Mbmbam a chance or go find the TV show they had and fall in love with their humor & love they have for each other like I did! • Episode 1 of MFP • Hosted by Jordan Bushert • Twitter ~ @JordanbGregory--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


26 Jul 2021

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Teaser - My Brother, My Brother, and Me feat. Esther Rosenfield, Griffin, and Travis McElroy

Those Good Old-Fashioned Values

aw beans it looks like we got to interview the dang mcelboys!!!Listen to all of our bonus episodes at www.patreon.com/tgofv.


3 Jul 2021

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Ep. 687: Sun-Bleached Dildo with Travis McElroy

Jordan, Jesse, GO!

Travis McElroy (My Brother, My Brother and Me, Shmanners ) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how we can take the Summer Boy ethos to the next level this year, Travis's new blacksmith hobby inspired by Forged in Fire, and what the Rocky franchise would look like if it took the path of The Fast and the Furious. ACTION ITEM: What have you found on a farm!? Call us -- 206-984-4FUN or email us a voicemail jjgo@maximumfun.org!IT'S THE MAXFUNDRIVE!! If you can afford it, please consider going to MaximumFun.org/Join to support this show and all the other great shows at Maximum Fun! Check out the Herbal T. Calmnman pin that you can get this year!

1hr 22mins

12 May 2021

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Minisode: Travis McElroy Checks In

Can I Pet Your Dog?

A mini-sode with our number one prodoofus Travis McElroy! He gives us the latest scoop on Lily and Buttercup and endures Renee's admiration for helping us create this show. Then the love turns towards you listeners - we're so lucky we got ya! If it makes sense we'd love to have you on our final FUR-well tour head to maximumfun.org/join to become a member today! WE LOVE YOU! 


12 May 2021

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266: Travis McElroy

Cool Tools

Our guest this week is Travis McElroy. Travis is a podcaster, a best selling author and a really cool person. You can find Travis and The McElroy family on Youtube and on Twitter @travismcelroy. For show notes and transcript visit: https://kk.org/cooltools/travis-mcelroy-podcaster


19 Feb 2021

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What Alice Found - Chapter 1 - Teambuilding ft. Justin and Travis McElroy

Escape This Podcast

In the first episode of our new connected arc, Justin and Travis McElroy take on the role of an employee forced into a teambuilding escape room with their boss and co-worker. Will they be able to finish the room? Will they break and lose their job? Can they slay a Jabberwocky? Our guests this episode are Justin and Travis McElroy: Two thirds of My Brother, My Brother and Me; one half of The Adventure Zone; and a whole lot of fun. To find all the projects they are involved in, head to https://www.themcelroy.family/ and make sure to go to http://bit.ly/mcelroypodcastbook to buy their brilliant new book! Check out our episode of Finish It! : https://finishitpod.com/ Check out the trailer for Someone Dies in This Elevator: https://soundescape.productions/someone-dies-in-this-elevator-trailer/ Check out Mother of Frankenstein: https://motheroffrankenstein.com/ Check out the write-up and images for this Escape Room below to follow along, or play yourself! https://www.consumethismedia.com/what-alice-found-notes/#chapter-1 For everything Escape This Podcast, head to https://www.consumethismedia.com/escape-this-podcast To hang out with us and other fans, join our discord here: https://discord.gg/AH9MZqM Check out our second podcast, Solve This Murder!Website || iTunes || Twitter || Instagram || Facebook || RSS Follow us on Twitch! We have bonus episodes and playtests up on our Patreon! So if you have the ability to support the show, we would love to see you there. And in return we have blog posts, bonus audio, badges, and more! Plus all our patrons have the chance to appear in our rooms as NPC's, like this room's Brian Widerman, Jonathan Howe, and Ginny! Have questions, comments, puzzles, or anything else? Send us an email, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter


27 Jan 2021

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#307 - Clean Slate XIX with Travis McElroy

We Got This with Mark and Hal

We're joined by Podcaster, Bon Vivant, and co-author of "Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You)" Travis McElroy to clean the slate!

1hr 7mins

26 Jan 2021

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Sincerity Is the Key (with Travis McElroy)

Adventuring Academy

Travis joins Brennan to talk theater of the mind, player choices, and more.

1hr 33mins

19 Jan 2021

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Travis McElroy - Hey Friend, Are You Still An A**hole?

What Are Friends For

Ep 218 - In this week's episode, Gabrielle and Pallavi are joined by the OG Podcaster himself, Travis McElroy. Travis discusses how good friends helped him journey from an a**hole to the internet's best friend. Travis a host on My Brother, My Brother and Me, Shmanners, The Adventure Zone, and Can I Pet Your Dog? Find him on twitter at @travismcelroy.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/whatarefriendsfor/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whatarefriendsfor/supportSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/waffpodcast)See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


30 Sep 2020