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Max Maven - The 7 Deadly Sins of Performing

Magic Business Podcast

In this exclusive episode, Magic Oracle listeners are privy to the very FIRST revelation of Max Maven's "7 Deadly Sins". This valuable information for Mentalists and Magicians can be tweaked for nearly any type of performance artist.


21 Mar 2021

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600 - Max Maven - Phil to Max

The Magic Word Podcast

Called by MAGIC Magazine as one of the 100 "Most Influential Magicians of the 20th Century", Max Maven joins us this week for a chat. Max has appeared in nearly every magic magazine in the world and even on the cover of several. He is a noted mentalist and magician and recipient of many awards including The Allan Slaight Award for Lifetime Achievement. Max has appeared on this podcast from time to time when we ran into each other at magic conventions, but now at 70 years old, he has a little more time to spend chatting at length about what interests him. View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize This is the promo photo we talked about near the end of the podcast, represented by David Belenzon and not Tobias Beckwith, as I incorrectly mentioned in our chat." data-lightbox-theme="dark" href="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/514e3e26e4b023ca28fd5cc8/1614027933665-VEOI3NNAQIFN52KUSPGV/Max+Maven.jpg" role="button" class=" image-slide-anchor js-gallery-lightbox-opener content-fill " > View fullsize This week we hear Max talk about some of his awards, his philosophy on performing, what kinds of books he enjoys reading, and even what color of clothes are in his closet.Download this podcast in an MP3 file by Clicking Here and then right click to save the file. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed by Clicking Here. You can download or listen to the podcast through Stitcher by Clicking Here or through FeedPress by Clicking Here or through Tunein.com by Clicking Here or through iHeart Radio by Clicking Here..If you have a Spotify account, then you can also hear us through that app, too. You can also listen through your Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Remember, you can download it through the iTunes store, too. See the preview page by Clicking Here

1hr 14mins

25 Feb 2021

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Max Maven - Author, Mentalist - California - Part 2, Max Maven on Magic

793.8 - The Books of Magic

During our interview on books, Max generously shared some stories on how he came to magic, his pioneering work with interactive screen based effects, and the challenges of creating connection with virtual shows.


11 Feb 2021

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Max Maven - Author, Mentalist - California - Part 1, Max Maven on Books

793.8 - The Books of Magic

Author, creator, and iconic mentalist Max Maven joins 793.8 for the first of a two part episode sharing the books that have influenced him and some of the steps that go into creating his own volumes. Titles mentioned in this Episode Magic Tricks and Card Tricks – Wilfred Jonson Abra (Goodliffe’s Abracadabra) – Magic Magazine Majick Magazine The Fine Art of Magic – George Kaplan Winky Dink – Television show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5TdRhNLOPk&t=107s Duck Amuck – Looney Tunes Cartoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XvXsuSJ-1A Scientific American Columns – Martin Gardner Max Maven’s Mind Games – Videocassette https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkjQFkHmR2Y The Jinx – Collected run of Magazine The Phoenix – Collected run of Magazine The Annotated Alice – Martin Gardner & Lewis Carroll Our Magic – Maskelyne and Devant The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley – Stephen Minch and Alex Elmsley The Books of Wonder – Stephen Minch and Tommy Wonder Author Robert Parrish Author Eugene Burger Author Robert Neale Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls - William Lindsay Gresham Illusion Show – David Bamberg Milo and Roger – Arthur Brandon Harpo Speaks – Harpo Marx Call it Sleep – Henry Roth The Death and Resurrection Show – Rogan Taylor Mathematics, Magic and Mystery – Martin Gardner An Emotional Memoir of Franz Kline - Fielding Dawson Einstein’s Dreams – Alan Lightman Metropolitan Life, Social Studies – Fran Lebowitz Author Jorge Luis Borges


4 Feb 2021

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Who Books That? with Harrison Greenbaum (Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians)

Harrison interviews Suzanne, winner of Close-Up Magician of the Year from the Academy of Magical Arts, and finds out how a love for puzzles and a job in computer programming eventually led her to a career in magic, the key to sincerely connecting with your audience, how a moment with her son led to the signature piece that fooled Penn & Teller, and the one piece of advice Dai Vernon gave her (and why she ignored it). With surprise guests Max Maven, Jonathan Levi, Catherine Wilson, and Suzanne Haring. Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

1hr 19mins

16 Aug 2020

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Who Books That? with Harrison Greenbaum (Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians)

Harrison interviews the extraordinary MAX MAVEN (Mind Games, Mork & Mindy, Count DeCluez Mystery Castle) and discovers how magicians are like babies, the best single piece of advice to finding long-term success as a performer, and just how many hairstyles it's possible to have on a single reality competition show.  With special guests Rocky Romero, Mac King, and Jonathan Levit. Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

1hr 25mins

21 Apr 2020

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Max Maven

The Insider

Not many in our field can really be called legendary. Max Maven can. So, I'm honoured to share with you a 30 minute chat I had with Max. We talk about what he thinks about current mentalism, the heydays of The Magic Castle, and his opinion on performers that claim they have real powers. Oh and his favourite pizza topping. Enjoy. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/vi65/message


20 May 2019

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Talking Tricks with Kane & Abel

Max Maven joins Talking Tricks this week to offer a rare insight into the mind of one of the world's greatest ever mentalists and mind readers.Max discusses his career at length, from his start buying 10c magic magazines in Boston to headlining the biggest comedy clubs in the US and being the go-to-guy for mind reading on worldwide TV.He also talks about what a performer needs to do to make their magic go from craft to art, why he still loves lecturing for magicians, why he treats everyone as a lay audience, what key literature you must read to be a great mentalist and what it was like acting with Robin Williams and Will Smith.All this, and much more on Talking Tricks with Kane & Abel.

1hr 17mins

28 Jan 2019

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(Ep 68) Max Maven

Magical Thinking

Episode 68: The illustrious and incomparable Max Maven joins Elliott to discuss popcorn magic, professional wrestling, magic and meaning, how the internet and television have changed magic for better or worse, and more. Max is one of the most prolific figures in the conjuring community, and he has a lot of wisdom to share. Enjoy!

2hr 31mins

22 Sep 2017

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DAS-March 3rd, 2016 Max Maven

The Dave Attwood Show

This week we talk about Steve's 40th birthday, everyone at AMS performing for a fundraiser and eating tic tacs. Dave and Steve are joined on the show with Max Maven to talk about fooling intelectuals his beginnings in magic.


6 Mar 2016