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Movement with Tally Rye

How To Reboot

In this episode we talk to Tally Rye all about intuitive movement and pondering the question if exercise had zero impact on your weight or appearance, would you still workout? We also discuss work out music and the infamous 'Year 9 School Trip' playlist (link below), and how who you follow on socials can affect your mindset. Tally is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and author of 'Train Happy: An intuitive exercise plan for every body' and also host of the Train Happy podcast. For more information on Tally check out her website https://tallyrye.co.uk/ and you can find her on instagram @tallyrye. Link to the Year 9 Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3zyQ8WfM6PYFLA7GaYxXau?si=94b60b0d52d54d6aPresented by Emma-Lousie Amanshia - @iamemmalou_ on InstagramCreated by Bethan Taylor-Swaine and produced by Mike Swaine for Low Key Audio - lowkeyaudio.co.ukMusic by Bank Land (published by Wrong Planet)For more check out our Instagram - @howtoreboot


26 Jul 2021

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59: Unconditional Permission To Rest with Tally Rye

Train Happy Podcast

This week I wanted to discuss what Unconditional Permission To Rest is and why it's so important for our relationship with exercise. I touch on the fear and guilt that people feel around rest and ways to overcome that. Books mentioned: Body Respect by Lindo Bacon & Lucy Aphramor, Food Isn't Medicine by Dr Joshua Wolrich, Train Happy by Tally Rye Become Train Happy Trouper of the week 📧 Email us: trainhappypodcast@gmail.com or DM on Instagram @trainhappypodcast


7 Jul 2021

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Sophisticated talks, in conversation with Tally Rye

Sophisticated Talks, in conversation with....

In this episode I talk to the lovely Tally Rye, PT, author of ‘Train Happy’ and host of podcast ‘Train happy podcast’. We hear all about how Tally found intuitive movement after her obsession with fitness & body imagine, which then lead Tally onto her book. @tallyrye Sophisticated talks, in conversation with... is brought to you by Sophie Leah, a motivational speaker, confidence coach & positive mindset enthusiast!Passionate about helping others find their self worth and feel good about themselves, Sophie Leah was adamant to make this podcast fun, uplifting & inspiring. Whilst talking to phenomenally amazing women, making waves in their industries, they are open, honest, vulnerable, powerful and relatable. We talk about their journeys to success, highs & lows along the way and everywhere in between.Where appropriate, Sophie Leah contributes her insight, motivation and encouragement. This podcast will hopefully make you feel uplifted and that anything is achievable, just with the right mindset. 


13 May 2021

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How to Have a Feel-Good Relationship with Fitness with Tally Rye

Wellness Lately

Why We Love Tally: Tally is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Content Creator and Author based in London. She has been working in the fitness space for over 6 years now and has had a wide range of experience from working on the gym floor, teaching in boutique studios and being a part of the UK's biggest fitness festivals. Her goal is to help you ditch diet culture and re-discover a positive relationship with fitness, food and your body so movement is no longer a chore you have to endure but a form of self care that you look forward to. On the Pod, We Discuss: How Tally got into personal training and specifically the intuitive movement space Why it’s important to question your relationship with exercise and the benefits outside of weight loss Making the shift from movement for physical changes to other benefits like mental health The connection between focusing on our external appearance and poor body image How measuring/tracking devices like Fitbits, etc. play a role in intuitive movement The fitspo scene and its impact on our relationship with movement and body image Body diversity and representation in fitness and why it’s so important Why you are the expert on your own body and what type of movement is best for you And much more Helpful Links: Visit Tally’s website Grab a copy of Tally’s book, Train Happy Follow Tally on Instagram Listen to Tally’s Podcast Watch our free masterclass to learn 5 Simple Shifts to End Binge Eating  Join our private Facebook group Set up a free breakthrough session to see if our coaching program is a good fit for you Learn more about our personalized Intuitive Eating coaching program

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13 May 2021

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42: #42: Q&A with Tally Rye: Rest Days and ditching Diet Culture as a Personal Trainer

Train Happy Podcast

Answering your questions! In this Q&A episode, Tally discusses the importance of Rest Days and how we can overcome feelings of guilt around them. She also talks about what it means to be a Personal Trainer who doesn't promote diet culture. ⁣ Resources discussed:⁣ @againstweightstigma (Fit pros against weight stigma) ⁣ @louisegreen_bigfitgirl ⁣ Book: Big Fit Girl by Louise Green and Fitness for Everybody by Louise Green. ⁣ Train happy by Tally Rye ⁣ ⁣ 📧 Send in your questions and Train Happy Moments to: trainhappypodcast@gmail.com ⁣ Or DM @trainhappypodcast


12 Mar 2021

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Train Happy by Tally Rye with Jenna Jozefowski

Fat Girl Book Club

Highlight reel of our conversation:Jenna tells us a bit about her body movement journeyDiet culture in the fitness industry (heads up this is messed up!)How different fitness modalities have different flavours of disorderThe benefits of moving fitness away from appearance based goalsThe harm of transformation storiesHow to make social media better for youThe difference between body positivity, body acceptance and body neutralityBig warning about trainers and nutrition!Intuitive fitness in the intuitive eating framework (this was pretty neat)How to start an intuitive movement practice if you are already doing fitness.  How to start an intuitive movement practice if you are a newbie to fitness.How values play a super important part in your fitness goalsLinksJenna's WebsiteJenna's InstagramTough Love Strength ClubMy website - Click here for the Better Body Image Book Club Jenna's Book RecommendationsThe Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigalIntuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse ReschBody Respect by Lindo Bacon and Lucy AphramorThe Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

1hr 11mins

4 Feb 2021

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36: #36: What is Intuitive Movement? with Tally Rye

Train Happy Podcast

This week Tally is delving into the principles of Intuitive Movement and encouraging us to think about our relationship with movement, and if we’re moving our bodies from a place of guilt or a place of self care? ⁣ ⁣ Read Train Happy: https://bitlink.me/AaZZg⁣ ⁣ Resources: Episode #17 with Michelle Elman, Episode #1 and #33 with Laura Thomas, Episode #5 and #34 ⁣ ⁣ 📧 Email in your Train Happy Moments & Questions to: trainhappypodcast@gmail.com ⁣ ⁣ OR send a message to @trainhappypodcast on Instagram


25 Jan 2021

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Tally Rye - On intuitive movement, working inclusively and towards positive change and the importance of investing in your mental health.

Just Like the Moon (we go through phases)

In this first episode of Series 2, I am joined by the wonderful Tally Rye.Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Content Creator and Author based in London, Tally has been in the fitness space for over 6 years and during this time has gone on a personal and professional journey that has led her today to work as a Non-Diet, Weight Inclusive Personal Trainer who specialises in Intuitive Movement.Through her work she supports her clients and community to ditch diet culture and re-discover a positive relationship with fitness, food and body by shifting their relationship with movement from one of punishment to a form of self care, and to learn to train happy.In this episode Tally talks about journey into intuitive movement, working inclusively and towards positive change, the importance of investing in your mental health, body image and so much more.To find out more about Tally’s work, book and podcast check out here website www.tallyrye.co.uk or follow here on instagram @tallyryeShow Notes: https://www.ljsprojects.uk/blog/tally-rye-show-notes


3 Jan 2021

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29: #29: Q&A with Tally Rye: Intuitive Eating and Weight loss + Redefining your Identity

Train Happy Podcast

This week I am answering 2 of your questions. The first is about tips on how to heal your relationship with food when people think of you as 'the fit one'. The second is about reconciling the desire for weight loss and wanting to explore Intuitive Eating. Resources for Question 1: Ep #17 with Michelle Elman Michelle's Podcast: https://www.michelleelman.com/podcast/ Resources Question 2: Book - Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch Book - Just Eat It by Laura Thomas Book - The Fuck It Diet by Caroline Dooner Ep # 28  With Dr Joshua Wolrich Ep #22 with Lauren Cadillac 📧 Email in your Questions and Train Happy Moments to: trainhappypodcast@gmail.com Follow @trainhappypodcast @tallyrye


26 Nov 2020

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Ep 130. Train Happy with Tally Rye

The Calmer You Podcast

Check out the Calmer You Collective at www.calmer-you.com/collectiveThis week's guest is Tally Rye, personal trainer and author of Train Happy. We dig into:- What is intuitive movement?- How can we motivate ourselves to exercise (esp if our mood is low?)- Diet culture and how it's changing- Plus Tally shares why you don't need to hit rock bottom before getting therapy.Thanks so much for listening! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Nov 2020