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Silvia Perez Sisay y @experienciavirtual

Relax Radio Fm

Silvia nos acompaña en como ir optimizando la comunicacion de nuestros emprendimientos a traves del mundo virtual.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/relaxradiofm/message


28 Jul 2020

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Los Sonidos del Planeta Azul 2734 - SILVIA PEREZ CRUZ & MARCO MEZQUIDA · SOLEÁ MORENTE · BALKAN PARADISE (19/05/2020)

Los Sonidos del Planeta Azul



19 May 2020

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Silvia Perez + Natali Rodriguez: Farmworkers In Immokalee Florida Are Producing Your Food And Demanding Justice

Picture Theory

Years ago, I attended an event called Encuentro in solidarity with farmworkers in Immokalee, Florida organized by the Student Farm worker Alliance and Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW). At this event I was introduced to a whole range of specific issues surrounding the growth of tomatoes in Florida and the cultural and political landscapes of power that surround the city of Immoklaee.So, for this episode of Picture Theory I contacted Natali Rodriguez and Silvia Perez to see if they could share their perspectives and insights as women, organizers, and farmworkers, demanding justice in a time of crisis and political polarization.Silvia is a farmworker staff member of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and one the coordinators of the Women's Group, she’s also a DJ on the Coalition’s radio station, and organizes for the national Wendy's Boycott.Natali is a staff member of the CIW and in addition to community support, she helps coordinate the logistics for the worker-to-worker education sessions that the CIW facilitates throughout the season. Natali will also be translating today’s conversation.So, you might be wondering what is the CIW and what kind of work do they do? First here’s a little context: the average wage for a farmworker in Immokalee is roughly 17k a year. The work is extremely, physically labor-intensive and very difficult to maintain a family on. Immokalee is a multiracial working class immigrant community surrounded by wealthy communities that often ignore the human rights and needs of those in Immokalee.The CIW is a leader in the growing movement to end human trafficking due to its groundbreaking work to combat modern-day slavery and other labor abuses common in agriculture. In order to take action and demand justice the CIW has three broad campaigns or strategies you should know about:The Campaign for Fair FoodThe CIW’s national Campaign for Fair Food educates consumers on the issue of farm labor exploitation – its causes and solutions – and forges alliances between farmworkers and consumers in an effort to enlist the market power of major corporate buyers to help end that exploitation. Since 2001, the campaign has combined creative, on-the-ground actions with online organizing to win Fair Food Agreements with eleven multi-billion dollar food retailers, including McDonald’s, Subway, Sodexo and Whole Foods, establishing more humane farm labor standards and fairer wages for farmworkers in their tomato suppliers’ operations.The Fair Food ProgramUnder the FFP, the CIW conducts worker education sessions, held on-the-farm and on-the-clock, on the new labor rights set forth in the Fair Food Code of Conduct; the Fair Food Standards Council, a third-party monitor created to ensure compliance with the FFP, conducts regular audits and carries out ongoing complaint investigation and resolution.Anti-Slavery CampaignThe CIW’s Anti-Slavery Campaign has uncovered, investigated, and assisted in the prosecution of numerous multi-state, multi-worker farm slavery operations across the Southeastern U.S., helping liberate over 1,200 workers held against their will; pioneered the worker-centered approach to slavery prosecution; played a key role in the passage of the 2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act; and co-founded the national Freedom Network USA and the Freedom Network Training Institute, which is regularly attended by local, state and federal law enforcement officialsIn our conversation Silvia and Natali talk about what the CIW’s focus has been on before the COVID pandemic and how the workers are cooping with the health crisis as farmworkers, asking supporters to sign this petition and demanding justice from the governor:Set up a field hospital, or alternative care facility, in Immokalee to provide both treatment for COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, and a separate quarantine space to allow workers with milder symptoms to self-isolate, to stop the spread of the virus in the community and relieve stress on the local health system.Require agricultural employers to provide personal protective gear, particularly masks, to farmworkers for use while they are traveling to and from the fieldsEnsure comprehensive, free, accessible COVID-19 testing in Immokalee, when widespread testing becomes availableAllocate public funds for economic relief for Florida farmworkersHere’s our conversation with Silvia and Natali of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers:You can also listen to Picture Theory on Spotify and in the Apple podcasts app.Episode notes:History of the CIW; started in 1993Immigrant farm workers coming from Mexico, Guatemala, HaitiWage theft, difficult working conditions, extreme cases, sexual assault25,000 people working in agricultureMigrant community dependent on growing seasonsHousing conditions of workersHow COVID pandemic aggravates the conditionsThe history behind the CIWSiliva’s backstory with CIW women’s group and becoming a staff memberA typical day in the life of a farmworker in ImmokaleeWhat campaign work looked like before the COVID pandemicWhat does a victory look like for a farmworker action and campaignDemands 1 extra penny per tomatoEliminating wage theftZero tolerance policy for sexual assault in the workplaceThe key players in the fight for food justice from Wendy’s, to Walmart, to hospitalsWhat the supply chain looks like on a macroscale and how anyone who eats tomatoes is involvedThe after-effects of slavery and the history behind why tomatoes are grown in Immokalee, FloridaWhat it’s like to raise a family as latinx communities living in a politically conservative state ImmokaleeWhy Immokalee is a forgotten working class immigrant community surrounded by wealthy land ownersThe joys of doing work as a coalitionFarm work is not easy and the wages on average are around 17000 per year and the seasons are unpredictableSelf isolation for workers who can’t go back to their homes without spreading the virus furtherNatali describes the nation network of food justice organizations

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11 May 2020

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Episode 27 feat. Anthony Vazquez Interviewed by Silvia Perez

The Anthony Vazquez Show

The roles have been reversed—for this special episode of the Anthony Vazquez Show, Anthony Vazquez is the one being interviewed by Silvia and talks about all things business, entrepreneurship, work ethics, drive, and dispenses invaluable advice to those who're starting out and want to run their own company. Anthony's career in wedding photography started over 20 years ago while working in a local wedding studio. “I knew I found my calling because it was all I could think about." After completing his Bachelors at NYU with a concentration in culture and communication, Vazquez traveled through Italy to study the Old Masters, Italian culture, and of course, food and wine. He founded Anthony Vazquez Photography upon his return in 2001, which has since grown into the dynamic, multifaceted artistic vision he has nurtured since childhood. His extraordinary work has been featured in such publications as Town and Country, Grace Ormonde, People, The Knot and US weekly – and displayed in the homes and albums of his celebrity client family of musicians, actors and professional athletes…diverse talent from the Jonas Brothers to Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank to countless others. Subscribe to The Anthony Vazquez Show: iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/anthony-vazquez-workshops/id1464026842 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0GNX6yyTKqWxTa1sYNIS0L Anchor: https://anchor.fm/anthony-vazquez4


20 Nov 2019

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Episode 22 - With guest Silvia Perez: Production Manager at Anthony Vazquez Photography & Partner at Cinema House Media

The Anthony Vazquez Show

Silvia Perez was born in Venezuela and came to the States in 2015 to study at NYFA. With ten years of experience mainly in production, camera, directing and editing, documentaries and television, her background also includes being a creative producer at HBO & Cinemax.  At HBO, Silvia was responsible for the production of on-air media content. Her recent projects include Speed The Collapse, which she started with her partner and which focuses on creating reels and head shots for actors, and Cinema House Media, a production company that will focus on corporate media work. Anthony sits down with his long-time employee, colleague, and dear friend, Silvia, to discuss various topics such as the political turmoil in Venezuela, how the current climate in Silvia's home country has caused her to be an avid activist, and Silvia's journey from her upper-class Venezuelan upbringing, to her family being stripped of everything, to her triumph and starting a new life here in America/New York. They also discuss the immigrant mentality, and how she wouldn't be here today without the diligent work ethic that it created within her. They talk about Silvia's past at HBO/Cinemax, and how she ended up running operations for Anthony Vazquez Photography and spearheading the project that is The Anthony Vazquez Show. Silvia discusses going from having absolutely nothing to finding success through persistence, perseverance, hard work, and initiative. Connect with Silvia: https://www.instagram.com/silviapats/?hl=en Subscribe to The Anthony Vazquez Show: iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/anthony-vazquez-workshops/id1464026842 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0GNX6yyTKqWxTa1sYNIS0L Anchor: https://anchor.fm/anthony-vazquez4


15 Oct 2019