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Roundtable: "It's called *autumn*" with Lauri Novak and Dave Wilson

Photofocus Podcast

We welcome you to the Photofocus Roundtable podcast, where each month, our panel discusses some current trends and topics to get your photography moving. This month, Photofocus author Lauri Novak joins your hosts Ron Pepper and Rob Moroto, with guest co-host Dave Wilson. In this episode our panel talks about photography in the autumn season, but first we discuss some attitudes about mobile vs. 'real' camera photos, and some of our experiences with different kinds of workshop leaders — with some focus on Frank Lloyd Wright houses. Thank you Photomatix for sponsoring; click the link to download and try for free. Do you have questions for our Q&A show? Go ahead and send text or audio questions to us here: photofocus.com/questions or email us at questions@photofocus.com. Photographing fall leaves with your macro lens outdoors Fall foliage map Interview with Andrew Pielage who is capturing 500 Frank Lloyd Wright designs Ron Pepper is a Bay Area photographer specializing in 360° panoramic images for businesses, destinations, homes, schools and more. He’s a LinkedIn Learning author, mentor and trainer. You can follow him on his website or Instagram. Rob Moroto is a commercial photographer based in Vancouver Island. From homes to people to businesses, Rob loves showing a different perspective through his lens. He sees depth in every person and every object, no matter how plain they may seem. You can follow him on his website or at CalgaryPhotos.ca. Lauri Novak is an award-winning fine art photographer, mentor, photo tour leader and author based outside of Chicago. She has an eye for photographing architecture, traveling as much as possible and just wandering in nature with her camera. Dave Wilson hails from Scotland but has spent most of the last 30 years photographing in and around Austin, TX. He pays his mortgage and kids’ college fees by writing software but spends a large percentage of his remaining time photographing local events, motorsport, rodeo and the University of Texas Longhorn Band.

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22 Sep 2022

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Dave Wilson 8.22.22

365 Sports

College Football insider @dwill joins the show to discuss his recent article highlighting #Baylor HC Dave Aranda, what all went into making the article, what he learned about Aranda, & more. #SicEm


22 Aug 2022

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REBOOT: Imperfect Parenting, and How to Be Good at It w/ Dave Wilson EP 568

Men in the Arena Podcast - Equipping Christian Men

Dave Wilson joined us to talk through his biggest mistakes as a dad:  TOP FIVE PARENTING MISTAKES Mistake #1: I left my soul at the office Mistake #2: I was nicer to the mailman than to my kids Mistake #3: I forgot the Bullseye  Mistake #4: I neglected my marriage Mistake #5: I didn’t hug enough He also walked us through what fatherhood looks like in its different seasons: The Four Stages of Parenting: 1. Discipline stage (ages one to five) 2. Training stage (ages five to twelve) 3. Coaching stage (ages twelve to eighteen) 4. Friendship stage (ages eighteen plus) For the past twenty-five years, Dave Wilson and his wife Ann have been featured speakers at Family Life’s Weekend to Remember®, and have also hosted their own marriage conferences across the country.  Dave and Ann host a radio show for Family Life with featured guests on marriage/relationships/money and parenting.    Dave has served as the Detroit Lions Chaplain for thirty-three years. They have three grown sons, three daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren. Dave and his wife co-authored the book, No Perfect Parents: Ditch Expectations, Embrace Reality which is our topic for today’s discussion.  https://www.familylife.com/podcast/familylife-today/ Boots on the Ground: Listen to Family Life Today.  Join Our Program. www.meninthearena.org Men in the Arena Books and Swag Support the Podcast https://youtu.be/eaJPlmp6XA0


11 Aug 2022

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4th of July Special + Coach Dave Wilson + Kingsburg Vikings football & Breakfast draft

The Fantasy Football Dudes

This week the Dudes host the head football coach of their alma matter, Dave Wilson. Coach is a long-time fantasy football guy and an enjoyer of BBQ’ing. The Dudes cover 4th of July plans to how Coach picks his fantasy football team to loser trophies. They wrap up the show with a delicious breakfast draft! Happy 4th of July from your favorite Dudes!For more information, visit us athttps://www.thefantasyfootballdudes.com/Join our Discord! Dude Nation is the best place to reach your Dudes!https://discord.gg/T92rEa4KZfWatch the Dudes on Youtube athttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JAx3YD3P-OJRiaqA7wSQwQuestions for the show tffdudes@gmail.com Follow us on socials athttps://twitter.com/TFFDudes(easiest way to follow our Dudesletter)https://www.instagram.com/tffdudes/Store(Saturdays are for the Smoker)https://www.bonfire.com/store/the-fantasy-football-dudes/Sponsorshttps://prizepicks.comPromo Code: Dudes

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4 Jul 2022

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Episode 2022-3 Dave Wilson a true gentleman and pioneer of the local surfing industry and board riding in Cronulla.

Oz Longboarding Podcast

Episode 2022-3Dave Wilson a true gentleman and pioneer of the local surfing industry and board riding in Cronulla. Cronulla surfer Dave Wilson surfer, shaper, glasser, sander and more, has an extensive knowledge of Cronulla of the early days of the sport and represents the kids that were born during or not long after WW2. He has been involved in surfing ever since…….  @OZLongboarding honehek9@gmail.com

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15 May 2022

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Oberlin College Men’s Soccer – Coach Dave Wilson

Discover College Soccer

On today’s episode, I speak with Coach Dave Wilson from the Oberlin College Men’s Program in Ohio. We talk about how he has to recruit academics first. He tells me about how their school has a niche for everything out there. Lastly, we discuss their offseason and how it focuses on individual players. Oberlin College Men's Soccer - https://goyeo.com/sports/mens-soccer See more interviews at https://discovercollegesoccer.com/


18 Apr 2022

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Dave Wilson - Detroit Catholic Central

Face Off

This week on Face Off, hosts Sean Baligian and Greg Durham are joined by Detroit Catholic Central Lacrosse Head Coach, Dave Wilson. Presented by Lawrence Technological University and sponsored by the MHSAA, DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, and the DAC Athlete of the Year Award.


13 Apr 2022

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The Book of Joel - Dave Wilson (09/03/21)

Emmaus Chapel Messages

Emmaus alum, Dave Wilson preaches over the entire book of Joel. 


15 Jan 2022

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Ghosts, Orbs, and Exploding Nitrate Film (with Dave Wilson of Victorian Photography Studio)

All Through a Lens: A Podcast About Film Photography

On this spooky episode, we’ll be talking to Dave from Victorian Photo Studio in Gettysburg (@vps_gettysburg on IG) about tintypes and ghost photos! We’ll also tell you all about some ridiculously explosive film that was essentially gunpowder.  Ever wanted to know how to spot a fake ghost photo? It’s pretty easy, but we’ll tell you how anyway! There’s also Tiffen Sinclair (@tiffen.sinclair on IG), zine reviews and oodles more. Dave Wilson! Dave is a tintypist and historian who brings your Victorian dreams to life (or death) using traditional old timey photography. He’s also been trying to replicate William Mumler’s techniques of producing “spectral images.” Our talk with him was wonderful and entertaining. Here are a few of his tintypes: During the interview, Dave mentioned a couple of Civil War photos: Tidball's Battery Regiment resting at Fredericksburg, Va Nitrate Film Have you ever seen the words “Safety Film” marked on the edge of your rolls or sheets? Just what does it mean? If this film is “safe,” is there “unsafe” film?  Nitrate film (or as they called it then, film) wasn’t dynomite. Yes, it was hazardous, it was explosive, but a lot of things were back then. I mean, they had kerosene lamps in the house - just burning away above your heads. That said, nitrate film, especially when it came to motion picture film, wasn’t without its victims. At room temperature, nitrate film is almost perfectly safe-ish. But get too much above (say, 200 F) and you’re inching towards a very low flash point. Remember, this is essentially gun powder, except more explosive and more flammable. For fire to burn, it needs oxygen and fuel. Take either away and out goes fire. A candle can be snuffed out by a bell, which deprives it of oxygen, or by cutting off the wick, which removes the fuel. Nitrate film is fascinating because it contains its own oxygen and is its own fuel. Simply put, it can never be extinguished - it has to burn itself out. Even submerging it in water won’t do the trick. You can’t smother it with dirt or even in a fire blanket. And if you try to, it’ll release clouds of poison gases. Here are some scenes from the 1929 Cleveland Clinic Fire, which we discussed in the episode: Zine Reviews Elsie’s Camera is a ¼ size zine out out by M Forrester - @itsbittertooth on IG. After purchasing a huge lot of old photographs, they found a few featuring a woman named Elsie. Unable to find out anything more about this Elsie, they put together a zine.  In these 28 pages, they feature 13 photos of Elsie probably taken around 1920. They also included the backs, where brief little nuggets of information were found. Things like “Here is Elsie with her hair bobbed, taken in the front garden.” and “Dick bought this coat Elsie has on” It’s less than $3.00, and you can get it on Etsy. The link will be in the show notes: https://www.etsy.com/listing/649347071/elsies-camera-found-photography-zine Blu. is a small female empowered surf zine made by women for women. Our first edition is dedicated to the unseen and the unsung, featuring female works who we find to be inspiring and empowering without the need for any negative space. For a long time, men have been at the forefront of the surfing industry, that’s why with Blu., we’ve created a community built up for women by women, without the need for any expectations. If a woman can surf, then she’s a surfer, regardless of what society may say. Zine size: 16cm x 24cm, paperback, 42 pages. 10% of profits will be donated to www.seasisterslk.com https://www.alinearnold.com/shop/blu PATREON Thank you to everyone who supports us! Check out our Patreon for bonus episodes, extended interviews, early drops. Tons of stuff! patreon.com/allthroughalens THE CREDITS OF ENDING Music by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers Vania: IG, Flickr, ZinesEric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 KitsTiffen: IG All Through a Lens: IG, Website, Patreon, Spotify Playlists

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19 Oct 2021

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#86: WASTE - Dave Wilson

School For Fathers Podcast

Deciding not to WASTE anymore life on booze, Dave Wilson, gave up drinking in January 2019. As Sober Dave, he swapped his boozy drinking buddies for the sober community.  Dave joins me to share the highs and lows of his road to sobriety. We talk about everything from the impact of young fatherhood, coping strategies and some of Dave’s worst drinking memories.  @SoberDave is passionate about encouraging open, honest conversations about booze, especially involving other men. Dave runs his own carpet company and has appeared regularly on various TV makeover shows, including over 200 episodes of ’60 Minute Makeover’. Dave is husband to Emma, father to George and step-father to triplets and a teenager.  @Soberdave on instagram Dave’s Website Ep22: MIGHT - Emma Campbell (Dave’s wife) Drinking: A Love Story - Caroline Knapp Ep38: PLONK - Clare Pooley - School for Mothers Website 


16 Jul 2021