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Dave Baxter | Unsung Heroes: Gaius


Sunday Morning, July 31, 2022Given by Dave Baxter | Pastor of Congregational CareChrist Covenant ChurchUnsung Heroes: GaiusSermon Text: 3 John


2 Aug 2022

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Dave Baxter | You Are The Bride Of Christ


Sunday Evening, July 17, 2022Given by Dave Baxter | Pastor of Congregational LifeChrist Covenant ChurchYou Are The Bride Of ChristSermon Text: Revelation 19:6-9Watch on YouTube | Download our mobile app


17 Jul 2022

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Funds: Investor Chronicle's Dave Baxter on investing brands, building portfolios, and Scottish Mortgage and Fundsmith

The Steps to Investing Podcast

We speak to the FT's Investors Chronicle Funds Editor Dave Baxter about the merits of different fund structures, whether brand is important, building a portfolio that gets you to your goals, what's happening at giants Scottish Mortgage and Fundsmith, and where we are with sustainable investing strategies. We also look at the latest inflation figures, house prices and crypto markets; we hear why the broad stockmarket is very unhappy; plus in companies, we find out which gigantic porn site's execs have been sent on their way. Please subscribe and share.

1hr 30mins

23 Jun 2022

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Dave Baxter | Children of the Day


Sunday Evening, April 17, 2022Given by Dave Baxter | Pastor of Congregational LifeChrist Covenant ChurchChildren of the DaySermon Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11Watch on YouTube | Download our mobile app


17 Apr 2022

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RoR #13 : The Norm Roast Protocol w/ Dave Baxter

Keys To The Shop : Equipping Coffee Retail Professionals

How do we test the energy efficiency, emissions, and impact of or roasting machines?. We all want to be responsible with our environmental impact but all we have to go on for data is supplied by marketing from the manufacturer.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a real measure of the performance of a roasting machine? Well that is exactly what today's guest is out to provide.  Today on the Rate of Rise series from Roast Magazine we are going to be talking with Dave Baxter about The Norm Roast Protocol! Dave Baxter has avidly roasted coffee for more than 15 years.  He applies an analytical approach to master the enigmatic art of coffee roasting.  Dave joined the Artisan team in 2015 and is a founding member of the NORM-ROAST Consortium.  Many of the analytical tools and other features in Artisan were created by him.  Dave is an inventive engineer with over 60 granted patents. In our conversation we cover: How Norm Roast Protocol was conceived Verifying Marketing claims  Key components of the protocol Establishing specification for the protocol from research Incentivization of manufactures to adopt a universal protocol How to begin using the protocol  Balance of Innovations focus on emissions vs maintaining quality Mass adoption as key to create efficacy  Small vs large roasters Optimizing existing equipment for efficiency Links: www.norm-roast.org Subscribe to Roast Magazine! Use code "ROR" to get $5 off Related Episodes: RoR #1: A Conversation w/ Anne Cooper of Equilibrium Master Roasters RoR #2: Exploring Quality Control w/ Spencer Turer of Coffee Enterprises RoR #3: Making Contingency Planning a Reality w/ Andi Trindle Mersch of Philz Coffee RoR #4: Practical Thermal Dynamics w/ Candice Madison of Royal Coffee / The Crown Oak RoR #5: Time and Color in Roasting w/ Morten Munchow of Coffee Mind” RoR #6: Buying Less and Doing More w/ Ever Meister RoR #7 Illustrative Sample Roasting w/ Mike Ebert of Firedancer Coffee Consultants ROR #8 How Post-Harvest Processing Impacts Flavor w/ Siva Subramanian and Byron Holcomb of Olam Food Ingredients RoR #9 Inside the Roaster’s Tool Kit w/ Kat Melheim of Black and White Coffee and The Coffee People Zine RoR #10 : What Your Broker Wishes You Knew w/ Scott Merle of La Minita Coffee RoR #11 : Exploring Scent w/ Sandra Elisa Loofbourow RoR #12 : Inside Coffee Packaging w/ Ever Meister


30 Mar 2022

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Dave Baxter | Suffering For Good


Sunday Morning, February 13, 2022Given by Dave Baxter | Pastor of Congregational LifeChrist Covenant ChurchSuffering For GoodSermon Text: 1 Peter 3:8-17Watch on YouTube | Download our mobile app


13 Feb 2022

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Dave Baxter | Godly Grief


Sunday Evening, October 24, 2021Given by Dave Baxter | Pastor of Congregational LifeChrist Covenant ChurchGodly GriefSermon Text: 2 Corinthians 7:2-16Watch on YouTube | Download our mobile app


24 Oct 2021

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Episode 25 - Dave Baxter (Avalanche City)

The Musician's Map Podcast

Dave shares how he began in music and how he started writing and performing as Avalanche City. We talk about writing his song ‘Love, Love, Love’ and how it achieved so much success, his writing process, music awards, and his upcoming album. LISTEN HERE: WATCH HERE: GET IT ON: iTUNES STITCHER AVALANCHE CITY: Website | Facebook | Instagram ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Bear's Den - Website | Facebook


20 Jan 2018

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Episode #28 Dave Baxter

Don't Give Up Your Day Job's Podcast

This week Dave Baxter from Avalanche City has been the centre of a big media story after he won a court case against his ex-manager. The judge ordered the now infamous Matt Coleman to pay back $307,287.27 and though it’s not clear if Dave will ever see the money, this verdict is a win for us all. We chat about his career, how his first single Love Love Love took off and Dave’s account of the recent legal battle.

1hr 32mins

15 Dec 2016

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NZ Entertainment Podcast 37: Avalanche City, Dave Baxter

NZ Entertainment Podcast

This episode Jarred goes missing so Wal interviews Dave Baxter Avalanche City and we review the new Marvel Ant-Man film Running time: 0:18:46


19 Jul 2015