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Series 3 Episode 9 Crackon Podcast featuring Laura Evans

Crack on Podcast

Laura is all things NLP and changer of my life!!           Award winning female entrepreneur.   What a journey so far with so many ups and downs, but always sees the positive in everything!!!    Full of energy and there are so many brilliant tips and tricks for all people in business and life!!!    This channel helps people who are looking to take the leap of faith to do something different and CrackOn.       With Tips and tricks of how to move from where you are to where you want to be.           These videos show real life people who Crack On in life and give a true reflection and share amazing lessons learnt along the way so you can implement straight away!!           If this sounds like you subscribe to my channel!!!           All videos will be uploaded on a Friday!!           #CrackOn


30 Jul 2021

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Laura Evans - From swimming wild to finding sobriety - a mermaids tale

Start a ripple ...

Laura Evans is a professional mermaid … yes you heard me right, she goes by the name of the St Ives Mermaid and can mainly in the waters around St Ives either doing mermaid appearance ‘wash ups’ on the beach or in tidal pools minus the mermaid tale any other form of clothing actually - Laura is a fan of naked wild swimming and with this has become a body confidence advocate too. Laura speaks very honestly about her battle with alcoholism and depression and how the water has helped heal her. Find Laura on Instagram - @stivesmermaidLauras's website - www.stives-mermaid.co.ukBuy one of Laura’s recycled bags - www.ohgivemeabreak.co.ukThis series is proudly sponsored by Cotswold Outdoor, the outdoor experts working to change the fabric of outdoor retailing. Find out more about their sustainability mission and services on their website.Thank you for listening! If you have any questions or would like to suggest a guest please get in touch! You can email India via finandflowuk@gmail.com or send a message via Instagram  @with_india / @finandflow / www.indiapearson.weebly.com/www.finandflow.co.uk~Music - Caleb Howard Almond ~


13 Jul 2021

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What is Coaching & NLP Coaching? - NLP transformed my coaching practice & my client outcomes! - with Laura Evans

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

I’d been a Coach for years and got frustrated. Executive Coaching was only taking my clients so far. I knew there was a missing piece of the jigsaw. Then I found NLP. It transformed my Coaching practice AND the results my clients were getting. Traditional Coaching can’t deliver against the promises it made organisations of behavioural change - it can’t because it focuses on the conscious mind. NLP is different. Research shows us that you need to work with conscious and unconscious processes to deliver behavioural change. In this episode I share what coaching is, how & why NLP Coaching delivers longer lasting change, share case studies AND share WHY I believe NLP is not a nice to do, it’s a must do for coaches! Listen in today and hear how NLP transformed my coaching.To access the research by Prof. Gerard Hodgkinson click hereTo find out more about the other episodes check out: www.nlptalks.comIf you would like to learn more about NLP or receive some free NLP Training please check out our FREE NLP TRAINING RESOURCES under free stuff on our website.You can learn all about our NLP Training courses on our website, feel free to download our brochure.If you would like to ask a question about this podcast episode please feel free to email us on info@unleashyourpotential.org.uk


7 Jul 2021

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From Top President To Top Distributor With Laura Evans

Leaving Nothing To Chance

Becoming a top distributor in your chosen field presents a rocky road given the harsh competition, the constant difficulty of chasing trends, and the lingering challenge of keeping your audience interested. What many fail to realize is that this path can become less of a problem if you spend some time reading and understanding how to utilize current technologies to your advantage. John Solleder sits down with mental health wellness advocate and podcast host of MLM, you decide Laura Evans to share her success story as a girl in the corporate world who evolved into a full-time distributor. She emphasizes how reading shaped her business mindset by sharing the most beloved self-help books, including the ones she is reading right now. Laura also delves into the role of multi-income sources in bridging the technology gap between old-school distributors and digital-savvy Millennials.


6 Apr 2021

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How To Leave Acting Behind And Become a Country-Rock Singer (with Laura Evans)

The Masterlink Podcast

Stefan and James talk to Laura Evans, rising Welsh star and country-rock singer. Laura tells us about her life as an actor and the transition from that world into music. She describes her process of writing music and her influences (Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Bonnie Rait, Faith Hill and more),  how she reaches fans and how she met Drake.Visiti the Masterlink Sessions.


20 Mar 2021

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Tales of Tennessee Ep 8 - Laura Evans

Tales Of Tennessee Podcast

Laura talks to Georgie about her route to the music industry, the highs and lows, the hard work and the magical moments. From a 5 year old singing in the Valleys of Wales, to a successful actress, presenter and artist who has toured and performed across the World, this has been a great journey!  Find out more about Laura at www.thelauraevans.com or email the podcast at talesoftennessee@yahoo.com 


17 Mar 2021

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#HTBSYDLF - Episode 1, St Ives Mermaid (Laura Evans)

How To Breathe So You Don't Look Fat

In this, the first ever How To Breathe So You Don't Look Fat, we talk to Laura Evans, also known as the St Ives Mermaid, about learning to accept her body when she started 'washing up' on beaches, what it's like loving another woman with her own complex relationship with body, food and self, and Laura tried her best to get us some sponsorship from Yorkshire Tea. (Yorkshire Tea! Yorkshire Tea!)  You can follow our Mermaid here: Instagram: @stivesmermaid and here: Twitter: @stivesmermaid You can follow us on Instagram: @howtobreathesoyoudontlookfat and here on Twitter: @HowtoBreatheSoYouDontLookFat tag or message us too, using the hashtag #htbsydlf If you want to get in touch with us, feel free to email: howtobreathepodcast@gmail.com 

1hr 4mins

26 Oct 2020

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Episode 53: Infamous Art Heists with Dr. Laura Evans

OLLI at UNT Podcast

Put on your detective caps! In this episode, Susan speaks with Dr. Laura Evans, Associate Professor of Art Education and Coordinator of the Art Museum Education Certificate in UNT's College of Visual Arts & Design. Professor Evans takes Susan on a journey into the world of art crime, covering the thefts of Edvard Munch's renowned painting The Scream, Francisco Goya's The Duke of Wellington, and other works by Renoir and Rembrant. She explains the sometimes surprising motivations behind these high profile thefts and describes the extraordinary sting operation that led to the recovery of one of these works.After a discussion of how a prominent Texan art collector came to be fooled by one of the world's greatest art forgers, Dr. Evans shares some details of an international art crime themed trip she plans to lead in partnership with OLLI at UNT next year.This episode was recorded on August 27, 2020.To learn more about the OLLI at UNT travel opportunity being led by Dr. Evans, visit https://olli.unt.edu/travel.To learn more about OLLI at UNT, please visit https://olli.unt.edu/ or email olli@unt.edu.


14 Oct 2020

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EP.99 - Downtown Den: In Conversation with Laura Evans

The Downtown Podcast

Chief Executive of Downtown in Business, Frank McKenna was joined in the Downtown Den by Laura Evans the Conservative Candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor. Laura discussed a variety of topics including the fund to support the reopening of high streets across Greater Manchester, the new Cryobattery facility in Trafford and the re-opening of hospitality venues.


23 Sep 2020

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The Truth About Network Marketing— with Laura Evans & Janine Finney - EP70

The Live Out Loud Show

APPLY NOW to work with me! https://brookethomas321708.typeform.com/to/cHCppKqW thefaithfreebie.com Join Brooke’s mental wellness team: myamareglobal.com/10039/en-US/ Follow Brooke on Social Media https://www.brookethomas.com/ facebook.com/groups/liveoutloudtribe/ instagram.com/liveoutloudbrooke linkedin.com/in/thomasbrooke Are you planning work around life? Or are you planning life around work? What if life and work can peacefully coexist without having to choose one over the other? Listen in as Laura Evans and Janine Finney discuss the benefits of a career in network marketing and dispel the most common myths about the business. Question Highlights Do you prefer the term multi-level marketing or network marketing to describe our industry? Why? Janine, you used to be skeptical about network marketing. Can you talk about that? The first myth about network marketing is that it’s a pyramid scheme. Can you get into detail about why it’s not? Another big myth about MLM is that nobody makes any money. Can you speak to that? Yet another myth about network marketing is that the products are overpriced to pay the reps. Can you speak to that? Many people say they don’t have time to do multi-level marketing. How would you respond to that? For someone in a corporate career who wants to make the transition to entrepreneurship, what are the benefits of network marketing compared to other entrepreneurial endeavors? Why is the network marketing business such a natural fit for women? There are people who start MLM and then drop out. Why do you think that happens in this business? In this episode, you will learn about… Why it’s crucial to have multiple streams of income What to look for in a multi-level marketing company (and what to avoid) How network marketing is a lot like joining a gym What makes MLM products superior to what you buy in a store How network marketing is an equal opportunity business Developing an exit strategy to leave a corporate career for MLM The differences between a traditional 9-to-5 and network marketing What it takes to be successful in network marketing Show Notes Are you planning work around your life? Or are you planning your life around work? What if life and work can peacefully coexist without having to choose one over the other? Laura Evans enjoyed an accomplished career as an executive for well-known brands like JCrew and Disney before transitioning to the multi-level marketing (MLM) space, and today, she helps women approaching 50 step into what she calls their encore career. Janine Finney spent the first 30 years of her career as a sales executive in corporate America before making the switch to network marketing and cofounding The Flip Flop CEO. Together, Laura and Janine have created MLM, You Decide, a platform where they take on the common misconceptions about multi-level marketing. On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Laura and Janine join Brooke to dispel the top four myths about network marketing, discussing the income potential of MLM for those of us who treat it like a business rather than a hobby. They explain why network marketing is NOT a pyramid scheme and describe how consumers benefit from buying products directly from the manufacturer. Listen in for Laura and Janine’s insight on the freedom that comes from running a network marketing business and find out if you have what it takes to be successful in the MLM industry! Connect with Laura & Janine MLM, You Decide MLM, You Decide on Instagram MLM, You Decide Podcast Laura on LinkedIn The Flip Flop CEO The Flip Flop CEO on Instagram Resources Does the Shoe Fit? The Flip Flop CEO Guide to Help You Decide if Network Marketing Is a Good Fit for You by Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead The Flip Flop CEO Flips the Perception of Network Marketing Right Side Up by Janine Finney, Lory Muirhead and Whitney Roberts Direct Selling Association ‘The Case (For and) Against Multi-Level Marketing’ on the FTC Website FTC Guidelines on MLM


27 Aug 2020