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Title: Amanpour: Nima Elbagir, J. Peter Pham, Andrea Elliott and Jennifer Rubin


An exclusive CNN investigation has revealed that the Ethiopian government used flagship airlines to transport weapons during war with Tigray. Correspondent Nima Elbagir unpacks her gripping reporting from the region. Former U.S Envoy for the Sahel Region, J. Peter Pham, speaks with Bianna Golodryga about how the international community bears a great deal of responsibility for propping up Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Then, following a decade long understanding into the lived experience of a homeless child named Dasani, journalist Andrea Elliott talks about her new book, “Invisible Child,” as this young American navigated family trauma and a system stacked against her. And our Michel Martin talks with Washington Post columnist, Jennifer Rubin about her new book, “Resistance: How women saved democracy from Donald Trump” where she explains how female voters, activists and politicians have mobilized in their fight for democracy.To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit cnn.com/privacy


6 Oct 2021

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On US-Africa relations: A conversation with Ambassador J. Peter Pham

The Brenthurst Foundation Podcast

The US foreign policy approach to Africa has remained remarkably consistent since the Clinton administration. As President Biden’s State Department begins to take shape, analysts have started to wonder which direction his government might take. This week, Marie-Noelle spoke to Ambassador J. Peter Pham, a Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council, who formerly served as US Special Envoy for the Sahel and Great Lakes region during the Trump administration, to hear more about the relationship, and what President Biden’s nominees might say about the current direction of travel. Join the conversation on: Twitter - @BrenthurstF / Facebook - @BrenthurstFoundation / Instagram - @brenthurstfoundation


26 May 2021

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Peter Pham - The Entrepreneurial Journey To Science Inc.

Halo Drop

We are thrilled to chat with serial entrepreneur Peter Pham, one of L.A.’s most prominent early-stage investors and the co-founder of Science Inc. For those not in the know, Science Inc. is a Santa Monica startup studio and early-stage venture fund that manages over $100 million and recently launched a $310.5 million SPAC (they’re also behind Dollar Shave Club).“You know what you’re going to get with me, you're going to get a neurotic person who's passionate beyond belief. You want me on your team.”As an operator, Peter grew Photobucket to become the largest photo sharing site in 2007, exiting to Myspace for $300 million. He repeated that success as a co-founder and CEO of BillShrink, which was acquired by MasterCard. But how did he start out, what shaped him as a kid to become the preeminent VC he is today?“I think what shaped me in terms of growing up, not having anything and the classic American dream. No one’s gonna give it to me, I’m gonna go earn it, work my ass off. I had three jobs to pay for college, as a waiter.”He spent 9 years jumping between 13 different enterprise software companies, but his advice for wannabe entrepreneurs today is this: “Go work at a startup, pick it up, try different things and just be the motivated person who's willing to learn and do whatever it takes, and don't get sucked into titles.”From finding your superpower, to founding Photobucket, BillShrink and Color, to choosing a co-founder, the qualities he looks for when he meets a founder, to the ideal company he’s looking for. “Across all three categories for us, it's mobile, marketplaces, and consumer brands, those are the types of companies we're looking for.”If you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t want to miss this. Download and listen now. On today’s podcast:His journey to entrepreneur Find your superpower Founding Science Inc. What makes a desirable founder Miami vs LA vs Austin vs Bay Area Links: Peter Pham Science Inc.


29 Apr 2021

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Okra for Dry Eye, Blepharitis, and MGD Treatment with Dr. Peter Pham

The Dry Eye Show With Optometrist, Dr. Travis Zigler

🔴 Dr. Pham, an ophthalmologist, was suffering from MGD himself and tried many things to treat his condition. So many of them were ineffective and he found that the treatments don’t work for everyone. Because of this, he decided to dive into something completely different; okra for dry eye disease!   👉Read more about okra and how it can help with dry eye: https://eyelovethesun.com/blogs/dry-eyes/okra-for-dry-eye 👉 Have you ever heard that okra can actually help with dry eye? Let us know in the comments below. 📗 Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment eBook - Get Your PDF Copy FREE for a limited time. Head here for details: https://eyelovethesun.com/pages/rethinking-dry-eye  📗  Mentioned in the Video: ✔️ Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser- https://amzn.to/35zGD9x ✔️ Heyedrate Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash - https://amzn.to/39o6Qcu  You Might Like These Videos 🐟 More on Dry Eye Treatment:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDR8bvEAAPSXijlstSBrbOKTmooW_BzmV ✔️ More on Blepharitis Treatment:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDR8bvEAAPSVYJ9fBdq1YEf8pR2msWLnf 😫 More on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDR8bvEAAPSWupKZ1iomf09injFxEInl0 #OkraForDryEye #DryEyes #MGD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🔴Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment Book: https://eyelovethesun.com/pages/free-dry-eye-book 🔴 Show Notes & Dry Eye Blog: https://eyelovethesun.com/blogs/dry-eyes 🔴SUBSCRIBE to our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY1e42WesWrB5ib6gEXpEYw?sub_confirmation=1 🔴JOIN the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dryeyesupport xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TERMS OF SERVICE / MEDICAL DISCLAIMER We, Eye Love, LLC, are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE Eye Love LLC ("we" or "our"), a South Carolina Limited Liability Company, maintains this website for purposes of information, education, and communication.  Nothing on this website should be construed as a promotion or solicitation for any products, or for the use of any product in a particular way that is not authorized by the laws and regulations of the country where the user is located. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. The purpose of this website is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge of various health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Although practicing physicians, Doctors Travis and Jenna Zigler are not responsible for any actions taken by you, the consumer, after reading the information on this website.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.  We shall not be liable for any damage or injury that may arise from the use of or reliance upon any information provided on this website or from your inability to access the website. We assume no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damage or injury to you, your computer or other personal property including, but not limited to, damages caused by viruses that infect your computer equipment or other property on account of your access to our website or from your downloading of any materials, data, text, images, video or audio or other items from the website. Eye Love, LLC, Dr. Travis Zigler, and/or Dr. Jenna Zigler do not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions or other information that may be mentioned on this website. Reliance on any information appearing on this website is solely at your own risk.


18 Jan 2021

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Innovators in the Dry Eye Space: Zac Denning, Dr. Tim Trinh, and Dr. Peter Pham

Dry Eye Coach


6 Jan 2021

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310: Peter Pham On The Secret Art Of Fundraising

The Pomp Podcast

Peter Pham is the co-founder of startup studio Science, which is behind many of the world's best consumer internet companies, where they co-build these companies with founders in Santa Monica, CA.In this conversation, we discuss the secret art of fundraising, what Science looks for in great companies, why Peter spends so much time networking, how to build a great brand, and the stories behind Dollar Shave Club, Liquid Death, RealBlocks, and PlayVS.===============================BlockFi allows you to keep your crypto, put it up as collateral, and receive a USD loan funded directly to your bank account. They do loans ranging from $2,000 to $10,000,000, and they're perfect for helping you reach your financial goals of all sizes. Visit BlockFi.com/Pomp to learn more about putting your crypto to work without having to sell it. https://www.blockfi.com/pomp===============================Our second sponsor is choice, a new self-directed IRA product that I'm really excited about. If you are listening to this, you are likely part of the 7.1 million bitcoin owners who have retirement accounts with dollars in them, but not bitcoin. I was in that situation too. Now you can actually buy real Bitcoin in your retirement account. I'm talking about owning your private keys and using tax-advantaged dollars to do it too. Absolute game changer. https://www.retirewithchoice.com/pomp===============================Pomp writes a daily letter to over 50,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy to understand language, while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at https://www.pompletter.com

1hr 7mins

9 Jun 2020

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Peter Pham -- Science

LA Venture

Peter Pham is the co-founder of Science.  Science is a startup studio here in Santa Monica that partners with founders at the earliest stage of company-creation.  Peter educates me and David on D2C margins and radiation-preventing underwear over tallboys of Liquid Death. Join us at Innovate Pasadena with great upcoming guests and a podcast if you can't join us in person.


25 Sep 2019

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Peter Pham | 2018 World Mining Summit Speech

Sermons From the Free Market

The Commodity Investment Cycle Index (CIC) is a powerful, one-of-a-kind investment indicator that forecasts the prices of commodities and their stocks. It does this by meticulously tracking the Commodity Cycle and how it affects commodity companies. And that’s a crucial tool if you’re a commodity producer, investor, speculator, or analyst. Narrated by Peter Pham at the World Mining Summit 2018 in Perth, Australia.


1 Oct 2018

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20VC: Science Inc's Peter Pham on Why The Battle Between Entrepreneurs & VCs Is Unfair, How To Even The Playing Field & How To Tell When A VC Really Is Interested

The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Peter Pham is a Co-Founder at Science, the startup studio that helps incubate companies co-building them alongside CEO's, with recent companies like Dollar Shave Club (acquired by Unilever for $1B) and leading marketplace, DogVacay. More recently Science created created one of the top 100 iOS Apps called Wishbone. Peter has also helped his portfolio raise over $350M in that time. Previously as an operator, he led Photobucket to its $300M acquisition by Fox Interactive Media as well as CEO of BillShrink (acquired by MasterCard.) In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Peter made the transition from operator to company builder with Science? 2.) How does Peter approach the fundraising process itself? How does he instruct founders about the right ways to approach and enter the fundraising game? 3.) How can entrepreneurs determine whether a VC is saying not to them? What are the signs that an investor is genuinely interested? 4.) With 3,000 no's from investors, how does that affect Peter's mentality? How does he avoid the negativity surrounding a VC saying no? 5.) What are Peter's major learnings on how companies scale effectively today? How important are network effects to this scaling? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Peter’s Fave Blog and Newsletter: Recode Peter’s Fave Book: How To Win Friends & Influence People Peter's Most Recent Investment: Handstand App As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC and Peter on Twitter here! Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC. Eve make 1 perfect mattress – made with 3 layer technology and next generation memory foam. It comes packaged in a beautiful box and arrives the day after you order. You get 100 nights to try it with free return pick-up – it really is the perfect mattress for everyone. Just go online to evemattress.co.uk and enter the code 20VC for £50 off. Everybody deserves the perfect start with Eve.


29 Aug 2016

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Fight of the Century ft. Peter Pham vs. Marc Lichtenfeld

Sermons From the Free Market

It’s the fight of the century as Peter squares off with Marc Lichtenfeld of The Oxford Club in an attempt to settle the debate of the merits of technical analysis versus Peter’s own methodology laid out in “The Big Trade”. Peter gets the action underway by giving an overview of the topic of his book and the strategy outlined within the book. Marc puts Peter on the ropes with a flurry of questions relating to the underlying data in Peter’s methodology. Peter responds with a devastating combination of reification and multistability leaving the fight very much in the balance with just a few rounds remaining. Was this a TKO or is it a judges decision? Tune in to find out and email us info@phx-cap.com or #bigtrade to weight in your thoughts.


2 Jun 2015