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Episode 204: SCADA Integration -- What Every Pipeliner Should Know with Scott Williams

Pipeliners Podcast

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features Scott Williams of EnerSys Corporation returning to the podcast to discuss what you should know about SCADA for pipeline operations when setting up a new system or making a change. In this episode, you will learn about the important components of SCADA that can shape key choices, including reliability, communications, redundancy, data collection, and more. Scott and Russel also expand on the importance of having future-centric systems, how it affects communications and security, and how to understand the differences between SCADA systems and platforms. Scott also highlights SCADA tools to be cautious about and provides recommendations on how to have a properly functioning system between your SCADA engineers and controllers. As an added bonus, this episode is filled with laughter as Scott and Russel recount their past projects and what they’ve learned through the years. - Access the show notes and full episode transcript at PipelinersPodcast.com.


2 Nov 2021

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'Creating the Applause From Within' with Scott Williams

Today is the Day Changemakers

Welcome to episode 45 of the Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast.This week I welcome back my special guest co-host, M. Quentin Williams, CEO & Founder of Dedication to Community.Together, we interview Scott Williams, Executive Producer and Writer for the CBS hit TV show "NCIS". Scott was born and raised in Yonkers, NY. After his first semester at SUNY Cortland, he was told by the Dean that he was failing all subjects except English. That is when his life changed and Scott tried his hand at writing. Truly just takes one person to provide direction or believe in us when we are unsure of our own direction.While going to school and going after an acting and writing career, Scott spent several years bartending both in NY and then in California. He shares how his bartending experience actually helped him land a job at 'NYPD Blue'. Scott wrote feature scripts for Ron Howard, Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta, which ultimately led him to television.  Since then, he’s written and produced many shows, including “Third Watch”, “Crossing Jordan”, “Bones” and “Castle”. For the last 11 seasons, he’s served as an Executive Producer and writer on CBS’ top-rated show “NCIS.”Scott is also co-founder of “Shane’s Inspiration” InclusionMatters.org, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to developing inclusive playgrounds around the world and providing education programs teaching tolerance and inclusion. Scott and his wife Catherine founded Shane’s Inspiration in memory of their son Shane, who passed away in 1997 from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Today, Shane’s Inspiration has opened 72 inclusive playgrounds throughout the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Israel, and Russia with over 55 more in development. Visit: inclusionmatters.org for more information.Having lost both his father and sister to cancer, Scott also serves as Advisory Board president for WeSPARK, an LA-based non-profit that provides support and programs for patients and their families dealing with cancer. www.wespark.org.Throughout this interview Scott is so genuine. He shares about experiencing imposter syndrome still 25 years later from behind the computer as he is writing. He also shares what he does to put it at bay. His words exactly to himself, "I'll show you". Scott also talks about not letting worry be your bully. Q shares an incredible quote from Gandhi during this part of the interview. If you ever let worry take over, take a listen to this.  Scott talks about remaining humble and not letting our ego's rule us. He shares something funny during this part of the conversation, "Mark Harmon takes out his garbage too." Sometimes we forget that we are all just humans. There are so many words of incredible wisdom and nuggets of information shared in this extremely inspirational interview. Listen in to hear Scott's answer to, 'if I knew then, what I know now'. Thank you to Scott and my guest co-host Q for sharing their time and journey's with all of us. Next week, my guest is Susan Slotnick,  author of Flight: The Dance of Freedom. She is a choreographer, humanitarian, and artist.  She has helped change the perspective and mindset of countless incarcerated men by allowing them to experience emotions through transcendental art. Susan brought dance class into the prison system. Another incredible interview!Please subscribe to the Today is the Day Changemakers YouTube Channel. Like us on FB and Instagram at Today is the Day Live it. I am the CEO and Co-founder of the Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation.  For more information visit applaudourkids.org. and For more information about Today is the Day and this podcast visit today is the day liveit.com

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18 Oct 2021

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Scott Williams - Things Are Looking Up

Church by the Glades

This week, Pastor Scott Williams shares three key insights for ensuring "things are looking up," as illustrated by the miraculous feeding of the five thousand!


9 Sep 2021

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We tested TaylorMade drivers from 5 different years and reveal the results | Interview: 3-time NBA Champion Scott Williams talks MJ, golf, the Chicago Bulls, and The Last Dance

GOLF's Fully Equipped

On this week's Fully Equipped, hosts Jonathan Wall, GOLF’s Managing Editor for Equipment, Andrew Tursky, GOLF’s Senior Editor for Equipment, and Kris McCormack, True Spec Golf's VP of Tour and Education recap Patrick Cantlay's win at East Lake and the impressive feat two brothers have accomplished over in Europe. The episode then concludes with an exclusive interview featuring 3-time NBA Champion Scott Williams who talks Michael Jordan getting him into golf, the Chicago Bulls 3-peat, and The Last Dance.

1hr 43mins

9 Sep 2021

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The Meisner Technique and the 21st Century Actor with Scott Williams and John Batchelor

Equity Foundation Podcast

This chat between Scott Williams (the founder of The Impulse Company) and John Batchelor (Award winning Australian actor) will further examine the specific challenges and opportunities facing today’s actors. Scott and John will discuss how the Meisner Techniques is adaptable for work in today’s film, television and theatre environments. John Batchelor is not only an actor who crosses all those platforms, but also is well-versed in using Scott's approaches on stage and screen. There will be time for questions from the audience towards the end.


28 Jul 2021

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Actors' Choices: Scott Williams with Christopher Sommers

Equity Foundation Podcast

There are so many ways of approaching a role, all of them with major pluses. In this first Meisner-based session, actor Christopher Sommers and London's leading Meisner technique teacher and Artistic Director of The Impulse Company in the UK, Scott Williams, discuss some of your options as you prepare for the part, and will use examples from their work to help you decide what might be best for you.

1hr 1min

22 Jul 2021

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Promiscuous Bounce Sessions 022 Scott Williams, Vinny T & Charlie D

Promiscuous Music Podcast

Promiscuous Bounce Sessions 022 Scott Williams, Vinny T & Charlie DMy mix track list.SJ - Only timeSonic Sound & DJ Oskar - The sun is risingBon Lee - Never too lateSparkos Vs Craig Mclelland - Let me love you tonightStu-C Vs Cal-Vert - On your lovingStarman presents - Bouncin booties #49Sparkos Vs Silent skies - 24-7Dev1se - Look at the starsArcane - Deep

2hr 16mins

5 Jul 2021

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"How To Set Up A Business" Expert Advice For Entrepreneurs w/ Scott Williams

The Inventive Journey

Number one is to pick up the phone and have a consultation with an attorney. Most attorneys, including my firm, probably yours too, will have an initial consultation of a certain duration at no cost to the client. To kinda walk them through and ask the right questions and see if a further consultation or services and warrant. A lot of people have the I can do it myself mentality and, that's good up to a point when you actually figure out you don't know what you don't know. I tell everybody if you are preparing your taxes that's not a time to do it yourself and tell your CPA later what you did. You should be consulting with a CPA in that early decision.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-inventive-journey/message


24 Jun 2021

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Episode 46: Nurturing Conditions for Change with Scott Williams and Morag Gamble

Sense-making in a Changing World

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome my friend, Scott Williams, UN Advisor, author, marathon runner, Warm Data host and explorer of right relationship to the Sense-making in a Changing World Show. Scott is a fellow Australian who is based in Geneva, Switzerland.  He is fully immersed in the world of nurturing transformational and regenerative development addressing the biggest issues of our time, right in the heart of global governance. He holds a deep understanding of how the UN and global monetary systems work, and is part of high level working and advisory groups. Recently during a Warm Data conversation he mentioned the structural global monetary inequities at play that effect the majority world. Because for decades I have been actively involved in community-based work in the Global South, including refugee settlements,  I was intrigued to find out more. I am grateful to Scott for taking the time to explain the global economic system to me, and explore ways of nurturing the conditions for the kind of change we need in the world today. To bring balance into his world, Scott spends a lot of time in nature, and runs (a lot!!). He has run more than 80 marathons and ultra-marathons. But he also loves to slow down and spend time at his local community garden growing food. We are both Warm Data (online People Need People) hosts. Recently Scott led the global Zero-Step Warm Data Prototype Sprint as part of the UNDP High-Level Energy talks and the10,000 Communities project of the Club of Rome . I was one of the pod leaders in this, with my daughter.  Actually, we both have daughters called Maia, who meet regularly in youth Warm Data conversations.Next time we meet, we are going to turn the tables, and Scott is going to interview me about permaculture. I look forward to that.Watch the youtube conversation here.________________________________ Download this list of 10 of Morag's favourite books.Morag's 4 part introduction to permaculture video series. ________________________________LEARN MORE ABOUT THE WORLD OF PERMACULTURE WITH MORAG GAMBLEExplore the permaculture films, articles, masterclasses and other resources on Our Permaculture Life Youtube channel & blog.Find out more about the Permaculture Education Institute and becoming a certified permaculture educator.If your main interest is getting a thriving food garden set up,  take a look at this online course: The Incredible Edible Garden.I acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which I live , work & play, and pay my respects to their elders past present and emerging.Audio: Rhiannon GambleMusic: Kim Kirkman

1hr 49mins

16 Jun 2021

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Scott Williams on the Bucks getting short-changed in 2001 (04.13.2021)

Milwaukee Bucks Point Forward Podcast

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters Jim Owczarski and JR Radcliffe discuss the lingering injury to Giannis Antetokounmpo, talk about the team's strategy of resting everyone at once and check in on a player having a pretty good season: Pat Connaughton. Is it possible the Bucks don't particularly care if they get the No. 1 seed in the playoffs? Then, Jim chats with former Bucks power forward Scott Williams, who was famously suspended for Game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals, leading to cries of foul from Bucks players and fans alike. "It was our year, but I think a lot of the NBA brass wasn't ready for it to be our year. Let me just put it that way." Music intro produced by Olivia Reiner and voiced by Michelle Rutkowski.


14 Apr 2021