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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Yvonne Marcus. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Yvonne Marcus, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Yvonne Marcus. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Yvonne Marcus, often where they are interviewed.

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050: Agile Household with Yvonne Marcus

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Parent Driven Development

Episode 050: Agile Household with Yvonne Marcus

Yvonne is a home system strategist, mom of two, lover of Girl Scout cookies, cake, craving song parodies and getting outdoors with the family. She is on a mission to revolutionize everyones view of #MomLife. She is the creator of your Agile Home, a four-week course that looks to get your family together, feel like a valued member of the team, instilling autonomy and having fun!

00:50 Welcome, Yvonne Marcus

  • Background in TV production
  • How Agile Home came about
  • Bringing Agile into her home
  • Establishing family values

07:10 When and how is Agile executed in Yvonne’s house?

  • WFH, toddlers and setting values
  • Run as SCRUM
  • The sprint process, and day-to-day process

10:40 Are the kids involved?

13:09 Accountability without the nagging

  • Assignments to the person with the more strengths in that specific area

14:45 How do we get skeptical families on board?

  • Start with the daily stand-up
  • Start on your own, showcase success, then show those with doubts

18:50 Quarantine times

  • Get rid of #MomGuilt !

20:00 Genius / Fail moments

  • Kwu’s children have both fallen to the ground from various chairs in the past week… #fail
  • Chris Sexton and his wife didn't have any troubles with a PDD Twitter poll.. #win
  • Arit creates a schedule for her son for his Zoom class and school work after realizing her son kept coming to her with every question #geniusfail
  • Chris Arcand’s son is starting to say anything and everything he feels. Sassiness to come #fail
  • Yvonne becomes the fun mom by dying her kids hair #genius
  • Allison and her partner create space for “virtual travel” for her to prepare for GitHub’s satellite conference #genius

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Chris Sexton
Allison McMillan
Arit Amana
Chris Arcand

Special Guest: Yvonne Marcus.

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Aug 05 2020 · 32mins
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Practicing Agile at Home with Yvonne Marcus

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Practicing Agile at Home with Yvonne Marcus

Yvonne Marcus is on a mission to create positive home management solutions for every family and she’s using Agile to do it. In this episode of the Reluctant Agilist, Yvonne and I discuss how and why she began an Agile transformation at home, how it has impacted life for her and her family, and how you can get started bringing Agile practices into your home and personal life.

If you’d like to learn more about Yvonne and how she helps others make the switch to Agile, you can check out her podcast. She also offers a free email course you can use to get started. You can access that via her website below.
Contacting Yvonne
Web: http://YvonneMarcus.com
Podcast: http://www.yvonnemarcus.com/podcast-2/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/agileyvonne
Jul 14 2020 · 33mins

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How to Apply Agile Principles at Home with Yvonne Marcus

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In this week’s episode, Dan Neumann is excited to be joined by someone outside of AgileThought, Yvonne Marcus! Yvonne specializes in teaching home management (which is the process of effectively running a household) with an agile twist. Her mission is to help parents develop flexible home management solutions using agile principles to leave them with more time for themselves, quality family time, less money spent, and a more productive week.

Yvonne Marcus shares how you can begin to implement agile into your home with her invaluable tips and tricks in this episode! She shares exactly how you can start bringing the agile process into your home, how to introduce your family to it, and actionable tips to take in getting started. Yvonne truly illustrates how applying agile principles can take your family from surviving to thriving!

Key Takeaways

What is home management?

Everything you have to do in your house to make it run (doing the dishes, cooking dinner, taking care of your kids, etc.)

The process of effectively running a household

Ways to apply agile to home management:

You can use Scrum boards at home for your kids so they know what they need to do for the day (and lessen their dependency on parents to guide them through every step)

The kids can contribute to the backlog during their family sprint meetings (ask your kids: “What needs to be done in the next two weeks?” or “What do you want to do in the next two weeks?”)

Families can also discuss behavioral problems at the sprint meetings and discuss what an appropriate consequence could be for said behaviors by involving them in the process (similar to a team working agreement)

Yvonne’s tips for bringing Agility into your home:

Yvonne uses DAKboard for their sprint goal board where she keeps track of their daily schedule, count downs to important events, sprint goals, etc.

She recommends whiteboarding and putting everything either in a Google Sheet or using an application that creates to-do lists (such as Microsoft To-Do)

Do not ask anyone in your family to start using a new piece of software that they do not already use (because if they’re not used to it they will not use it and you’ll fail with your first implementation of trying to run agile at your house!)

You can use Scrum, Agile, Kanban, etc. — whatever works best for your home!

Do your daily Scrum first thing in the morning

An important question to ask yourself is: “How much time do I need to take care of myself today?” (Because if you don’t set aside self-care time at the very beginning of the day you will always find something in your home that is more important that needs to be done and you’ll forget about it)

Create a sustainable pace with the principles behind the Agile Manifesto (it’s not just about the work)Stick with it even if it’s not perfect the first few times

Create a continuous feedback loop by asking your family what went well that week, what didn’t work, modifying, and implementing changes

Ask yourself: “What is the simplest thing you can do to create a solution for the start?” Don’t go over the top; just start with what you have

Take the four tendencies quiz (it can be helpful to understand who is on the “team” and how to communicate in a way that will be most receptive for them)

Where Yvonne recommends getting started with implementing the Agile process in your home:

Start with the daily standup (because being able to reconfigure time so that everyone’s time is valued will be one of the most eye-opening spots)

If you start with the daily standup you’ll see the most immediate success

Everyone should provide input so that everyone knows they have a weight in what is going on inside the home

Mentioned in this Episode:

Yvonne Marcus

“Agile programming — for your family” Bruce Feiler’s TEDTalk

The Secrets of Happy Families:  Improve Your Mornings, Tell Your Family History, Fight Smarter, Go Out and Play, and Much More, by Bruce Feiler


Microsoft To Do


Yvonne Marcus’ Podcast: Your Agile Home



iCalendarGretchen Rubin — The Four Tendencies Quiz

Ethical Hacking Courses on Udemy

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May 15 2020 · 30mins
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Agile Project Management for Families with Yvonne Marcus

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Agile and Scrum and Kanban, oh my! What if we take the techniques we've learned from years of project management and apply that to our homes and families? Scott talks with Agile Parent and Home Systems Strategist Yvonne Marcus about how she brought Agile home.

Feb 20 2020 · 31mins

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Manage your home the Agile way with Yvonne Marcus

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Does your home feel chaotic, overwhelming, and like there’s constantly too many small things to keep track of, so you aren’t making any progress on any big goals or dreams?

Yvonne Marcus teaches Agile project management methods to moms, so they can more efficiently run their homes.

In this episode, she tells us all about what that means, the basics of how to do it, and the kind of results that her clients are seeing - like drinking coffee hot every morning, saving money, and watching their kids help solve their own behavior struggles. I mean, wow. And what I love about this is that it takes the weight of household management off the shoulders of the mom, where it usually sits. It increases communication and engages the other family members, even young kids, in taking ownership of personal and household responsibilities. And doesn’t that sound amazing?

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • what the heck is Agile project management and how can it be used to make your home life more efficient?
  • How Yvonne manages to drink her coffee hot every morning
  • Some ideas for functional chore charts for kids of all ages
  • Why functional over pretty is so important
  • how to handle big goals vs. small goals and goals at different ages
  • how and why you need to delegate a lot more work to your family - and why that is so hard
  • how Yvonne schedules her self-care on the family schedule every day
  • how to identify values and a mission statement for your family
  • the two questions Yvonne asks her kids to get real insight on their day

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Sep 30 2019 · 54mins
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EP67: Yvonne Marcus, Creating an Agile Home

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For our full show notes: Visit our Episode Webpage

This week we are talking with Yvonne Marcus. Yvonne Marcus is a home management expert who teaches tech savvy individuals how to integrate the Agile Framework into their home. After spending 10 years working in operations and project management for a television production company, Yvonne moved from Los Angeles to Asheville, NC with her family.  She enjoys the occasional glass of red wine, gluten free caramel bars, and dancing.  Yvonne shares how she was frustrated with having to do #allthethings and incorporating  the Agile Framework into her home, making everyone accountable for family goals & projects.

MORE FROM YVONNE: Yvonne’s Website | Your Agile Home: Yvonne’s Course  | Follow Yvonne on Facebook | Follow Yvonne on Instagram | Follow Yvonne on Pinterest | Follow Yvonne on Twitter |

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Aug 29 2019 · 41mins
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The Key to Family Organization with Yvonne Marcus (Ep. 47)

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Why should you focus on family organization when you already have more than enough on your plate? Family empowerment coach, Yvonne Marcus, is here to chat with us today about why getting organized is the key to having MORE flexibilty and fun as a family.

BTW, we talk a lot about how these principles apply to making time and space for healthy food and wellness as well!

Listen in for more on:

  • Why you need to define your family values
  • The reason you need to create white space
  • How to take the mental-load of mothering off your plate
  • Ideas on how to share meal planning and meal prep
  • The key to delegating for peaceful family organization
  • Why you need to start having family meetings on a weekly basis
  • The 3 questions to ask during your family meetings
  • How to create a weekly action board for your family organization (Yvonne recommends Trello)
  • An easy way to share your calendar to cut down on scheduling discussions
  • Why having more family organization actually allows for more flexibility and adventure

Where to find Yvonne:

Things we talked about in this episode:

The post The Key to Family Organization with Yvonne Marcus (Ep. 47) appeared first on A Very Full Plate.

The post The Key to Family Organization with Yvonne Marcus (Ep. 47) appeared first on Cooking With a Full Plate.

Feb 19 2019 ·
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Ep 38: How to Minimize Decision Fatigue with Yvonne Marcus

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Currently based in Asheville, North Carolina Yvonne Marcus is a home systems strategist helping moms to end overwhelm in their #momlife so that they can be present with their families.

Full Shownotes: http://busymomcollective.com/ep38/

Sep 17 2018 · 33mins
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Episode 340: A Mom’s Effective New Approach to Household Chores w/Yvonne Marcus

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There’s a lot of pressure on moms to keep the house clean, do the daily chores, and take care of their children. Many mothers are alone in these responsibilities. How can you break the never-ending cycle of chores that need to be done? Why is it important for your children to share chores? And how can you use calendars and Trello boards to create a system in which each member of the family contributes something? In this episode, Yvonne Marcus, shares her journey as a mom and talks about how she ended up helping women gain back their free time by creating systems to delegate home chores.

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Teach the next generation about equally shared chores (09:00-13:10)

Traditionally, women were supposed to do everything around the house. This approach leads to frustration and makes women feel overwhelmed. The best way to break the cycle is to teach your kids that chores need to be shared between men and women, and everyone should contribute.

  1. Organize chores around the house by using a calendar (14:00-19:40)

When chores pile up, it can be discouraging. A calendar helps you both prioritize and delegate some of the tasks to your spouse and children.

  1. Trello can be used to create a system for delegating chores (21:00-22:00)

Women aren’t supposed to do everything by themselves or be expected to do so. A system created on Trello that delegates the work equally is one of the best ways to help yourself and teach your children responsibility.

For a lot of moms, the feeling that we have do everything by ourselves is ingrained within us. To combat this, allow and encourage help from your spouse and kids when you need it. One of the best ways to do this is to create a system that delegates the work equally and keeps up with the changes that happen in your family’s lives. For example, if something unexpected occurs and you can no longer do a chore tomorrow, you need a system that allows details to be changed and personalized to fit your day-to-day life.

Guest Bio-

Yvonne Marcus is the co-founder of Two Moms, One Podcast, a published writer, and the creative director of The Dahlia Scene, where she helps women live the life they want without feeling pressured to do it all by themselves.

You can find more about Yvonne on her social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Aug 09 2018 · 37mins
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Planners, Organized, and Making Scheduling Easier w/ Yvonne Marcus

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This talk is what made me switch from a die hard paper planner kinda gal to a google calendar momma! Yvonne is going to share some tips on getting it together, lessening your mental load and making your mom life easier so you don't have those mental meltdowns you usually take out on your husband. This is a safe place ladies. You know you do it. I do. lol. So cry less, keep more hair on your head and be less stressed this new year.  DON'T FORGET TO SHARE!  theashcarroll.com

Dec 20 2017 · 47mins