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Lenny Dykstra is irresponsible & the Crumbleys stink! w/ Dave Hill & Mark DeMayo

Rock Bottom Podcast

Hanging w/ comedians Dave Hill & Mark DeMayo, both have amazing specials on 800 lbs. Gorilla Records. We talk about our disappointment in Lenny Dykstra & the parents of the shooter in Oakland Michigan High School, the Crumbleys stink! We also talk about Ray's rough day w/ a Newark NJ State Trooper. follow Mark & Dave on IG at @MarkDeMayo & @MrDaveHill


7 Dec 2021

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Episode 58 - Lenny Dykstra and Shane Dawson

Two Goddamn Gentlemen

Welcome back to Two Goddamn Gentlemen!  This week, the guys retire two corpses; well, a dead guy and a politician. Then, they nominate Lenny Dykstra - all-natural, cool-headed athlete, and Shane Dawson - a blackface-wearing hack. This meeting is in session. Last week's results: Chris Benoit - NOT a gentleman (-8) Jeffree Star - NOT a gentleman (-14) Website: www.twogoddamngentlemen.com  Patreon: www.patreon.com/twogoddamngentlemen Twitter: @TwoGentlemenPod / @TheGentlemanKC / @TheGentlemanDC Discord: https://discord.gg/RvCT89U


1 Nov 2021

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#678  Baseball Legend Lenny Dykstra

The Sarah Fraser Show

NSFW, Legendary Baseball player Lenny Dykstra is on the show today. Lenny talks about his new documentary ‘Once Upon A Time In Queen’s,’  what the documentary got wrong, the celeb that owes him 30k for cocaine, his talents on going down on women, and he answers your relationship questions. Show is sponsored by: rothys.com/frase, curiobyfifthandmain.com, sophieblake.com, horizonfibroids.com, ourtownaudio.com

1hr 6mins

6 Oct 2021

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#675  Chemical Peel and Meeting Lenny Dykstra

The Sarah Fraser Show

I’m back from LA. What the hell was I doing there and how did I end up having drinks with legendary baseball player Lenny Dykstra? Plus, I had a 30% TCA Chemical Peel and you all have been asking me a ton of questions. After two weeks I’m healed and revealing all. Plus, why can’t the FBI find Brian Laundrie? And, Nick Cannon says his therapist told him to stop having kids. Show is sponsored by: actonaddictionnow.org, rothys.com/frase, and ourtownaudio.com


27 Sep 2021

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Episode 86 - Life Advice with Lenny Dykstra

Rocky Balboa Cheesesteak Fun Hour

WE. ARE. BACK. In this episode we discuss the Eagles as we head in to Week 1 of the NFL season. Ready or not. We make fun of JJAW again and give our general thoughts on Hurts, Davonta, Siriani and more. Then, we discuss the Ben Simmons debacle. He wants out. Don't let the door hit you. We talk about why it is that we continue to get these kinds of players in Philadelphia. After the break we talk about the Phillies - the least exciting NL East contender we can remember. Will September be fun or was it all for nothing? Finally, we discuss Lenny Dykstra, who for some reason thinks he should be giving advice to anyone about anything at all. It's good to be back. Follow us @MattRBCFHPod @NukRBCFHPod and on Instagram @RBCFHPodcast. 

1hr 19mins

2 Sep 2021

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True Crime Sports - Lenny Dykstra

Distant Replay

Lenny Dysktra has lived quite the life and has lived that life full throttle to say the least.  He is known by most people because of his time as an outfielder in MLB for the Mets and Phillies, but he is known just as much for his behavior both when he played and since his retirement.    Join us as we take a look at the ever evolving true crime story of Lenny Dykstra. Just like Lenny’s life there is never a dull moment discussing his trials and tribulations!   For more, visit us online at http://distantreplaypodcast.com


7 May 2021

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A2D Radio

Join After Dark tonight with Former Phillies OF Lenny Dykstra! They will be talking all things Philadelphia Phillies. Also, they will dive into some Philadelphia 76ers talk as well! Don't miss it tonight on After Dark!

1hr 32mins

8 Apr 2021

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Tough As Nails- Lenny Dykstra

White Collars, Red Hands

In this week's episode we talk stripper's names, lube stops, toxic mold, and one of the worst people to ever play in America's most beloved sport of Baseball, one of the Partners in Grime and now known fraudster and sexual assailant: Lenny Dykstra.


12 Mar 2021

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OCTR Episode #4 Lenny Dykstra Interview

Off Center with Tony Reid

Lenny Dykstra was the heart and soul of nearly every team he played for during his decade long MLB career.  The three time All Star and 1993 Silver Slugger Award winner was a integral part of the mid to late 80's Mets teams and the equally legendary early to mid 90's Philadelphia Phillies teams.  The World Series champion is a cult hero who has lived an incredibly interesting life during his playing career and every day since.  In our exclusive interview, Dykstra talks about the first time he saw himself on a trading card, his most memorable fan interaction, the current sports card market and much, much more. Unfortunately for our listeners, much of this interview had to be left on the cutting room floor. 


2 Mar 2021

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Episode 18 - Lenny Dykstra

The Third Person with Darrell Hammond and Chris Millhouse

Well Third Person listeners, after 2 weeks off we are back with an absolutely bonkers episode! Former MLB All Star & World Series Champ Lenny Dykstra joins the guys for an episode that is definitely NSFW! Topics include: paying private investigators to blackmail umpires, allegations of a former teammate faking cancer, using steroids, getting Charlie Sheen off crack, and much much more! This episode is extremely entertaining to say the least, and as a disclaimer neither Darrell nor Chris share or support any of these statements made by Lenny (yes, thats how bananas this episode is). Don't forget to give us a rating (5 Stars if you're so inclined ;) ) And add us on social media! @DarrellcHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @LennyDykstra

1hr 19mins

12 Feb 2021