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Money Blocks to Give Up in 2021 with Denise Duffield-Thomas

The Productpreneur Success Podcast

Have you ever felt guilty about being ambitious in your business? So much so that you’ve actually down-graded your goals because you told yourself that it wasn’t achievable or something that you really shouldn’t go after? Because it’s not ‘okay’ to want more than you have or being successful means that you have to give up on being a ‘good person/mother/wife’? And then on the other hand, if you’re not working hard enough you mustn’t really deserve success? Because it’s all about the hustle and being seen to sacrifice, never mind the guilt of not spending time with your family. And we tell ourselves that it HAS to be hard. That that’s part of building our business.  And that’s just not okay. Working with female entrepreneurs I see this ALL THE TIME and I personally am on a mission to change that sort of mindset with my clients, students and group members.  Which is why this week I’ve called in the big guns. Today I am joined by Money Mindset Queen Denise Duffield-Thomas who you may know from her books such as Chillpreneur or her Money Bootcamp. “I advocate for a more easeful path of giving yourself permission to do the things that feel good, that feels easy for you, even if other people don't agree.” Denise Duffield-Thomas In this episode we talk about: How we form money beliefs that can hold us back and how to change them Why changing our money mindset can open up new opportunities Why being a purpose-driven business means you can still value money and be paid Removing the guilt around being a business owner and owning your position as a job creator and supporting other people and businesses Operating a business with ease and grace vs hard work and suffering Listen as Denise shares her experiences and strategies on how to step into a money mindset that supports you and your business.


16 Feb 2021