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Tuesday August 23rd - Biologist Dr. Ian Jones - Avian Flu

VOCM Shows

Tuesday August 23rd - Biologist Dr. Ian Jones - Avian Flu by VOCM


23 Aug 2022

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Mary & Martha - Ian Jones

The Church of Christ Wheeler Area

Mary & Martha - Ian Jones by The Church of Christ Wheeler Area


21 Aug 2022

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Ian Jones

Off The Record

Listen to Off The Record Tues-Thurs 7pm-8pm on Today FM.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 Jul 2022

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John 5 - Ian Jones

Audio Sermons

John 5 - Ian Jones by Somerville St Church of Christ


6 Jul 2022

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Athletic Development for GAA & Lessons from the USA with Ian Jones - Petey Performance Podcast #67

The Petey Performance Podcast

This episode of the podcast is with the highly experienced, Head of S&C for Bishopstown GAA & Setanta College, Ian Jones. Ian is originally from Cork and has recently relocated home to take up his new role, following an incredibly impressive decade of coaching in American professional and elite-level college sport. He has experience working with both the Houston Texans & Cleveland Browns in the NFL, as well as working with USA Rugby, Rugby United NY & many D1 colleges in the US. We chatted about the big move and how his new role differs from those that he has held in the states. We also spoke about the major differences in coaching elite level athletes in the US and GAA athletes in Ireland.  The partnership between Setanta College and Bishopstown is a new one, and truly revolutionary, so we spent a lot of time speaking about how that relationship is optimised to enhance the performance of the GAA club. We also spoke about setting standards in training from the start, the new split season model of the GAA, individualising training for athletes & improvements that can be made in the S&C industry. Ian has been running a number of S&C workshops in conjunction with Setanta College, as well as presenting at the recent Irish S&C Conference. You can find out more about both @ www.setantacollege.com & www.irishscnetwork.com Time-marks 6:30 - Taking on a new role 10:45 - Differences in US athletes’ and GAA athletes’ attitudes towards training  17:30 - Building blocks to improve performance over time 27:30 - Being emotionally invested in a project  30:30 - Setting standards from the beginning  36:25 - Improving funding for S&C coaches  38:10 - Individualisation of training  43:00 - Maintaining an open dialogue between his role in Setanta and the GAA club committee 53:00 - Changes he will make in his coaching approach going forward  59:15 - How the new split season model suits the GAA player 1:02:20 - Balancing his busy schedule 1:11:40 - Improving the US S&C industry model

1hr 26mins

15 Jun 2022

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Ian Jones

History Makers Radio

Ian Jones is well known as the cartoonist behind the comic strips, PEARLY GATES and BUSHY TALES. A former schoolteacher, Ian is also the pastor of an international church in Brisbane. He loves travelling and has spent time with the people and cultures of over 50 countries around the world. He is also an award-winning photographer. He has some great stories of how people have been impacted by his cartoons! Listen in to his story!

1 Jun 2022

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John 2 - Ian Jones

Audio Sermons

John 2 - Ian Jones by Somerville St Church of Christ


29 Apr 2022

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Romans 4 - Ian Jones

Audio Sermons

Romans 4 - Ian Jones by Somerville St Church of Christ


5 Feb 2022

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107: Not That Bolt - Ian Jones of Sunbolt, Part 1


Mike and Jeff host entrepreneur and founder of Sunbolt, Ian Jones. In the devastating aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Ian Jones watched as over 8 million homes lost power in 17 states. With thousands of people draining their car batteries to charge their phones, he instinctively recognized the need for an off-grid solution that would provide electricity during major power outages. He founded Sunbolt to create the solution. Sunbolt is the leading manufacturer for solar powered charging solutions, including workstations, tables, and stand-up charging stations. Ian earned his Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School. Earlier in his career, he was an international designer, builder and operator of municipal scale water desalination plants and utilities. He went on to become widely regarded as a prominent Northeast real estate developer, responsible for development of over 15,000 homes and 10 million square feet of commercial real estate. He resides in CT, frequently enjoys skiing, cycling, car racing and scuba diving. He was a member of the US Cycling Team, Pan American Games Team, Road Cycling and 1980 Olympic Team but his proudest achievement is being father to three wonderful children.


28 Jan 2022

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Episode 41: A Conversation with Ian Jones

For Songs

So if there’s one theme in most all these interviews I’ve conducted the last nearly two years, it’s that the music biz is a tough one, even in the best of times. When you think about it, it’s almost impossible to make money—spotify, pandora, and the Internet have seen to that. And my next guest, Seattle-based singer/songwriter [Ian Jones,](www.ianjonesmusic.com) knows this better than most. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, Ian left his home to give music a go in California, moving to Santa Barbara. While the weather may have been better, the industry changed so dramatically from when he first started that after a good many years, it was time to head back home. He chronicles portions of this journey on his new EP The Evergreens, released in October 2021. We discuss four songs from the EP—Evergreens, Liars Beggars Criminals and Thieves, Promised Land, and Last Call. We also talk about his inspirations, how he got into writing in the first place, and his hopeful plans for 2022. Ian Jones is serious about his work and his craft, and it comes through in his professionalism and songs. So please join me in welcoming Ian Jones to For Songs.


21 Jan 2022