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#27 from Oprah's Guest to Millionaire by Thirty! podcast w/ Sue Styles & Lesley-Anne Scorgie


How did she get on Oprah!?? The inside scoop is shared as well as how she herself went from having a fear mindset to a growth mindset (which she teaches through her money courses and programs). Lesley-Anne Scorgie is the founder of MeVest and author of the "Rich by ..." series. She is a regular guest on TV news broadcasts and is generously sharing her story to help other entrepreneurs along their way. She fell short of her goals but was able to keep herself accountable and by the age of 28 she had made her first million$$. We talk about regrets, mistakes and people who helped along the way and you will be surprised to hear what business investment she credits with being more valuable than her MBA! I hope you will enjoy this episode of 'Mind Your Own Business!' Connect with Lesley-Anne: https://www.mevest.ca/ I love meeting my listeners and connecting with our community, join us here. https://suestyles.com/ I am here to help your business with practical knowledge and experience. Book a complimentary call here https://calendly.com/suestyles/30min and see how I can help you.


28 Sep 2021

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S4 E45 The Psychology of Money with Lesley-Anne Scorgie

Collective Wealth

Mastering your money has little to do with math, but rather how you think about it.  Today’s guest is Lesley-Anne Scorgie, an author, speaker, personal finance consultant, and the founder of Me Vest. She appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show at 17 years old after an interview at a local newspaper was picked up by the iconic network.  Shortly after the show aired, Lesley-Anne’s career in personal finance exploded and she wrote her first book, Rich by Thirty: Your Guide to Financial Success.  Lesley-Anne shares her insights on the psychology of your money and how it impacts your financial behaviors, and offers timeless advice for those who are ready to master their money. SHOW NOTES: Connect with Lesley-Anne Scorgie on IG here LET'S CONNECT! Access the FREE Investing for Beginners Masterclass here Follow Stephanie on IG here  Visit: www.wolfecollectivewealth.com


22 Feb 2021

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How To Not Be An Idiot With Your Money (w/ Lesley-Anne Scorgie, founder of MeVest) - Episode 106

Recipes for Real Life Sh*t

Everyone should dance like MC Hammer, but nobody should spend and (not) save like him. The definition of "Real Life Sh*t" is smart money management, and it's on everyone's mind these days. Jon and Ben are joined by 3-time best-selling author, speaker, and founder of MeVest, Lesley-Anne Scorgie. Grab your diamond-studded spoons and your cashmere bibs and enjoy a recipe you're not going to want to forget.

1hr 32mins

15 Feb 2021

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Ep 16: Master Your Money Mindset With Lesley-Anne Scorgie

Becoming Yourself Podcast

Our first episode of 2021 is also our first ever interview on the @by_podcast. And it’s a real treat! Money matters expert (and Oprah’s guest) Lesley-Anne Scorgie shares her top secret to building wealth. As someone who made the fist million in her early twenties and helped many thousands of people in this department, she knows what she’s talkin’ about.. Spoiler alert: it should always start with fixing the mindset (which is 80% of success), followed by creating a strategy (which is only 20% of success). Without uncovering your deep-rooted fears and limiting beliefs about money, it’s extremely difficult to create sustainable financial future. Don’t miss new episodes! Subscribe to this podcast and follow @by_podcast on Instagram

1hr 12mins

10 Jan 2021

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AF 057: Author, Speaker, Finance Personality & Alpha Female Educator Lesley-Anne Scorgie

The Alpha Female Podcast

Lesley-Anne Scorgie’s passion for personal finance was strong well before her appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2001. What started all the fuss in the first place was when she took up teaching her high school business class about investing, much to her teacher’s surprise. Since appearing on the show in 2001 called “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth”, Lesley-Anne has branched out as a bestselling author, entrepreneur, renowned professional speaker, educator and popular columnist and television personality. Her area of expertise has also expanded into career navigation, entrepreneurship and women’s workplace equity and diversity issues. Today she is armed with her three best-sellers Modern Couple’s Money Guide: 7 Smart Steps to Building Wealth Together (2016), Well-Heeled: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting Rich (April 2014) and Rich by Thirty: A Young Adult’s Guide to Financial Success (2007/15) Lesley-Anne is the founder of MeVest. Lesley-Anne has her BComm from University of Alberta and an MBA from Queen’s University. In 2011 Lesley-Anne won Avenue’s Top 40 Under 40 award and WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. Website


8 Mar 2020

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188 How to Get Rich by 30 - Lesley-Anne Scorgie, Author & Personal Finance Expert

More Money Podcast

It was one fateful day when a 17-year-old Lesley-Anne Scorgie went viral because of her financial acumen. Not only did she get featured in newspapers across Canada, she also landed a spot on the Oprah Winfrey show because she aspired to become a millionaire by 25 and was well on her way to reaching that goal. As Lesley-Anne says in our interview together, the Oprah effect is real and her short segment on the show catapulted her career into one Canada’s top money experts today, with four books under her belt, regular TV appearances and speaking gigs. Not only that, she launched her own money coaching business called , and focuses on teaching others how they can take control of their financial future like she did. In this episode, we discuss what inspired her to get into personal finance at such a young age, what she learned from striving towards an aggressive goal in her 20s (spoiler, she wishes she enjoyed her 20s a bit more), and what some of the most common concerns and struggles her money coaching clients have. Grab Copies of Lesley-Anne’s Books For full episode show notes, visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/188


13 Mar 2019

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From Oprah Fame to Homebuyer and Landlord at Age 21 with Lesley-Anne Scorgie

The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast

Lesley-Anne Scorgie is a bestselling author, renowned professional speaker, educator and popular columnist and television personality. She owns and operates MeVest.ca, a money school for Canadians offering one-on-one money coaching and employer programs. In addition to being a guest of Oprah, Lesley-Anne has made numerous television appearances including CBC, Breakfast Television, The Social, Montel Williams, and MTV Live. Her financial articles have appeared in publications such as Metro News, Toronto Star, Men’s Health magazine, the Globe and Mail and the Calgary Herald. Lesley-Anne has been a spokesperson for Government Savings Bonds and BMO Bank of Montreal. Lesley-Anne has a BComm from University of Alberta and an MBA from Queen’s University. In 2011 Lesley-Anne won Avenue’s Top 40 Under 40 award and WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. In my interview with Lesley-Anne, we discuss her life-changing TV appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, buying a property at a young age, and how to get your side hustle on.


20 Aug 2018

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11. Lesley-Anne Scorgie, Creator of MeVest, Best-selling Author

Mo' Money, Mo' Progress

Lesley-Ann Scorgie is a best-selling author of personal finance, creator of MeVest.ca a software and coaching platform to help you reach your full financial potential. Lesley-Anne has also been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, she's a columnist for Metro News and has been featured on MTV, Marilyn Denis, the CBC and more. She's also been on the Top 40 Under 40 and Top 100 Most Powerful Women list! Learn more at: http://lesleyscorgie.com/


7 Jul 2015