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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy Murphy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy Murphy, often where they are interviewed.

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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy Murphy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy Murphy, often where they are interviewed.

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Family Safety and Security with Andy Murphy from The Secure Dad Podcast

The Shared Security Podcast
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In episode 127 for June 29th 2020: Family safety and security with special guest Andy Murphy host of The Secure Dad podcast. I really enjoyed this interview with Andy! If you’re looking for a podcast about home and family security, self-defense, and more you should definitely subscribe to his show!

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The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge

Our Episode on 5 Tips to Stay Secure and Private During a Protest

Andy’s Episode on “The Crime We Create”

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Jun 29 2020



#8 - Andy Murphy - Overcoming an undiagnosed head injury

Optimise Your Life
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In this episode, our host Peter is joined by former professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Andy Murphy. Andy has traded the gloves for life as a successful boutique gym owner, owning Urban Gym in Wexford and also a great family man. Andy has fought and trained all over the world and has rubbed shoulders with the best of the best in the Mixed Martial Arts world.

The more serious aspect of the conversation was a powerful piece, where Andy takes us from the routine training session all the way through what would ensue for the following two years. Andy was suffering with an undiagnosed brain injury and he takes us on the journey through the good and the bad. We speak about the symptoms, scan delays, process with the Neurologist and his recovery to where he is today.

We also talk about the fighting and the mindset needed and also he gives us his experience of starting a small gym which has grown into a huge community.

I really hope you enjoy the show and please share it with someone who may be dealing with something similar. Below is links to articles Andy has written and we eluded to in the show and also his gym website.

Thank you,

Pete & Abby

Jun 09 2020



#7 Andy Murphy - Now What? Rewiring your brain.

The Stamie & Tracy Show
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This week I brought on an extra special treat. Mental performance expert, Andy Murphy.  He uses his experience working with VIP clients such as Saudi Arabian Royalty, TV producers & world-champions to give you a competitive edge in your business and life.

His podcast Mindset by Design helped me navigate through a few mental hurdles in 2019 and then ultimately lead me to work one on one with Andy. Changed my life.

It's all about mindset and how to train your brain to focus on what matters, especially in these crazy times dealing with the lockdown and the corona virus.

Hope you enjoy it!!! Please let us know what you think.

Video available on YOUTUBE

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Mindset by design website

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May 09 2020



Jim Gaffigan, Jon Reep, Andy Murphy.

Kid With A Cape: with John Heffron
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Jim Gaffigan calls in, I accidentally mute the first 10 minuets. Then I  call Comedian Jon Reep and ask if I should still air it, Then a quick call to performance mind coach Andy Murphy for some quick tips to get us through all this. 

May 01 2020



#268: The Psychological Truth. Jeff Faldalen Interviews Andy Murphy

Mindset by Design
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#268: The Psychological Truth. Jeff Faldalen Interviews Andy Murphy

This is such a great episode. My mate Jeff, brought me on his show and together we went deep down the rabbit hole about how the time is right to EXPAND

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Apr 22 2020

1hr 13mins


26. The Secure Dad w/ Andy Murphy

The Man Under Construction Podcast
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Andy Murphy from The Secure Dad joins the podcast. We talk about the story behind The Secure Dad,  Covid-19 and security in these uncertain times, and situational awareness. This is a podcast for the protector in all of us. 

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Apr 17 2020



TGP#17 Peak Mental Performance with Andy Murphy

The Growth Podcast with Aaron Civitarese
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Join Aaron Cavitarese (The Growth Podcast) and Andy Murphy as they chat about how to get success through having peak mental performance

By the end of this episode you will hear how Andy managed the to find success in his life and business by making sure that his mental performance is at the peak, how used his creativity to cultivate and solve his problems, and how he found balance between his career and life. Enjoy the episode!


Andy is a man who can call himself a global mindset coach, with clients across the world who seek him out to help them go to the next level.

From entrepreneurs, world champions, professional sports athletes, multi-millionaire business owners, TV and film producers, TV and stage actors, trauma survivors and even Royal Family have all benefited from his skills.


You can find Lindsey Andy Murphy.




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Feb 19 2020

1hr 18mins


780: Reprogramming Your Brain for Happiness & Success w/ Andy Murphy (BEST OF)

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal
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Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP as it’s commonly called: what is it and why the heck does it matter for your business and your life? You may have heard of it or perhaps you’ve even tried it, but do you know how impactful it can be on your solopreneurial journey? Our guest for episode 780, Andy […]

Jun 10 2019

1hr 26mins


EPISODE 9 (God/religion) - Andy Murphy aka. Sub Zero Beats

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In this episode, I have Andy Murphy aka. Sub Zero Beats back on the podcast to discuss how life has been, business, hard work, religion, God and how he wants to move forward with his life. We aren’t intending on try to convert or preach anything. Our intention is to give people insight and understanding of why and how I have found the transition of becoming a muslim. Enjoy.

May 26 2019

1hr 51mins


EPISODE 2 (The Irish Dr.Dre) - Andy Murphy aka. Sub Zero Beats

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In this episode, I speak to Andy Murphy aka. Sub Zero Beats to discuss what it’s like trying to actually break into the music industry, working with labels and what making money in the business is actually like for an up-and-coming artist. Andy’s music has been played on many big stations and has been featured in different UK charts. This episode will be interesting for people who want real knowledge as to what the real ‘come up’ can be like and how to make an impact effectively.

Mar 20 2019

1hr 29mins