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Episode VI: Jamie Resch & Josh London

In One Ear

In our sixth episode Casey and Kendal are joined by Bowling Green, Kentucky musicians Jamie Resch and Josh London of the band "Ghost Ranch". Jamie and Josh discuss their roles in Ghost Ranch and their individual musical projects. Casey and Kendal test their music knowledge with a special music quiz segment followed up by some words from Jamie and Josh on what makes the 270 music scene so special. Ghost Ranch songs included in this episode: "Last Sad Song", "Monster", "Stripes", and "The Family Machine". Josh London "Veils" song included in this episode: "Innuendo". Jamie Resch song included in this episode: "Leaves of the Fall".


15 May 2021

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Episode 7- Corporate America isn't for everyone Ft. Photographer extraordinaire Josh London

Deb Talk

Welcome to Deb Talk Episode 7- Corporate America isn't for everyone Ft. Photographer extraordinaire Josh London On this episode We discuss Photography, Creative jobs, Ayahuasca, finding one self, Rioting, Looting, Protesting & why corporate jobs aren't for everybody. JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE PEOPLE! I hit all three segments : Weekly Inquiryyyyy which is When did you know that corporate america wasn't for you? ” Shenaniganssss where we discuss  George Floyds Death - Rest In Peace! Bryonna Taylors Death- Rest in Peace! What are your thoughts? email me at Deb.talkk@gmail.com & Weekly Check in - Housing market going down and its time for millennials to buy. & Bitcoins At the end I didn't have any weekly emails so send me your emails with questions, stories, or anything else you'd like for me to read on the pod.  Deb.Talkk@gmail.com Please Subscribe, rate, review https://linktr.ee/DebTalk

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10 Jun 2020

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S1 E12: Josh London (CAS’94), Award-Winning Global Marketing Executive

Proud to BU

How far can a degree in English take you? Since earning his English degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, Josh London (CAS’94) has become an award-winning global marketing executive with c-suite experience at IDG, Ziff Davis and CNET. Josh shares a few words of wisdom centered on the gift of a liberal arts education, the power of perpetual curiosity and the importance of wandering with intention.To learn more about Josh and the Proud to BU podcast, visit our website – bu.edu/alumni/podcast.  A transcript of this episode is also available. Please note, transcripts may be edited for clarity and do not represent a verbatim record of dialogue.Listener Survey: We want to hear from you! Complete a 3-minute survey and claim your pair of our custom-made limited edition Proud to BU podcast socks!Support the show (http://www.bu.edu/give)


12 Dec 2018

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Supercharging your website with Josh London

The Variety Artist with John Abrams – Weekly chats with inspiring Performers

Josh London is a terrific corporate & family entertainer out of the Central California area. He’s also the owner of Click Convert Profit. He creates the very best entertainer Websites and provides proven on-line strategies for Variety Artists just like you to book more gigs We talk about the best colors for websites, the best fonts, how to track whether your website is working or not and so much more. If you want more traffic on your site and want to book more gigs because of it, Josh is The Man! Show Notes: Variety Artists Only ***** Make sure to go to Josh’s Website and get $20.00 off his new ebook “Flying Solo”. Enter the coupon code VARIETY at check out and get $20.00 off. Subscribe Today If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to this podcast on your phone or mobile device. Just go to the place on your phone where you get all the best podcasts. Search The Variety Artist and subscribe there. It really helps me a lot! Links to all the RESOURCES Josh mentioned AweberMailchimpDripConstant ContactTrelloTo Do ListBufferHootsuiteCrazy EggQualaroo ENTERTAINERS Referenced in this Podcast ​JoshLondonMagic.comJohn AbramsDoug ScheerOwen Anderson Here’s what’s on this Podcast [1:50] Josh’s life as an entertainer[3:18] Who should I market to?[5:50] How to recognize the perfect client[8:30] Split testing[10:20] What should your headline be?[15:13] Hiring a website designer VS building your own[21:30] Back links[25:54] Why your “about” page so important[28:25] Why you should know your competition[29:50] Using Social Media & Email marketing[46:50] BONUS – For all you solo-penuers[47:50] Google adwords[49:40] Landing pages[58:00] Fan questions Contact info: Performing Website: JoshLondonMagic.comWebmaster Website: www.clickconvertprofit.comEmail: josh@clickconvertprofit.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/clickconvertprofitllc/Twitter: https://twitter.com/joshlondoncoYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/ClickConvertProfit/ Make sure to check out my blogs and more episodes on this website

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4 Jun 2018

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Josh London on the evolution of a global brand

The CMO Show

How do you relaunch a brand? Join hosts Nicole Manktelow and Mark Jones for this special episode of The CMO Show, as we dive into the details of IDG’s monumental global rebranding campaign.


19 Oct 2017

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How to Relaunch a Global Brand – Josh London

The Scott King Show

Josh London (@joshdlondon) is the first ever CMO for IDG. IDG is the worlds largest media and technology service company with hundreds of properties in 147 countries. It s mission is to enable a global audience make the smartest technology purchase decisions through it s various web properties like Computerworld, InfoWorld, CIO, and CSO. In this episode, Josh talks about why he was brought on board and how IDG realigned itself into central functions from silos in order become more efficient and to create economies of scale. Josh describes some of the exercises IDG performed for the relaunch like custom research, customer outreach and internal communication. He then provides some details of how he converged the marketing stack and how his organization measures success. Josh concludes the interview talking about his own CMO interview series, IDG CMO Perspectives. Josh talks to CMOs on how they are driving growth for their companies and has found after talking with them that many companies have the same issues but in their own distinct markets. Enjoy .. Questions During Episode What is IDG and what does IDG do? How has IDG s go to market strategy changed over the years? What did you see as a realignment opportunity when you came in as CMO? How many times in your brand research did you hear individual employees named? What the most successful part of the relaunch? How did you measure the brand relaunch? Are you changing anything in marketing at IDG right now? How many people work in marketing at IDG? What is the sales organization s opinion of the rebranding effort? Do you perform direct outreach to the CMOs in the video series? What do you talk to your CMO customers about? How do you contact the other CMOs you want to talk with? What do you do with your free time? Links and Mentions IDG CIO Computerworld CSO IDG CMO Perspectives Contact Josh Twitter @joshdlondon The post How to Relaunch a Global Brand – Josh London appeared first on Scott King.


17 Aug 2017

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CMO Josh London is a marketer without borders

Marketing Today with Alan Hart

Josh London is the chief marketing officer for IDG, the world’s largest tech media, data, and marketing services provider. In this podcast, he discusses what it takes to unify the brand for a worldwide company that reaches tech audiences in 97 countries, what he learned at an early internet startup in the ‘90s as well as during his time studying in Italy, and how authenticity is key when building a brand. And he has this to say about marketing in a modern world: “When you’re devising a marketing strategy, especially on a global basis, it’s very exciting. We’re now living in a borderless world where customers travel across brands and across geographic borders. And a marketer wants to reach them wherever they can find them.” Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:  London’s career path: How a literature major learned what was possible through technology. (1:12) IDG — From house of brands to a united brand offering: Presenting clarity to the marketplace. (3:04) Creating a holding company with a brand approach. (5:57) Developing a culture where everyone is “singing from the same song sheet.” (8:59) London’s natural curiosity has taken him down a career path that’s “not straight down the middle.” (18:57) The future of marketing: “It all comes back to data.” (22:44) Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/marketingtodaySee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 May 2017

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008: Using Your Website and Facebook to Increase Ticket Sales with Josh London

WellAttended: Event and Theatre Marketing / Promotion

Josh London talks about how to rank higher in search engines, how to build a better website to increase conversions, why you should use videos to promote your shows, and the best practices for Facebook ads. Josh is a magician and entrepreneur. He has been performing magic since the age of 5 and travels the country performing for corporate and private events. He is also the founder of Click Convert Profit in which he coaches and consults with entertainers, performers, variety artists, bands and musicians who want to book more gigs. Show notes: Click Convert Profit Magician for Private Parties and Corporate Events San Diego Magician Josh London - Download our free marketing resources at https://wellattended.com/resources


1 Aug 2016

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S7E9: Josh London - Internet Marketing Part 2

Successful Performercast by Kris Sheppard | Successful Performer Cast | Weekly Interviews with Professional Entertainers | Show Business, Showbiz, Performer, Magic, Magician, Juggler, Comedian, Musician

In the second half of this series, Josh London goes in-depth on how to setup a Google Adwords campaign, what to have on your landing page, and specific strategies to help you get results from your internet marketing efforts.    Google Adwords Overview• This is the main platform to do paid advertising. • Differences between ads and organic search listings. • Have your website in order first. • Advantages of using paid traffic vs organic traffic.    Settings for Google Adwords• Creating a campaign, and which type of campaign to use. • Start small, then expand your search parameters. • Choosing networks to display your ads on. • Choosing geographical locations and using it’s advanced features. • Setting up your bid strategy. • Setting up your daily budget. (Generally between $10–20 per day) • Delivery method. • Wading through advanced settings.    Creating the Ad• Knowing your target audience and taking that into account. • Know your end goal and work backwards. • Look at your competition and do something that stands out. Something different and unique. • Portent.com/tools/title-maker for ideas. • Make sure it matches your landing page. • Headlines and description lines. • Split testing ads.    Keywords• Start with Google’s planner tool, but know that you’ll have to do a lot of tinkering. • Types of keywords: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. • Negative keywords. • Let data drive your decisions. • Longtail Pro is a good service to help you with picking keywords. • Keep in mind: Everything is setup for Google to make money. • How to tweak and adjust things as you have your ad running. • Tips to finding keywords you should use. Landing Pages• What should your landing page have? • It should complete your goal. • Call to Action • Have an opt-in incentive to get them to give you their email address. Something like a price sheet. This is often more effective than a contact form. • Mailchimp is a great service to use for this. • Everything needs to line up from the landing page, to the ad, to the search terms they originally used to see your ad. • Make it as easy as possible for your client to get in touch with you and get your prices. • Begin to build a relationship with your prospect. • Building your list is the best way for you to make sales online. • Create dedicated landing pages for each ad group that you have. • Don’t have ads point to your home page. • Unbounce and Lead Pages help you to split test your landing pages. • Your landing page is the most important part of your online marketing campaign because, that’s where the conversions are made.    Where can we find Josh London?Clickconvertprofit.com Flying Solo

1hr 6mins

2 Oct 2015

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S7E8: Josh London - Internet Marketing Part 1

Successful Performercast by Kris Sheppard | Successful Performer Cast | Weekly Interviews with Professional Entertainers | Show Business, Showbiz, Performer, Magic, Magician, Juggler, Comedian, Musician

In this interview, I have my very first return guest! Josh London goes in-depth on internet marketing, first talking about your website, and then going over SEO to help you create a solid foundation for your own internet marketing strategy.    Sponsors:Acting for Magicians by Richard Ribuffo — Pick up your copy today and SAVE $5! Getting a View of the Landscape• Differences between Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization • What the large pieces of an internet marketing campaign are. • Making sure you’re creating good quality content. • Making sure all parts of your campaign line up with each other. No disconnects. • Three stages to buying: Awareness, Research, and Buying.    Website Design• Make your website as simple as possible • Get your user the info they want as fast as possible • Build on a wordpress framework and use a responsive theme to make it mobile-friendly • Create the hierarchy of your website: Homepage, About Page, Blog (keep it updated), Contact page • Don't try to make it "clever." Clear and simple is the better way to do things. • The importance of having a mobile friendly website    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)• White hat vs black hat SEO techniques. • How to get your site in top rankings in Google. • Yoast Wordpresslugin will help you with your SEO. • Using keywords in your title, meta description, and body copy. • Optimizing your images. • Don't "stuff" your page with keywords. • Write for the user, not the search engine. • What people might overlook when trying to make their site more SEO friendly. • Using header tags within your copy. • How to do keyword research. • Using closely related keywords. • Having a call to action. • Look at what everyone else is doing and make what they're doing better.    Website Content• You want to have engaging content so that people don't leave. You want to lower your bounce rate. • The importance of a blog. • What should entertainers blog about and not blog about? • Blogging and content marketing is an art. • What should be the focus of your blog? Create content that your user wants and that will get shared on social outlets. (And not just by your mom.) • The content that you blog about should be different than your static pages. • Talk about the benefits of your services to your customer. Don't talk about yourself. • How often should I update my blog? • Don't create blog posts on a whim. Try buzzsumo.com • Commenting on other peoples blog posts on your topic. • Strategy of getting your blog posts shared. • Out reaching for your content. • Ninja outreach.com • Your blog is another way for you to stay in front of your audience. TOMA Parting AdviceIt's all about content and making things easy for your user navigating on your site. Coming up: pay per click keywords.    Where can we find Josh London?Clickconvertprofit.com Flying Solo

1hr 4mins

25 Sep 2015