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204 - Dr Richard Shuster

The Jesse Tee Show

Episode 204: How Eastern Medicine Changed This Western Doctors Life Follow Socials LINKEDIN ▶︎ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-richard-shuster-288a65171/ PODCAST ▶︎ https://www.thedailyhelping.com/podcast/ Follow Jesse on Instagram ▶︎ @jesse_tee Linkedin ▶︎ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessetee/ Apple Podcast ▶︎ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-jesse-tee-show Production by Eve Rom Email me ▶︎ eveloveniab@gmail.com WEBSITE ▶︎ https://rb.gy/ylzgpg Instagram ▶︎@supremoseries


21 Oct 2022

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E235: Visualization, Peak Performance, and Work-Life Balance with Dr. Richard Shuster

Tribe of Millionaires Podcast

Do you love the work that you do? You may romanticize and justify work all you want, but work is work, whichever way you put it. And without awareness, it could take its toll on your health and your life. In today’s conversation, Dr. Richard Shuster, a licensed clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, and CEO of a psychological assessment company, Your Success Insights, joins us today as he talks about how you can manage your time well and achieve work-life balance. Host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster, which is regularly downloaded in over 150 countries, Richard is also the president of Every Kid Rocks, Inc., a 501c3 corporation dedicated to helping children reach their true potential. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: [02:06] What led him to become an influencer [06:58] The pivotal moment that changed his life [14:33] How visualization allowed him to recover in just two weeks [16:16] How stress can take its toll on your health [17:54] A commitment to work for 25 hours a week for the rest of his life [19:20] How entrepreneurs romanticize and justify work [21:27] Why visualization works [24:25] The science behind visualization – it’s not just woo-woo stuff! [26:23] The concept of neuroplasticity [28:37] Creating your filters that govern your time [32:59] The four Ds of time management [37:31] More about Dr. Shuster’s work Notable quotes from the Episode: "As entrepreneurs, we use the journey and what we're building to romanticize and justify the stupid things we do.” "The brain can't differentiate what you're seeing in your mind's eye from reality.” “If you visualized and focused on really amazing things happening to you, that's what you're pulling towards you." "We're learning more all the time, what we used to think was woo-woo, and hippies and crystals and nonsense – there is actually science behind it." Connecting with the Guest Course: http://www.seekyourpowers.com/ Website: https://drrichardshuster.com/ Podcast: https://www.thedailyhelping.com/podcast/​ Connect with our growing community: Apply to GoBundance: https://www.gobundance.com/membership Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gobundance/ Not a millionaire yet but want to be a part of our ecosystem? Check out EMERGE by GoBundance. Enroll Today! https://www.gobundance.com/emerge Interested in starting your own podcast or handing off your production to a qualified team? Email erik@onairbrands.com to learn how we're making the world better, one mic at a time.


20 Sep 2022

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The Science of Being Good to Others - Dr. Richard Shuster

Do It With Dan

Why does it take brushes with death, before we finally get it? Chasing all of the possessions, fame, money…it’s really not important to us! There has to be more and thanks to this week’s guest, we’re going to discover it together. Welcome once again Dreamers, to the Do it with Dan Podcast! The place to truly dream with your eyes open. It's time to expand our experience with some more great discussion on the power of the mind in all things. Whether you want to manifest more wealth, emotional abundance or love in your life; this is the podcast for you. Dr. Richard Shuster (pronounced SHOE-STIR) is a clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, and CEO of Your Success Insights, which helps individuals, corporations, and athletes achieve balance and peak performance. He is also the host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge from the experts, Tools to Win at Life which is regularly downloaded in over 150 countries. Dr. Shuster’s clinical expertise and podcast have been featured in such publications as The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Inc., NBCNews.com, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and others. He is also the president of Every Kid Rocks, Inc., a 501c3 which helps schools provide therapy services to children. Please share your stories with me over at dreamwithdan.com. Connect with Dr. Richard here: Website: https://drrichardshuster.com The Daily Helping podcast: https://www.thedailyhelping.com To subscribe to my YouTube channel, please go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdAvGk6xa5fptmdULliJrg Want to manifest money now? Play the 'Money Game' to harness the power of micro-shifting to attract abundance immediately. Get your Ebook for $1. Buy NOW. Do you want inevitable & sustainable financial abundance, based on your own unique 'Money DNA'? Watch our brand new webinar Interested in working with Dan 1-2-1? In collaboration with other highly successful experts, he will help you reach financial freedom in 6 months or less: Apply Here *PLEASE RATE US AND SHARE* Join me on: Facebook Instagram Twitter Music Credit: "The Dreamer", Common Timestamps of interest: 02:00 - Welcome Dr. Richard - tell us what you do 05:00 - The Daily Helping podcast mission 07:08 - The abuse of Neuroscience 14:06 - Winning a DOD contract, being the next “Tony Stark” & then nearly dying 25:00 - Coming back from the depths 27:02 - Reconciling the ‘woo-woo’ with the science 33:24 - EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Richard announces his new app 41:40 - Closing thoughts #wellness #health #fitness #healthylifestyle #selfcare #love #motivation #mentalhealth #healthy #lifestyle #yoga #beauty #healing #mindfulness #selflove #nutrition #healthyliving #meditation #wellbeing #workout #skincare #gym #relax #life #weightloss #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #fit #instagood #bhfyp


24 Jun 2022

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Dr. Richard Shuster

Live Your Best Life

When a car accident nearly took his life, it also gave Dr. Richard Shuster a reboot and now he’s on a mission to make the world a better place.“I think when bad things happen to us, we have really two choices. One is to get mad at God, ‘how could you do this to me’, and be really angry. The other thing is to say, ‘what can I learn from this? And how can I do better?’ For me, it's three things. It's those two questions plus, the third question I ask is, ‘How can I share this in a meaningful way with others so that they don't go through what I went through?’”You can learn more about Dr. Richard’s work, Your Success Insights and The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge from the experts, Tools to Win at Life® at https://drrichardshuster.com/#liveyourbestlifepodcast #liveyourbestlifewithlizbrunner https://lizbrunner.com/live-your-best-life/If you have a guest idea, or want to learn more about Brunner Communications, contact Liz at info@LizBrunner.com


13 Jun 2022

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Dr. Richard Shuster On The Impact Of The Pandemic On Work And How To Manage Stress

Change Proof

Dr. Richard Shuster (pronounced Shoe-Stir) is a clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, CEO of Your Success Insights, renowned media expert, and the host of The Daily Helping podcast. He is a man on a mission to help people become the best versions of themselves and make the world a better place. In this episode, he joins Adam Markel to talk about how people can cope with the stress brought on by these uncertain times. The two discuss the profound and long-term impacts of the pandemic both at home and at work. Businesses will never be the same again. Dr. Shuster shares his thoughts on what the future of work will look like and how organizations should adapt to meet the needs and demands of employees. He also shares his personal pivot and the near-death experience that opened his eyes to becoming the man he is today. Don’t miss out on this episode and get important insight into dealing with stress and building resiliency in your every day. Show Notes: bullet form (timestamp from Final Audio)·    00:00-03:19 – Introduction·    03:20-07:38 – Dr. Richard Shuster’s Origin Story·    07:39-16:56 – From Insufferable Materialist To Licensed Clinical Psychologist·    16:57-27:01 – The Ramifications Of The Pandemic On The Psychological Well-Being·    27:02-31:07 – Thoughts On Returning To “Normal”·    31:08-36:40 – The Future Of Work·    36:40-42:36 – Resilience And Managing Stress And Anxiety·    42:37-49:56 – How To Empty Your Bucket And Embrace Gratitude·    49:57-55:10 – Conclusion And Contact Details


10 May 2022

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WS1264: How to Live A Balanced, Productive Life as an Entrepreneur | Dr. Richard Shuster

The Real Estate Syndication Show

As real estate entrepreneurs, we all know what overworking looks like: trading sleep hours for work hours, too absorbed at a task to eat meals, skipping exercise time to answer emails, missing out playtime with the kids to continue working at night, passing up on relaxing weekend activities because of deadlines, and having trouble setting boundaries between work and home. If you can’t enjoy time off of work, then work is consuming your life, and it will take a toll on your health, your productivity, and your relationships.In this episode, Dr. Richard Shuster, licensed clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, CEO of Your Success Insights, a psychological assessment company, and the host of The Daily Helping podcast, talks about living a healthy, balanced and productive life as an entrepreneur. His own near-death experience had been a wake-up call for him to transform the way he works. And now he advocates the same for all especially the busy entrepreneurs. Learn how to take back your time so you can enjoy work and life more!To hear all of Dr. Richard Shuster’s stories and valuable insights and tips, join us today!Key Points From This Episode: Dr. Richard introduces himself and his initial work as a clinical psychologist.His search to do more meaningful work leads to starting his podcast that gave him clout and relationships access.Dr. Richard creates his own psychological assessment company.Why working for your “why” can take a toll on your health.Dr. Richard talks about his own health scare brought about by overworking.His near-death experience compelled Dr. Richard to make changes in his work routine and schedule.How being mindful of the amount of time spent at work at the expense of personal relationships motivates Dr. Richard to keep a balanced and productive lifestyle. How Dr. Richard uses a filtering system to have a lean work calendar.Dr. Richard practices the 4Ds (Do, Delegate, Delay, Drop) to manage his work load.Dr. Richard’s tips on how to say “no” to some people so you can say “yes” to your significant others.More tips to be productive at work and healthy in mind, body, and relationshipsHow sleep is critical to physical health and restoration and work optimization.The ways that Dr. Richard gives back to the community


7 Apr 2022

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Get To Know Yourself With Dr. Richard Shuster

What Are You Made Of?

Show notes:In today's episode, we talk about:- What was Dr. Richard's life like as a child- How he became a doctor- His car accident- His mission when he was still studying- What pushed him to build his companyLearn more about Dr. Richard Shuster here: Website: https://drrichardshuster.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Thedailyhelping/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dailyhelpingpodcast/Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thedailyhelpingYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBl15pDGh7XBKChKYjYy0XA/videosFor more information and to explore podcast episodes, visit themikecroc.com.To drop him an email, use: info@peoplebuildinginc.com Follow Mike on social media: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-ciorrocco/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikeciorroccoInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikeycroc Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeycroc If you haven't smashed the subscribe button, do it here➡️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWHuKojqZfcXmvGCAi_t1Q/ The views and opinions expressed on the "What Are You Made Of?" podcast are solely those of the author and guests and should not be attributed to any other individual or entity. This is an independent production of Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco. The podcast production and the book "What Are You Made Of?" are the author's original works. All rights of ownership and reproduction are retained—copyright 2021.


30 Mar 2022

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#33: Self-Discovery with Dr. Richard Shuster

Lead the People

Dr. Richard Shuster is a clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, and CEO of Your Success Insights, which helps individuals, corporations, and athletes achieve balance and peak performance. He is also the host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge from the experts, Tools to Win at Life which is regularly downloaded in over 150 countries. Dr. Shuster’s clinical expertise and podcast have been featured in such publications as The Huffington Post, NBCNews.com, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and others. He is also the president of Every Kid Rocks, Inc., a 501c3 which helps schools provide therapy services to children. Top 3 Takeaways Awareness comes in many flavors. Personal discovery can come from intentional reflection, a growing sense of discontent or disengagement, or a life-changing event. However it happens, pay attention! Show up. When in doubt, take action. By being active and doing something—anything—you increase the likelihood of creating connections and new opportunities to engage and create value. Think like a child. Never lose your sense of wonder and amazement. Try to always look at the world with fresh eyes, and whenever you have the opportunity, ask questions to increase your understanding and broaden your perspective. From the Source “Being in a car accident really started to meet down this transitional path towards really taking a look at what was important, what my values were, what mattered and, and moving toward a career path that fulfilled me in my soul as well as in my pocket book.“ “When you let yourself be open to experiences and open to possibilities, things happen.” “There was no agenda around this. I wasn't trying to sell stuff. It was just that I was going to help. I was going to help some people, and that was really the first kind of spark for me.” “No matter how many pandemics there are, no matter how many political scandals, no matter how many setbacks, how many unexpected illnesses or whatever else, life throws at you. If you are in alignment with your values and you love what you're doing, you're going to weather that storm.“ “What makes kids really unique is that they have an exuberance and a sense of fascination with all kinds of things.” Connect with Richard Website: https://drrichardshuster.com Podcast: https://drrichardshuster.com/business-portfolio/the-daily-helping-podcast/ Every Kid Rocks nonprofit: http://everykidrocks.org/ References “Food Fight” trivia game content: https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/kids-favorite-least-favorite-packed-school-lunches-gallery


10 Mar 2022

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How Work-Life Balance Literally Saved My Life With Dr. Richard Shuster

None Of Your Business Podcast

How Work-Life Balance Literally Saved My Life With Dr. Richard ShusterIn this episode Dr. Richard Shuster shares his heart-touching story that completely changed the way he views work. From this experience, he now has re-shaped his work life balance and helps people do the same through his podcast, and company Your Success Insights.Key Moments:4:01 - Dr. Richard's heart-touching and life-changing story.17:02 - Adversity is like losing a football game...22:01 - Why I decided to work 25 hours per week26:59 - Why you must understand WHY you are in business32:27 - Why diced onions save you time32:46 - The four D's for busy entrepreneursConnect with Dr. Richard:Website: https://drrichardshuster.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dailyhelpingpodcast/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Thedailyhelping/Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedailyhelpingYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBl15pDGh7XBKChKYjYy0XA/videosGet Dr. Richard's Work-Life Balance Assessment Tool!https://yoursuccessinsights.com/powers2/Support the showJoin the #1 Community for Service-Based Entrepreneurshttps://www.blackdiamondclub.com Follow Shawn and Lacey on Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/drshawndill/ https://www.instagram.com/drlaceybook/


2 Mar 2022

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Driving Change In Your Life By Finding Your Values With Dr. Richard Shuster

Game Changer Mentality – Strategies and Tactics to Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Your Positive Potential

Dr. Richard Shuster has gone through a lot in his life before he found out what his values were. He was all about the money and the titles until his car accident. It was at that moment before the crash where time stood still for him. He reflected on his life, and that was when a moment of spark came in. Now, he is the CEO of Your Success Insights and the host of The Daily Helping Podcast. Join him and your host Rodney Flowers in this episode, where they discuss how you can pivot in life by finding your core values. And no, you don't need to have an accident to be where Richard is now. You need only to learn from what he has gone through and find what you're passionate about and the people who can support you. Listen in to get inspired today. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! http://rodneyflowers.com/


14 Sep 2021