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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Karen Arthur. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Karen Arthur, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Karen Arthur. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Karen Arthur, often where they are interviewed.

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Breaking through depression & menopause to Wearing Your Happy with Fashion Designer Karen Arthur

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This week's real life Brave New Girl guest is Karen Arthur. After three decades teaching in secondary education she was forced to leave her job after hitting a mid-life breakdown; or what she later described as a breakthrough. Discovering eventually that her plummeting mental health was due to stress and menopause, the crisis  left her wondering what she was meant to be doing with her life. After much body, mind and soul rebuilding she started to plough her energies into becoming a designer of bespoke, flamboyant fashion inspired by her Barbadian mother and aunt's vintage wardrobe. From the darkness she emerged with a mission to encourage women to Wear Their Happy.

Brave New You Tribe podcast host, artist & illustrator Lou Hamilton talks with Karen as they discuss black menopause, mental health and finding your purpose and passion in life. Karen says that Courage is not about slaying the dragon but about honesty, and being prepared to let go and be vulnerable. In this raw and extremely honest interview Karen brings us her Story from the Edge.

Find out more about Karen's's work on https://reddskin.co.uk follow her on instagram @thekarenarthur

Join our community https://www.brave-new-you.com/tribe and follow us on instagram @bravenewyoutribe and Lou @brave_newgirl

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Aug 19 2020 · 47mins
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Episode #06 - Talk About the Menopause and Then Talk Some More with Karen Arthur

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In this weeks episode Anniki talks all things menopause. Whilst it’s becoming less of a taboo

subject it can still catch us by surprise if we’re not prepared for the symptoms. It’s not just

the physical side, it’s also the mental repercussions which can come as a slap in the face.

Anniki interviews Karen Arthur who is a fashion designer and founder of Reddskin. She’s

also a public speaker and all round top inspirational person who talks candidly about her

experiences of going through menopause and how we need to open up more so we can be

better prepared when the time comes. So if you’re peri-menopausal, menopausal or just

want to hear some inspiring chat about what might greet you in the future, have a listen.

The menopause doesn’t have to be a ball-ache if you research and inform yourself as much

as possible – ultimately we have to face it so we might as well live, learn and move on.

Resources for support:

Read more of Karen Arthur’s blogs and learn about her work here:


For more research and background:


For more background and reading:


Produced and Edited by Alex Graham

Music by Paul Wells

Jul 29 2020 · 38mins

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Episode 8 What Goes Around? featuring Karen Arthur

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Recorded after three months of Lockdown Anne and Eamon enjoy their first taste of freedom in a farmyard setting. They discuss left handed mugs, the sounds of the countryside and 'The Stubborn Light of Things'. Eamon asks who stood up for music in its darkest hour, and Anne splits on who knocked the needle off the decks at The Social. Our special guest is the wise and wonderful Karen Arthur. Fashion Designer, Instagram Influencer, Mental Health Advocate and Disco Dancer, Karen shares her musical memories and makes us want to dance!

Our Spotify playlist is based solely on what we happen to mention during the show, it is not 'curated' as such. This week it's actually very good! OK there is the blight of Bucks Fizz on there but you can skip that.


The YouTube version is here:


Mel Harrison's excellent podcast is available here:


Karen recommends Jazz Re:freshed:


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Jul 15 2020 · 1hr 23mins
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Ep.004 ft. Karen Arthur - From Teacher to Fashion Designer

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Episode 4 of LeadHer Shift features Karen Arthur, who has adjusted her life to ensure her happiness is maintained, by going from being a teacher to now a fashion designer.

Karen shares that after 28 years as a teacher, she just was not happy, and she took the leap that was way overdue to take care of her anxiety and depression, to rediscover her love for fashion in her own way.

Take a listen to learn more about Karen, the purpose behind her fashion, and how she leads others towards finding their happy.

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Jun 15 2020 · 1hr

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44. The Two of Us SHORTS with Karen Arthur

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Karen Arthur talks to Naomi about her experience of depression and anxiety, and her subsequent recovery and why sewing for her, can be an act of prayer. 

The Two of Us began on Reel Rebels Radio. In this special edition series, ‘The Two of Us SHORTS’, Naomi Woddis and Alba Frederick conduct interviews exploring the impact the worldwide pandemic has had on creativity and mental health. 

Show hosts - Naomi Woddis/Alba Frederick

Originally broadcast on Reel Rebels Radio

Music : Gavin O’Brien - Citóg

May 27 2020 · 35mins
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Karen Arthur: Teacher turned Fashion Designer on mental health, fashion and increasing diversity in the media

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Date: 30th January 2020

Episode: 3

Title: Karen Arthur:  Fashion Designer, Sewing Tutor on mental health, fashion and increasing diversity and visibility for older women in the media

In this episode of Portrait of a Londoner we talk to Karen Arthur who is a former teacher turned fashion designer at www.reddskin.co.uk

Portrait of a Londoner is a South East London based podcast and in the first series we will be talking to people who live or work in Forest Hill, South East London https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_Hill,_London

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In this episode, we talk to Karen about:

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Instagram @thekarenarthur

Twitter @ReddskinUK


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This week’s question is:

Question: Do you feel there are enough women of colour being represented in the media currently?

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Apr 30 2020 · 24mins
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Karen Arthur: I Won't Shut Up About Menopause

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For the seventh episode of the Period Story Podcast, I spoke with Karen Arthur, the fashion designer, sewing tutor, stylist, speaker and model.

We talked about a first period that felt really frightening at the time, but in retrospect, was quite funny. Karen talked about learning about periods and sex through conversations with friends, feeling squeamish and embarrassed and learning that having a period didn’t mean she was pregnant.

Karen says that having a preacher for a father meant that conversations about most things to do with women, and anything to do with bodily fluids were taboo. She had been brought to believe that bleeding was bad and the Problem page in Jackie magazine was how she mostly learned about sex, relationships and periods.

We talked about what Karen felt she should have known about her body and how becoming a teacher and head of year made her determined to learn as much as she could, in order to teach her students and her daughters. Karen shares how her daughters have educated her the most on periods and sex through their openness and willingness to have frank conversations.

She says it’s taken her time to unlearn her feelings of shame and recognise that the more people talk about these things, the better it is. This has helped her talk about menopause as well. Karen talks about the events she’s run to help open up conversations around menopause and how they’ve help women feel less alone.

Karen says that menopause is a transition to another life and we need to think about how we can thrive, rather than how we can just get through it.

Karen says that no one should suffer this alone and I completely agree!

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Find out more about Karen:

Her website:








Craft Moves:


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Dec 26 2019 · 33mins
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Black History Month Audio Community Project - Karen Arthur honours her late Aunt Monica

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Karen Arthur honours her late Aunt Monica.

In today's black history take over the one and only Karen Arthur honours her late Aunt Monica.

Karen shares very real and very honest complex feelings about ganging freedom following a relationship break-up then quickly having to relinquish this new found freedom to care for her Aunt Monica in a period of illness.

Just as Karen decided to embrace caring for her Aunt she sadly passed away. Through grief Karen found a deepened love of fashion and started to make conscious choices about the clothes she wears to alter her mood. #WEARYOURHAPPY was born. The sad passing of Aunt Monica led Karen to her new path as a mental health advocate, fashion designer, speaker, event organiser and more!

About Karen Arthur:

Karen is a 57 year old woman flourishing through menopause. She is a Fashion designer, sewing tutor, stylist and speaker with a bit of modeling thrown in for variety.

Karen enables women to harness the power of fashion to support good mental well-being using #wearyourhappy on social media and penned an e-book '8 Ways to Wear Your Happy' as a helpful guide. She has held two successful Wear Your Happy live events to date and launched Wear Your Happy Style, a personal styling offer for women who want to rediscover the ‘Happy’ in their wardrobes.

Karen speaks publicly on fashion and mental wellbeing, ageing and loneliness. Her most recent video feature for @StyleLikeU ‘Getting Dressed: A self-acceptance project’ has reached over 88k views on Youtube.

Karen is also a co-founder of Craftmoves, a social initiative committed to ending loneliness amongst London’s commuters through handheld craft.

You can connect with Karen here:










Nov 05 2019 · 19mins
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Three Sixty Conversations with Karen Arthur on turning inward and wearing your happy.

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Welcome to episode 10.  I am joined by the über talented Karen Arthur bespoke women’s wear fashion designer, author and boss lady in charge at Reddskin.

You can read the show notes here.


The second Three Sixty Day Retreat takes place on Saturday at the cosy Clapton Laundry, London.  Tickets and information here.  The first one sold out so… you know.

Oct 22 2018 · 1hr 44mins