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Ask a Cycling Coach: 123 – Special Guest: Matt Lieto on Grinduro and Mauna Kea

Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad

Professional triathlete and IRONMAN commentator, Matt Lieto, and your podcast hosts recorded a special episode to chop up Grinduro, one of the most interesting races on the calendar that you need to know about, and their preparation for one of the toughest climbs on earth, Mauna Kea. Topics covered: • Triathlon and gravel racing • A triathlete’s take on The Downieville Classic • What makes Downieville unique • Why training with bigger tires can make you faster on race day • The thing you should focus on in technical terrain • How triathletes can get more comfortable on the bike • What is Grinduro? • A new racing format we should all know about. • Race strategy for Grinduro • How to pace yourself during Grinduro • What gearing to use for Grinduro? • Which bike is best for Grinduro? • Nutrition tips for Grinduro • What you need to know before racing Grinduro • Paceline etiquette • Raceday morning mistakes to avoid • Why Chad dropped Nate at Grinduro • A trick to getting faster Grinduro stage times • Pros chasing KOMs in The Tour of California • How triathletes have an advantage over cyclists • How to prepare for the longest climb in the world • What you need to know before climbing Mauna Kea • What gearing is best for Mauna Kea • What clothing do you need to bring for Mauna Kea • How to pace yourself for Mauna Kea • How to pace yourself in high elevation • Feeding strategies for Mauna Kea • Do you need ride support for Mauna Kea? • How to avoid dehydration when climbing Mauna Kea


7 Feb 2018

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Ask a Cycling Coach: 061 - TrainerRoad Podcast – Special Guest: Matt Lieto

Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad

Professional Triathlete and IRONMAN commentator Matt Lieto. • How to go from average joe to pro triathlete • What type of power it takes to win an IRONMAN • How to pace a triathlon • Do triathletes use elevation training? • How to train for hot weather • How to acclimatize yourself to Kona • How to control your appetite • How to lose weight quickly • How to keep weight off • Tips to overcome food temptations • How to know if you've tapered correctly • What the pros do to taper • High intensity training for ultra-endurance athletes • Managing distractions at a big race • How to stay focused building up to race day • What type of accommodations are best when traveling to a race • Is carb loading best? • How to manage gluten intolerance while traveling • What should you eat before a race or big day of training • Triathlon bike tactics • Triathlon drafting rules explained • Do triathletes actually draft? • How to use drafting rules against your competition • Why you should attack and change your pace in a triathlon • How to deal with cross winds on a TT bike • How to pace yourself on climbs and hills in a triathlon • Are descending skills important for triathlon? • How to increase your efficiency on the bike • Marginal gains to maintain speed on the bike • What mountain bikers and IRONMAN athletes have in common • How triathletes use mental tactics to influence a race • Is it better to go easy on the bike or go hard on the bike? • Ideal gearing for triathlon • How to read wind conditions and use them to your advantage • How to know when to favor power and when to favor aerodynamics • How to manage heat on race day • Do saunas help performance? • How triathletes can benefit from mountain biking • Should triathletes do cyclocross? • What triathletes should do in transition • How to catch a bike

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12 Oct 2016

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