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Howard Hughes's Batman

Somewhat Familiar

This week on the Podcast, Tony and Daniel learn that Tuna Meat doesn't come from Dolphins, Daniel is thinking about becoming the next Howard Hughes and much more.


15 Apr 2021

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Howard Hughes: A perfectionistic obsession to innovate


Howard Hughes was one of the most financially successful businessmen of all time, an engineer, a record setting pilot, film producer and philanthropist, his obsessive compulsive disorder drove his ability to stunningly innovate but ultimately it caused great suffering. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


22 Mar 2021

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70: A Message from Aliens, Nikola Tesla and Howard Hughes | #walkwithme

ALIVE by Design

“The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away.” – William Shakespeare About This Episode: I recently visited the Integratron, a unique dome structure in the Mojave Desert designed in the 1950s by George Van Tassel (an engineer for Howard Hughes). Tassel claimed he was visited by people from Venus who gave him instructions on how to build a “time machine” that could reverse the process of cellular aging. Today, sound baths are conducted in it. The message I got while in a meditative state there was all around the word “meaning.” In this #WalkWithMe episode, I talk about what it means in terms of pursuing meaningful relationships, meaningful work, and meaningful experiences.  For show notes, visit alivebydesign.com  If you enjoy the podcast, please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes. It takes less than 1 minute, and it really makes a difference in helping spread this message. Drop by and say “Hi!” Instagram: instagram.com/blakemallen Facebook: facebook.com/blakemallen.page Twitter: twitter.com/blakemallen LinkedIn: linkedin.com/blakemallen YouTube: youtube.com/blakemallen Additional Resources: Subscribe to my Newsletter at BlakeMallen.com Watch my TED Talk: ShiftTheScript.com Interested in sponsoring the podcast?  alivebydesign.com/sponsor


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 56: Howard Hughes

Meet Your Heroes

There was so much to include in this week’s episode we had to leave out the part where Howard Hughes drunkenly ran over and killed a pedestrian with his car.


10 Feb 2021

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Desilu....Howard Hughes, The Connection


Who influenced Desi Arnaz's decision to purchase the studio? Where does Howard Hughes fit in this decision?--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/alva-riley/support


5 Feb 2021

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19. Howard Hughes

I Really Wish You Hadn't

What do Iron Man and Batman have in common? Well, for one, they are both based on the same dude. Join us as we cover the man, the myth, the OCD codeine-addicted legend: Howard Hughes.Follow us on:Instagram @IReallyWishYouHadntTwitter @IRWYHPodcastIRWYH.comIntro Music By Attack Story - attackstory.comOutro Music By HOME

1hr 25mins

3 Feb 2021

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026. #THESTRIP: Mob, Howard Hughes, Junk Bonds, Steve Wynn, & $630 Million Mirage Casino Hotel

CREative Talks! Commercial Real Estate Podcast

Part 3 of the #THESTRIP series about the development history of the Las Vegas Strip. In this series, we talk about how these mega resorts got build and how visionary casinos developers shaped the skyline of Las Vegas and turned this small town in the Nevada desert to one of the best travel destinations in the world. Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas!  Part 1: Jay Sarno & Caesars Palace (EPISODE 16)  Part 2: Kirk Kerkorian, The International Hotel, & MGM Grand (EPISODE 18)  FOLLOW US:  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cre-media Instagram: https://instagram.com/cre_mediagroup Podcast Audience LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13884501/ Please contact us here: https://www.cre-media.com/contact Disclaimer: This commercial real estate podcast is intended for commercial real estate professionals, institutions, and investors only. The presenter(s) is(are) expressing his/her (their) view(s) and opinion(s) regarding economic conditions, financing programs and features. The views expressed in this show are for informational and educational purposes only, and do not imply suitability. Each situation is unique, and prior to investing, all programs should be reviewed independently for suitability. Views and opinions expressed are those of the presenters only and do not reflect the views of their employers. The information is not intended as investment advice, is not a recommendation about investing, and the presenters and their companies are not acting as your fiduciary.


28 Oct 2020

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Episode 212 LIVE: The Mysterious Howard Hughes

13 O'Clock Podcast

On this eccentric installment, Tom and Jenny discuss the fascinating life of billionaire aviator, inventor, movie producer, real estate tycoon, ladies’ man, and reclusive OCD sufferer Howard Hughes. Born into a wealthy family in the early twentieth century, Howard would go on to realize many of his fantastical dreams, including setting several speed records in his specially designed aircraft, producing blockbuster films during Hollywood’s golden age, and dating some of the most beautiful and accomplished actresses of the era. But a series of head injuries and a genetic predisposition toward mental illness meant that his final years were spent in a drastic spiral downwards, as Howard succumbed to paranoia and phobias that spurred him to withdraw from the world at large and become imprisoned in a hell of his own making. Slap on your flying goggles and don’t touch the doorknobs as we delve deeply into intrigue and tragedy on episode 212. Audio version: https://ia601405.us.archive.org/3/items/episode-212-live-the-mysterious-howard-hughes/Episode%20212%20LIVE%20-%20The%20Mysterious%20Howard%20Hughes.mp3 Video version: Please support us on Patreon! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Also subscribe to us over on our BitChute channel. And check out our cool merch at our Zazzle store, and some board and card games designed by Jenny at Giallo Games! Visit Jenny’s Amazon author page! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS! The show is made possible by: Amanda, Amanda O., Amy H., Anthony, Antonio, Arif, Ashley, Austin, Ben, BlackMarigold, Brandon, Bunjip, Bunny, Christopher, Ciarra, Cody, Corinthian, creepy crepes, D. Newton, Damian, Dan, Darren, Dean, Denise, Dominic, Duncan, Dwayne, Ed, Elizabeth, Eric, Fade, Feeky, Gareth, Ginger, Greg, Gwendoline, Hanna, Hayden, Heather, HoboNasty, Holly, Ilse, Ima Shrew, Jaime, Jake A., Jake S., James, James H., Jamin, Jana & Scott, Janet, Jason, Jeanette, Jen, Jessica, Jesus, Joanie, Joe, John H., John M., Jonathan, Jonathan H., Joseph, Justin, Justyn, Karin, Kat, Katrina, Keith, Ken, Kieron, Knothead Studios, Kool Kitty, Lana, Lars, Leander, Liam, Lindsey, Logan, Lonna, Lynx_13, Macy, Marcus, Mark, Mary Ellen, Matt, Matthew, Maximillian, Melanie, Melissa, Melissa G., Michael, Mike, Mother of Beasts, Natalia, Nathalie, Nilay, Oddcatt, Oli, Paul, Rebecca, Rebecca L., Richard J., Richard & Sheena, Rik, Rob, Robina, Samantha, Sandra, Scarlett, Sean, Sheena, Sophie, Stop Prop, Sydney, Tabitha, Tammie, Tara, Terrie, TheMysteryGamer, Thomas, Thomm, Tiffany, Tina, Travon, Trevor, Valtrina, Veronica, Via, Victor, Victoria, Victoria E., Virginia, Weaponsandstuff93, Will S., and Xánada. Channel art and audio & video editing by Jenny Ashford. Music & sound effects courtesy of freesound.org users jamespotterboy, corsica-s, enjoypa, capturedlv, luffy, kiddpark, and justkiddink. Video clips courtesy of Videezy & Videvo.

6 Sep 2020

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Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

The Microscopists

#1 Join this informal chat between Peter O’Toole and Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz of The Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Beyond kayaking to work and a passion for plants, Jennifer explains how she became interested in Biology from her time teaching in Africa, and how she was fortunate enough in her early career to work alongside some of the true giants of cell biology. Very few cell biologists have had so many major impacts on the field, and underpinning most of her work was the use of the microscope, with many discoveries going hand-in-hand with the development of microscopy itself. Jennifer shares some great stories as to how these developments came about, what it is like to work in the Janelia Research Campus and how to Kayak to work (hint: don’t do it in the dark!).Browse all The Microscopists episodes here:http://bit.ly/the-microscopists-pds

1hr 7mins

27 Aug 2020

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Episode 75 - Howard Hughes Slips into Madness


Bob, Cory, Nick, Danielle, and Joe rant and rave about quarantine lobsters, the first appearance of the “Funko This!” segment, and hatching a scheme for a house in the woods for your mistress. Special remote guest Jeff Adkins from Detroit Paranormal Expeditions joins the gang. Send your comments and existential questions to Schnozzcast@gmail.com. Discuss the show with the #schnozzcast hashtag on Twitter. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. And don't forget to rate, review, and listen on Apple Podcasts, PodBean, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Stitcher, MixCloud, or your favorite podcast app. Special thanks to Jack Moran for the intro, outro, and interlude music. Follow him on Instagram @ thejackmoran.

2hr 21mins

11 Jul 2020