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Free Will & The Future: Open Theism interview with Dr. Greg Boyd

Expedition 44

Dr. Will Ryan and Pastor Matt Mouzakis discuss Free Will and open theism with Dr. Greg Boyd (reknew.org).     Can God be immutable and also be dynamic (open)?   Can we actually be free if God foreknows our future choices?   Is it possible for God to alter His plans or simply go along with something that man asks in their relationship with God even though he might not know that it’s the best way. We seem to see this with Israel regularly something so simple as why would God be talked out of the theocracy?    How do you view God changing his mind and possibly regretting decisions that he has made through the course of the biblical narrative? (The flood, Israel & golden calf incident)   Some common objections to Open Theism:   Did God forget to come back (in 70 A.D.?) or just decide that we weren’t worth it? Has God forgotten about us? Did he finally write us off? Is His total judgment to seemingly let mankind just destroy themselves?    How can God ensure that His plans and promises will come to pass if the future is open?   What about Judas? It seems that Jesus knew he’d betray Him and even seems like there is a prophecy predicting it?   Election and Predestination- What about the statement in Acts about the cross being predestined or even all the predestined language in scripture that most link to salvation(Ephesians 1 and Romans 8)?   Theodicy- How does Open Theism help make sense of the problem of evil?


8 Feb 2021