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Barnaby Andersun of BAND Royalty on how music can be an NFT that rewards fans, plus: Emily Ratajkowski’s new NFT, Trevor Jones' NFT Gamble, NFT Mall, and more.

Edge of NFT Podcast

EPISODE TOPICS00:00 - 01:21 Intro 02:50 - 05:52 How Barnaby first heard about NFTs and when it really stuck Crypto Kitties Gradual process King of Quotes 05:52 - 08:04 How NFTs can enhance projectsNFTs add elements to a project that can make it the primary feature 08:04 - 10:40 How different views and perspectives can help inspire ideas 10:40 - 14:29 NFTs as a minimalist tool Photograph your things Scan your books Reputation of the issuer and where it is coming from can help determine if something should be an NFT or if it will have value to others 14:29 - 20:55 King of Quotes “KOQ” Low transaction fees matter when there are many transactions WAX protocol & Atomic Hub WAX is a fork of EOS Power vs Freedom Community first around love of the board game 20:55 - 31:00 BAND Royalty Specific catalogs of music from Jay z and Beyonce to Justin Timberlake and others Staking tokens for royalties Relationship between fans and music is shifting Michael Jackson buying the Beatles catalog How selling royalties impacts relationships with fans Industry connections opens the door to these opportunities 31:00 - 36:20 The future of music NFTs and BAND Royalty will enable musicians to be paid more appropriately for their creations Major innovations in music….The iPod…streaming….and now NFTs and the delivery of royalty rights to artists Opportunity for new and smaller artists 36:20 - 38:40 Where to learn more about Barnaby, King of Quotes, BAND Royalty, and Block Alchemyband.edgeofnft.com 38:40 - 50:31 Edge Quick Hitters50:31 - 63:50 Hot Topics63:50 - 66:12 Outro

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5 May 2021

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Emily Ratajkowski

Le portrait de Matthieu Noël

Dans Historiquement Vôtre, Matthieu Noël b(r)osse le portrait d'une personnalité contemporaine, en lien avec le sujet du jour. Tout y est vrai... enfin à 99% ! Aujourd'hui, Emily Ratajkowski.


29 Mar 2021

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Emily Ratajkowski

Le portrait - Matthieu Noël

Dans Historiquement Vôtre, Matthieu Noël b(r)osse le portrait d'une personnalité contemporaine, en lien avec le sujet du jour. Tout y est vrai... enfin à 99% ! Aujourd'hui, Emily Ratajkowski.


29 Mar 2021

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Ep 50. Adwoa talks to Emily Ratajkowski about being politically engaged, as both a woman and a mother-to-be.

The Gurls Talk Podcast

She’s known as the supermodel turned actress turned writer who’s sick of being put in a box because of how she looks. This episode with @Emrata is a biggie for anyone who’s sick of being told how they should behave, how intellectual they should be, and what they should or shouldn’t have an opinion on. While the world is on fire, my conversation with Emily Ratajkowski gave me a whole lot of love. She’s taught me how to appreciate myself, and to realise my impact on the world. We spoke just before the US election, so our conversation is full of anticipation for the results. You can follow @emrata and you can follow us @gurlstalk. Please send any messages to www.gurlstalk.com and don’t forget to subscribe, so you never miss an episode of the Gurls Talk podcast.


7 Nov 2020

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Are the Hill sisters really bipolar? and Emily Ratajkowski and her crisis of identity

Only One Mic Podcast

Carl Jeread tackles the Hill sisters who are charged with the attempted murder of a security guard and what's the deal with Emily Ratajkowski? 


29 Oct 2020

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Emily Ratajkowski Wants to Reclaim Her Image. What Does That Mean for Photographers?

Vision Slightly Blurred

Last week, New York Magazine's The Cut published a lengthy essay written by model Emily Ratajkowski on her experiences working as a model, actor, and influencer entrepreneur. She gives numerous examples where she felt unable to control her own image from being sued by a paparazzo, having two Instagram posts appropriated by Richard Prince, and being sexually assaulted by a photographer who later sold photos taken the night of the assault as "art" without her consent.Sarah and Allen try to unpack all the legal scenarios and talk about ethics within the modeling and photo industry.


23 Sep 2020

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Emily Ratajkowski on Reclaiming Her Own Image

Josh on Narro

When does a model own her own image? asks Emily Ratajkowski. In New York Magazine, the model writes about the men who took her image, including Richard Prince and Jonathan Leder, and buying herself back. https://www.thecut.com/article/emily-ratajkowski-owning-my-image-essay.html One Great StorySign up hereRichard Prince’s “Instagram Paintings.”Speaking out about the imagesSubscribe Now!Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceTermsPrivacy Notice


19 Sep 2020

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Emily Ratajkowski Wants Her Pictures Back

The Cut

Emily Ratajkowski is a model. In her line of work, her image is not always treated as her own. Ratajkowski wrote an essay for The Cut about the ways her likeness has been bought and sold and separated from her. Now she talks with the Cut host Avery Trufelman about what it’s like to try and take back her own power. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


16 Sep 2020

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Episode 14: Emily Ratajkowski and #BodyPosi

That's What Your Twenties Are For

We're back! Mel and I are both in LA again FINALLY and tbh we were making dinner together and spitting facts + decided to record it. No real topic going on here, just having fun and talking about TikTok, Emily Ratajkowski, and the body positivity movement. We're SO happy to be back and hope you enjoy the ep. Follow us at @whatyourtwentiesarefor and let us know what you want to hear next!


19 Jul 2020

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Ep. 59 - Dear Emily Ratajkowski

Suicide Pact

We play would you rather and battle a supermodel on the internet. 


1 May 2020