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Jim Hunt Medium - Knock Knock TV Series

House of Mystery Radio on NBC

A hauntingly humorous combination of three hilarious friends and the paranormal; comedian Richard Ryder, trembling assistant Brie Doyle and world class psychic medium Jim Hunt travel the country searching for proof of the afterlife.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/houseofmysteryradio. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/houseofmysteryradio. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


5 Jul 2022

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Edition 636 - Jim Hunt, Medium

The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

Canadian Jim Hunt - well known on tv - is no average Medium... Hear his life story and his no-nonsense, unique take on what he does...

23 May 2022

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#95 / Jim Hunt on Psychic Mediumship, Contracts, Shapeshifters and Shadow People

Spirit Box

For episode 95 we are joined by Psychic Medium Jim Hunt from the TV show "Knock Knock Ghost" (currently available on Amazon Prime). Jim is an acclaimed Psychic Medium who became aware of his sixth sense at the early age of five. Born in Montreal to a half Native Psychic mother, he was raised, nurtured and guided by both the living and the dead. Over the years, Jim has helped thousands of people around the globe set and achieve goals both personally and professionally with his unconventional methods. In the show we go through the experience of seeing spirits, what family spirits want, the nature of contracts, entities and attachments and a deeply interesting section on shapeshifters. In addition to that he starts to spontaneously read me! In the Plus the show we discuss Elementals, Djinn, Fairies, well this is the Spirit Box after all! Anything else would be a disappointment. We also discuss the Afterlife and previous lives and Jim starts reading me again with remarkable accuracy! Show notes: https://www.jimhuntofficial.com https://www.facebook.com/jimhuntofficial Keep in touch? https://linktr.ee/darraghmason Music by Obliqka https://soundcloud.com/obliqka --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/spirit-box/message


20 May 2022

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Outlaw Radio - Episode 313 (Lenne, Phillip D. Blackmon, Monte Sieberns, & Jim Hunt Interviews - April 30, 2022)


American Broadcasting School alumni, Bad Billy brings you Outlaw Radio. Listen for discussion on current events, a little comedy, and great music. Listen to the show live Saturday nights at 4:00 PM eastern standard time/1:00 PM pacific standard time on The A.O.W. Radio Network or The No Holds Barred Radio Network! Feel free to join the show by calling +1 (646) 558-8665 - code 216-539-5329. You can also catch the archived shows by going to www.outlawradioabs.podbean.com.  If you would like to be a guest on the show or if you would like to leave your feedback you can call our feedback line at +1 (208) 957-7016. All positive and negative feedback will be replied to during the show. Be sure to visit the Outlaw Radio official website at www.outlawradioabs.com. This week, featured interviews with Jimmy and Lenny of Lenne, Phillip D. Blackmon, Monte Sieberns, and Jim Hunt. Also featured music from Jade Marie Patek, G-3 Rap, J.C. Andersen, First To Eleven, Stuck Mojo, Bri Bagwell, ManOWar, and Scuzz Twittly.


1 May 2022

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Knock Knock Ghost - Jim Hunt - 042022

Paranormal IRL with JV Johnson (a/k/a Beyond Reality Paranormal Podcast)

Psychic Medium Jim Hunt from the TV show "Knock Knock Ghost" (currently available on Amazon Prime) travels the world searching for answers to some of our biggest questions about what happens when we die? He will also talk about his experiences and research in Eastern Canada’s historically haunted locations as well as his adventures over the years with big foot, aliens, shape shifters and lots more! Visit our Merch Store - https://paranormal-irl.creator-spring.com/ Books - www.amazon.com/shop/jvjtaps Host - JV Johnson - www.facebook.com/jvjparanormal  Patreon - www.patreon.com/johaw SAVE with NOODLESHARK - www.facebook.com/thenoodleshark--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brparanormal/support

1hr 16mins

21 Apr 2022

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FAKE Psychics, Aliens, Bigfoot and More with Jim Hunt

JeffMara Paranormal Podcast

Podcast guest 432 is Jim Hunt, an acclaimed Psychic Medium, certified life coach and ghost counselor from the TV show Knock Knock ghost, who travels the world searching for the answers to some of our biggest questions about what happens when we die.  Today we will talk about and his adventures over the years with aliens, big foot, shape shifters and more.  Jim is an acclaimed Psychic Medium who became aware of his sixth sense at the early age of five. Born in Montreal to a half Native Psychic mother, he was raised, nurtured and guided by both the living and the dead. “It’s all I knew”, says Jim. “I had to embrace this gift, because I could not shut it off.”  With a degree in Logistical Engineering and a Certificate in Culinary Arts, Jim set forth to enter the corporate world anonymously and under the radar for nearly two decades.  He knew it was time for his life to take a new direction. He was being called to live out his soul’s mission to guide, educate and serve. Jim went on to complete his certification in Life Coaching.  It was then that his soul journey began!   Over the years, Jim has helped thousands of people around the globe set and achieve goals both personally and professionally with his unconventional methods. His out of the box approach to solving problems comes naturally.  Overcoming his own struggles and challenges make him that much more empathetic to his clients.  He walks the walk and his clients appreciate his humility.   Jim's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/jimmyhunt1958 Jim's Website https://www.jimhuntofficial.com/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeffrey-s-reynolds/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jeffrey-s-reynolds/support


3 Apr 2022

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Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 163 Canadian Psychic and Paranormal Investigator Jim Hunt

Mysteries and Monsters

This week I am joined by the notable Canadian psychic and paranormal investigator Jim Hunt. Jim's career has spanned decades and has seen him travel the world in a quest to find answers to the questions of the reality of life after death and the possibilities of what this could mean. We discuss his history in the world of the paranormal and how he dealt with the ramifications of what he began to see and hear, his work on the Canadian TV show "Knock Knock Ghost" which can be seen on Prime as well as Jim taking us on haunted tour of Montreal and Eastern Canada. It's always interesting to hear about hauntings and locations we're not that familiar with or discussed as some more famous cases. and Jim is on fine form throughout our conversation. Jim's site is here: A big thank you to Jim for his time and conversation today.  Our Patreon is now live, with bonus content, early release of the regular show, articles and more. Join here now for the flat fee of $4 a month which is a bargain! Don't forget, you can now show your support with our Merchandise shop on Redbubble! Check it out here! We are also now on Vburl - check us out here:  You can join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel! Email us at mysteriesandmonsters@gmail.com with any feedback, guest suggestions or if you'd like to appear. All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.      Mysteries and Monsters is a part of the Straight Up Strange Network.  #Ghost #Psychic #JimHunt #Canada #Canadian #Montreal #Paranormal #Ghosts #Haunting #Contact #KnockKnockGhost #Haunted

1hr 25mins

24 Jan 2022

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046. How To Be a Pimp Filmmaker With Jim Hunt & Josh Hartwell

Filmmaker Secrets

This is an absolute treasure trove of information about storytelling, acting, and filmmaking secrets. I speak to Jim and Josh about their careers, successes and challenges. Definitely a lot to take away from this conversation so be sure to listen til the end!Jim Hunt's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jim.hunt.3557Josh Hartwell's Website: https://www.hartwellplaywright.comFREE Filmmaker Training: https://www.filmmakersecrets.com/freeStorytelling Secrets: https://www.filmmakersecrets.com/storyFREE Shot List Template: https://www.filmmakersecrets.com/shotlistFilmmakers have the power to evoke emotion, inspire thought, and drive universal change in this world. Welcome to Filmmaker Secrets.Hit me up on...Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmmaker.secretsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmmakersecretsYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/filmmakersecretsTikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@filmmakersecretsHomepage: https://www.filmmakersecrets.com


21 Jan 2022

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Jim Hunt on The Thread

Soho Radio

Nick Lewis and Alex LoSardo were joined by Jim Hunt, an arranger, saxophonist and horn section leader. He has toured and recorded with Primal Scream, Richard Ashcroft, Paloma Faith and Noel Gallagher to name a few. You can catch the full show with all the fun and tracks here on our Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/the-thread-15012022/This is the Soho Radio podcast, showcasing the best broadcasts from our online radio station in the heart of London.Across our Soho and NYC + Culture channels, we have a wide range of shows covering every genre alongside chat, discussions and special productions.To catch up on all things Soho Radio head on over to mixcloud.com/sohoradio, tune in live anytime at sohoradiolondon.com or get the app.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/soho-radio. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


18 Jan 2022

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The Sixth Sense In The Spirit World with Psychic/Medium Jim Hunt

Truth Be Told

what spirits are asking the living, help release the souls to the light? Tony interviews Jim Hunt about the spirit world, demonic spirits and Greys (ET’s), Bigfoot.www.jimhuntofficial.com/Be sure to like and share this episode! Subscribe to never miss a new episode! Tune into Minute Man Report , hosted by Robert Hensley, live on Monday at 3P PT/6P ET, and check out TRUTH BE TOLD TRANSFORMATION hosted by Bonnie Burkert, live on Wednesdays at 3P PT/6P ET. Learn more about TRUTH BE TOLD online at www.truthbetoldworldwide.comBe sure to stop by the SHOP page to get official TRUTH BE TOLD merchandise!


5 Nov 2021