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Renee Kiley

TriTech Triathlon Podcast

We had a chat with Renee, it was early for us so excuse the croaky voices! Renee is an Australian Pro Long course Triathlete and has been on a crazy journey! From Business Owner & 104kg Smoker to Professional Triathlete in 3.5yrs and now rated 66 in the PTO world rankings. She is super active on the old Socials so if you have any questions I am sure she'll be happy to answer them. You can find her by following the below links: Insta : @ReneeKiley_ Facebook: Renee Kiley Twitter: @reneekiley_ Also if you have any questions relating to triathlon, nutrition, coaching or finding out more about joining our virtual British Triathlon and Ironman Registered Club please contact us directly via the link below! TriTech Race Team Many thanks for listening and we hope to have you with us again soon.

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14 Mar 2021

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Renee Kiley, Professional Triathlete Reminds Us It's Never Too Late to Start

YogiTriathlete Podcast

We get super jazzed about sharing meaningful conversations with people looking, finding, and living their purpose, and this episode is no different.Today we have Renee Kiley on the show, a once pack-a-day smoker who worked and partied hearty for many years before transforming her life and becoming a professional triathlete in less than 3.5 years.Renee was an active child; she honed in on basketball and played on the state and national level. Dedication and discipline were not her weaknesses, but she channeled those strengths towards a workaholic life that left her fitness in the dust for over a decade.Her health was steadily declining until one day in 2013 when she spectated at the Noosa Triathlon, and a fire ignited that would not extinguish.We love this story and hope you enjoy a listen!In this episode, we discuss:- smoothie bowls make everything right again- the detriment of having to be in control- escalation of an unhealthy lifestyle- the "gift" of an addictive personality- waking up feeling like an ashtray- the life-changing experience at the Noosa triathlon- saying "yes" to find your passion- the inspiration for turning professional- pushing yourself to come in last- its harder when you don't expect it to be hard- motivation is a consequence of life being good- ten-star moments in lifeWe recognize our Patreon community for their support. They are the sole reason why this podcast is commercial-free. If the YT podcasts help you live a better version of yourself and allow you to flow through life with a bit more ease, then make your pledge at patreon.com/yogitriathlete. We are a small business with a massive global mission. We appreciate your support.Namaste-Jess

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16 Feb 2021

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Renee Kiley: Entrepreneur & Professional Triathlete

Redefining Sales with Abbie White

Join Abbie for this weeks interview with the incredible Renee Kiley a successful entrepreneur and now professional triathlete.This episode has the inspiration and top tips we all need at the moment including: •How Renee started her business at 24 and achieved great success along with her business partner. •How Renee navigated the business through the GFC •How Renee went from 104KG, a smoker and unhealthy lifestyle to professional triathlete in her 30's. •How to execute on your goals and play a high performance game •How to be extraordinary •Lessons from business and sport •How Renee is navigating COVID-19Renee was a typical Aussie sporty kid who grew up in a small town in NSW. She played basketball at state and national level up until the age of 17 when she left home in 2000 and moved to the city to attend university. She promptly stopped all forms of sport and exercise in favour of study, work and the party lifestyle.In 2006 she and her business partner started their first business and it absolutely consumed her for the next phase of her life. Somewhere between 2000 when she left home and 2013 she managed to gain a significant amount of weight, reaching 104kg at her heaviest. She had become a pack-a-day smoker and did not exercise over that thirteen year period. Despite being very successful in her corporate life, Renee was extremely overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.By chance, Renee watched a triathlon race for the first time and it sparked what would become an incredible transformation. In January of 2014 she rode a bike for the first time since primary school and swam laps of a pool for the first time since high school. She ran more kilometres in 2014 than she had run in the prior 14 years of her life. Throughout the course of 2014 she lost 43kg - almost half of her body weight.Renee is now a full time Professional Triathlete. Not only did she transform her health and physical appearance but she also completely changed the course of her life and career.Renee is extremely passionate about reaching as many people as possible with her honest and "no nonsense" tips, advice and guidance on being happier, healthier and all round "better" versions of ourselves.Visit: http://reneekiley.com/Insta: https://www.instagram.com/reneekiley_/


16 Apr 2020

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Stick or twist: Renee Kiley

Inside Tri Show

This is the remarkable story of how triathlon has completely transformed Renee Kiley's life.In 2014, the Australian came 252nd in her first ever sprint distance triathlon. “I pretty much walked the 5km”  she says.In 5.5 years, Renee has gone from weighing 104kg, with alarming blood pressure readings to racing in the pro ranks.Long gone are the long, boozy Friday lunches, the 7 day working weeks in the office and the daily packet of cigarettes!We go pretty deep in the interview, but Renee is ridiculously open and honest and she reveals she still struggles with her body image.You'll hear:*The 'lightbulb moment' that made her start to change her life around*How she ran on the treadmill and avoided the pool at busy times when she first started exercising, for fear of what others would say*The lessons she's taken from the business world into the triathlon domain and vice versa*Her struggles with body image and disordered eatingLike what you heard?If you liked this episode please share it with a friend and get involved on social media, by following Inside Tri Show on Twitter and Instagram and commenting on/sharing posts.Connect with Renee via her website, on twitter and instagramWho is Helen?It's a good question! Head over to her website and you'll find all you need to know.HELEN GETS INTERVIEWED!Listen to the recent interview Helen did with Tri Oraklet here: https://soundcloud.com/tri-oraklet/helen-murray-inside-tri-showSUPPORT THE SHOW BY LEAVING A REVIEW AND SHARING ITPlease support the show by leaving a review and sharing it with a friend.BUY HELEN A COFFEETo help me to continue to bring you the best interviews in triathlon every week, I’d love you to become a patreon and buy me a coffee every so often.POWERED BY 33 FUELThis week's show is powered by 33 Fuel who use delicious natural ingredients to make everything from unique energy gels to awesome protein, mighty greens to all-natural carb blends. Use the code INSIDETRI33 for a discount at checkout at www.33fuel.com. Why not treat yourself to a vegan winter performance bundle?FRIEND OF THE SHOWKomfuel - like a pic' n mix of sports nutrition through your letterbox! Pick n Mix from your favourite sports nutrition brands, buy in bulk or in the quantities you want to create your own fuel pack delivered straight to your door from Komfuel. Listeners can get 20% off all orders or advance sweat tests using the code: INSIDETRI at www.komfuel.co.ukINTERVIEW TIME LINE* (not the whole episode)00:00 A typical Friday 6 years ago? “My ultimate was a long lunch at a fancy restaurant, which means leaving the office by 11.30am, and pretty much drinking at the table until they would come up and say ‘we need to get ready for dinner service' which was around 3.30 in the afternoon, then we would head for drinks in bar, with cigarettes, cocktails and wines and I’d be home by 7.30 or 8 and sleep the hangover off. That was the ideal Friday about 6 years ago.01.25 Today (Friday) was I woke up at 0540am because that’s the body clock now, then did the house work, came home and had a coffee and then got ready for this interview.02.00 There are still moments where I have memories and I think ‘wow, my life has changed a lot’.02.40 2012/2013 I was at the height of my unhealthiness, I was running a successful business which I had been growing since 2007 and I was obsessed with work. But now in hindsight I realise I was unhappy and unhealthy. So 2012, I was in the office 7 days a week, I would sleep in a bit on a Saturday and Sunday but I would still go to the office. And my business partner came up to me at some point in 2012 and he said ‘I don’t care what you do next week, but you are not coming in to the office, you need a break.’ So I booked myself into a health retreat and it was just to de-stress.05.35 I remember when you got there, they did a series of health checks on you and my heart rate got to 155 beats on a bike just turning the pedals for a few minutes, they weighed me and I was 104kg (16 stone) and my blood pressure was something crazy 151/110. I was wearing probably a size 18. 07.00 In 2012, I went to stay with friends in Queensland and they were going to watch a friend competing in the Noosa triathlon. 07.45 I was always a sporty kid and I had grown up around sport my whole life, so I loved watching it. This was November 2013 and I went and watched the bike course and I was wondering how I would sneak away for a cigarette surrounded by health freaks.  I had never seen a triathlon before, but I remember having this moment thinking wow, there are all sorts of shapes and sizes and ages and they all look so happy. And I thought maybe I could do this Noosa triathlon in 12 months time.  I didn’t stand there and think ‘I need to lose weight, I need to go healthy, it was more about 'I want to do this triathlon’11.30 I didn’t tell anyone because I was afraid of failing, but I did enter the race. But I didn’t make any changes. I probably thought in my head I’ll start in the New Year. So on January 2nd, I googled bikes and went and brought a bike, with normal pedals and I remember coming home and getting on the bike. 14.00 Oh my god did I feel self-conscious? Yes. I was super self-conscious and in those early days, I would run on a treadmill and I would swim during the day when I knew there weren’t that many people at the pool, because I was too self-conscious. 17.00 I played basketball as a teenager to a really good level, so I knew about fitness and I knew that too much running wouldn’t be good, so I did a lot of swimming to start off with. I also starting eating more healthily. 20.29 I remember crossing the finish line at Noosa and I just remember being really p*ssed off because I was so bad. I had always been really good at things and one of the best. And being 252nd was not something I was proud of. It wasn’t in a bad way, but it was fuel for the fire and it made me think ‘I want to be better than that.’22.00 I was always really competitive and I just wanted to get better. As soon as I found triathlon, I found perspective and I’m sure as soon as I got that first bike, I stopped going to work at the weekends. 23.20 Going back to noosa, I set myself a goal “I wanted to finish in the top 30% in my age group.  I came 25th and did 2h 30 in my second Olympic distance triathlon, but I didn’t care about timings or placings. We just had the best time. 25.30 After Noosa, I did my first 70.3 at Geelong in 2015. I did another 70.3 in Cairns in the June and I came 3rd in my age group and that was when I started thinking ‘wow, maybe I could be a good age grouper’ but a lot of people in my tri club were doing Ironman Japan in the August and someone said ‘you should do it’ so then I did my first Ironman in Japan and won my age group. Kona was 6 or 7 weeks after that, so I ended up racing Kona in 2015 too. 28.00 After kona that year, I decided I wanted to go back and I thought I might be able to go back to Kona and get a top 5. So I did Ironman Australia and came 3rd in my age group. And it was in the May that I thought perhaps I could have a go at racing PRO. Training mates in the tri club at the time would mention it and I was cycling really well at the time. But I thought no, I’d be too old. But then I ended up having a really bad race at Kona. That was a really big disappointment. But I pulled myself together and I just had huge self-belief that I could do it. And the following June, I won the age group race. 31.30 I did worry about what other people would think, I thought people would look at my results and think ‘oh, she should be racing pro.’ My results were solid, but there wasn’t anything special about them.’ But my perspective was I’ve been on a TT bike for 2 years and if I can do this now, already, then who knows what I can achieve over the next few years. 33.00 I haven’t struggled with imposter syndrome in triathlon because I am pretty sure of myself and I know I work really, really hard and when you know you work really hard, you don’t get that, I don’t think. 34.00 The lessons taken from the corporate world into the triathlon world: Mental resilience. It’s crazy the amount of businesses that fail and when I was first pro I got absolutely smashed in my first two races and that’s really tough to deal with, coming from winning as an age grouper. And as an athlete, you have to have it in you to keep getting back up and keep trying and keep putting yourself on a start line. 36.30 Would you take anything from the professional world into the corporate world? I often had no life outside of work and I often look back now at how that might be different and there is no way in hell that I would be working 7 days a week! 37.30 How has your relationship with your body changed? “I still struggle with disordered eating to an extent. I have gone from corporate world to elite sport and because I am now in elite sport, 90% of the people I am surrounded by are life time athletes and I lost 42kg and I have about 3kg of excess tissue. I know where it is and I am surrounded by athletes who have looked after their bodies their entire life and have toned figures and I find myself with lower body image when I am surrounded by people who look like that.  As lean and as light as I can get, I will never look super lean or super light, simply because of excess tissue. So has my body image improved? Of course, I know I look better, but I don’t think I look amazing and I think it’s because of the space I am in at the moment.”  This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy


17 Jan 2020

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3rd Most Popular Episode of 2019 - Renee Kiley

Sparta Chicks Radio: Mindset | Confidence | Sport | Women

The 3rd most popular episode of Sparta Chicks Radio in 2019 was Renee Kiley on Inspiration, Goal Setting & the Fear of Failure In November 2013, Renee joined friends to watch the Noosa Triathlon. And life hasn’t been the same since. At the time Renee was an overweight, unhealthy, pack-a-day smoker. Yet despite not having ridden a bike or swum laps since she was a kid, Renee set a goal to compete in the Noosa Triathlon the following year. She did that, and more: less than 3 1/2 years later, Renee raced for the first time as a professional triathlete.  Many people involved in endurance sports have undergone dramatic transformations; from losing weight, quitting smoking and overcoming major health issues. But I was curious how Renee was able to take her performance and achievements to the next level and became a professional athlete in a sport she didn’t know even existed only a few years ago. So I asked :) Get the full show notes for the episode here. — Visit the Sparta Chicks Radio website here Follow Sparta Chicks Radio on Facebook: facebook.com/SpartaChicks Follow Renee on Instagram:instagram.com/reneekiley_/

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28 Dec 2019

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Ignite the Fire - Renee Kiley (S11E4)

IronWomen podcast

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Australian professional triathlete Renee Kiley about her inspirational transformation from overweight smoker to professional triathlete in just 3 years. Renee shares the details of her journey from a successful, but unhealthy businesswoman, to training for her first triathlon, and the moment that sparked her belief in becoming a professional triathlete. Renee talks about her season so far from finishing 5th at Ironman Estonia to ending in a bad crash at IM Copenhagen. Hear how she is coping with her recovery, plus her insights about health, motivation to change, and the benefits of a squad environment. Alyssa is off running with a heavy backpack leaving Haley to squeak through this week's episode solo.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights - https://podsights.com/privacyChartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

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7 Nov 2019

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#102: Renee Kiley on Inspiration, Goal Setting & the Fear of Failure

Sparta Chicks Radio: Mindset | Confidence | Sport | Women

In November 2013, Renee Kiley joined friends to watch the Noosa Triathlon. And life hasn’t been the same since. At the time Renee was an overweight, unhealthy, pack-a-day smoker. Yet the race reignited Renee’s childhood love of competitive sport. And despite not having ridden a bike or swum laps since she was a kid, Renee set a goal to compete in the Noosa Triathlon the following year. She did that, and more. In March 2014, Renee lined up at the start of her very first triathlon; a Sprint distance triathlon. And less than 3 1/2 years later, Renee raced for the first time as a professional triathlete.  Many people involved in endurance sports have undergone dramatic transformations; from losing weight, quitting smoking and overcoming major health issues. But I was curious how Renee was able to take her performance and achievements to the next level and became a professional athlete in a sport she didn’t know even existed only a few years ago. So I asked :) Get the full show notes for the episode here. — Visit the Sparta Chicks Radio website here Follow Sparta Chicks Radio on Facebook: facebook.com/SpartaChicks Follow Renee on Instagram: instagram.com/reneekiley_/

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14 Apr 2019

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From 229lb smoker to pro triathlete in 3.5 years | Renee Kiley - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Taren's MōTTIV Method Podcast

As recently as 2013, Renee Kiley found herself at the most unhealthy point in her life. She was 229lbs, sedentary and a heavy smoker who was consumed with her stressful career. In 2014, she rode a bike for the first time since she was a kid. That was the beginning of her three year transformation from unhealthy, non-exerciser into a professional triathlete. On today's episode of the Triathlon Taren podcast, we talk with Renee about the staggering changes in her life, how she ended up so unhealthy to begin with, the challenges she faced in getting healthy, how she decided to give up her lucrative career, and her pro triathlon goals. DISCUSSED IN PODCAST Renee's website Renee's Instagram

1hr 8mins

17 Jun 2018

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#030: Renee Kiley | Professional Triathlete

Trench Talk with Matt Reynolds

Renee Kiley (@reneekiley_) has transformed herself from an overweight business owner at 104kgs to a professional triathlete in just 3.5 years. In 2013 at 30 years old, Renee was the owner of multiple successful small businesses, had an extensive investment property portfolio and was earning a very good income. Life looked fantastic on the surface. However, she was also obsessed with work, obese at 104kg, a heavy smoker, unhealthy and unhappy. In March 2014, Renee competed in her first triathlon. Until that first race, she had not swum or ridden a bike since primary school and not run further than a few kilometres here and there in over 10 years. Throughout 2014 Renee lost over 42kg and completely turned her life around. Renee has had an incredible rise in the sport of triathlon. She finished 252nd in that first sprint distance race. She went on to do her first Ironman in August 2015 where she won her age group. She has competed at the Ironman World Championships twice as an amateur. And in July this year, Renee applied for and was granted her Professional Licence. Meaning she is now a Professional Triathlete competing alongside the best female triathletes in the world. In only her 3rd race as a Professional, she finished 2nd. Renee has a passion for talking about her journey, the achievements, disappointments and challenges faced along the way in the hope that it might inspire others to tackle something for themselves that they once thought was impossible. We covered: mindset and managing your emotions we got into some specific triathlon stuff including how she trains some of the gear she uses what Renee eats how she sets goals dealing with negative self-talk, and how her life has become in her own words “so much easier” now she has lost all that weight. To connect with Renee and follow her journey head to reneekiley.com where you’ll find all her social links. If you enjoy the Trench Talk, please remember to hit the subscribe button inside your chosen podcast player.  If you have suggestions of your own or just want to say hi, you can email me – podcast@xrm.com.au. Enjoy Trench Talk Episode #030 with Renee Kiley… ---- Show notes and links for this episode can be found at xrm.com.au/podcast. Feel free to email me with any suggestions or feedback to podcast@xrm.com.au. You can find Matt Reynolds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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18 Dec 2017

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Renee Kiley - IRON MAN in 2 years

The Marty Vids Show

Welcome to The Marty Vids Show "What would you do if you knew you could not fail" - Renee Kiley It's a question we should all ask ourselves from time to time. This week we highlight the remarkable journey of Renee Kiley who only 2 years ago was 94 kilos, smoked heavily and was lacking self esteem and confidence. Renee was in the rat race that so many of us get caught up in even though she was experiencing success in the 2 businesses she had co-founded. Then something happened! Renee Kiley went to the Noosa. In particular the Noosa Triathlon and while all these fit athletes were running past her she was looking to sneak away to have a cigarette.  Then something else happened - one of those aha moments where Renee's purpose stared her right in the face and changed her life forever.  This is an incredible story of what it took for Renee to become an Iron Man and take on one of the most grueling and inspirational challenges of her life to compete in the Ultimate Ironman Triathlon - Kona, Hawaii.  We tackle topics such as - Why purpose takes care of weight loss  The challenges and triumphs  Courage and how to move through fear Setting big goals (but not announcing them) Renee insights - humble on the outside however a fierce competitor on the inside. .....and so much more! There are wonderful lessons in life and performance to be enjoyed in this podcast.  Get ready to be inspired and invigorated and if this podcast doesn't get you out of bed then you may already be dead. If you would like to send feed back please do so: marty@martyvids.com.au Don't forget to subscribe to The Marty Vids Show and leave us a review so we can continue to bring you more remarkable people.  Best Intentions Marty Vids www.martyvids.com.au www.inovayt.com.au

1hr 6mins

22 Nov 2016