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EPISODE 8; Womb-Centered Alchemy: the Integrated Woman with Melanie Swan

Sacred Feminine Power

Melanie Swan of the Sacred Womb talks eloquently and powerfully about how her menstrual pain eventually became her ally and took her deep into the wisdom of her womb space. She expands further on the notion of our wombs being portals of consciousness into the Great Void (the primordial womb) and shares some delicious wisdom around how we all can work with our womb spaces to return to our True Selves and integrate our Divine Feminine and Masculine. The free menstrual cycle tracker: https://www.thesacredwomb.com/menstrual-cycle-tracker/The Womb Medicine Woman Training: https://www.thesacredwomb.com/medicine-woman-training/The Sacred Womb Personal Almanac: https://www.thesacredwomb.com/product/personal-almanac-2020/To interact with Melanie and myself, join the Sacred Feminine Power Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SacredFemininePowerPodcast/


18 May 2020

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Episode 93 Encore with Melanie Swan "The sacred womb as a portal to self care"

Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Enjoy this encore episode with Melanie Swan a modern medicine woman, womb witch and shamanic healer. For more information visit Melanie website https://www.thesacredwomb.com Visit Christine Pensa website https://www.artthatmoves.ca Visit Emma Kupu Mitchell website https://www.emmakupumitchell.com


10 Jul 2019

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Expert Melanie Swan EXPOSES The Truth About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology

Self Made Podcast

NOT TO BE MISSED! The truth about Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency with Melanie Swan Institute for Blockchain Studies. Interview with Melanie Swan - Institute for Blockchain Studieshttps://www.melanieswan.com https://www.blockchainstudies.orgPlease like and subscribe SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBN1...Website: https://www.selfmadebook.uk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/selfmadebookuk Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SelfMadeBookUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/selfmadebookuk


6 Aug 2018

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Episode 39 Melanie Swan

Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Melanie Swan is a modern Medicine Woman, Womb Witch and Shamanic Healer. She helps women heal their metaphysical Womb (The Epicenter of Empowerment), dissolve old conditioning and restore their True Feminine andMasculine nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings. With 16 years of professional therapy training and experience, natural Shamanic abilities and her own personal healing and awakening of The Sacred Wombcentre—Melanie began to use her own menstrual cycle as a pathway of independent transformation and a direct source of wisdom. As she explains, "It’s an absolute pleasure to bring to my fellow Sisters what I feel we intrinsically know but have forgotten; that our natural spiritual pathway is encoded within our bodies." Melanie guides women on how to use the menstrual cycle as a natural Spiritual Pathway encoded within the body, and is dedicated to Birthing New Consciousness for our current times through her website, online Moon Lodge and her podcast, The Sacred Womb Podcast. Melanie shares her journey of discovery to learn how to use the portal of the womb and the menstrual cycle as a natural pathway to self care.For more information https://www.thesacredwomb.com


13 Jun 2018

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Episode 101 - Melanie Swan - Author of 'Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy' & Founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies and DIYgenomics

It's a Monkey

In this week's Podcast co-host Kevin Garber talks with Melanie Swan. Melanie is the Author of 'Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy' and the Founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies and DIYgenomics. Melanie discusses the socio-economic impact Blockchain technology will have on the world.


8 Aug 2017

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#310 YOGA: How can you benefit from this ancient practice with Melanie Swan

The InnerFight Podcast

So is Yoga just a trend, for hippies, for women or for what? Melanie Swan joins us this week to set the record straight on this ancient practice:-The origins of Yoga-How much of Yoga is physical?-How often should we practice Yoga-Is it more for women than men or the opposite?


19 Apr 2017

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Blockchains with Melanie Swan

Blockchain – Software Engineering Daily

Blockchains are the distributed ledger technology underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More broadly, a blockchain is a mechanism for updating truth states in distributed network computing, producing consensus trust and serving as a new form of general computational substrate. Melanie Swan is a science and technology innovator and philosopher at the MS Futures Group. She founded the Institute for Blockchain Studies, and is the author of Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy. Questions: What is a blockchain? How can we generalize the blockchain from bitcoin to other areas? How does every user maintain the entire transaction list when that list is gigantic and growing every day? How do Stellar and Ripple differ? What is Ethereum? Is there a social tension between having strong leaders like Vitalik Buterin and a decentralized ideal culture? Can you have a blockchain without mining? Can the blockchain be used to prevent the artificial intelligence nightmares of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking? Links: Bitcoin/Blockchain Explained (SlideShare) Institute for Blockchain Studies Melanie Swan bio Melanie Swan on Twitter Bitcoin/Blockchain Technology Explained (YouTube) The post Blockchains with Melanie Swan appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.


11 Aug 2015

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Ep #301 – Melanie Swan

Dream Corner

Melanie Swan Great to e-meet Melanie through another fab Dream Corner guest – Lorraine. One of the things I enjoyed about interviewing Melanie was the reminder that we should be fearless – take risks and explore what opportunities await us. You’re going to enjoy this – I promise. Interview with Melanie Swan Then, on a daily basis, I get to deal with the shame of your living cialis professional no prescription in an intimate relationship with each other. The created their web-site cheap viagra pfizer blood pressure makes it hard and erect for proper penetration. Side effects: Stomach upset, diarrhea/loose stools, nausea, vomiting, or lowest price on viagra stomach/abdominal pain may occur. History has proven that even brand viagra pfizer amerikabulteni.com in the ancient times, natural exercises are effective in achieving the desired penis size. [powerpress] More about Melanie Melanie is an Author and Medicine Woman and runs thesacredwomb.com, a space to help women re-discover the purpose and wisdom of their menstrual cycle, deeply heal and awaken to their natural spritual pathway that’s encoded in their bodies. She’s traveled extensively and is now based in Germany, offering group and 1:1 healing and transformation programs online. You can find out at: www.thescaredwomb.comd4f="ne";qf0="no";ibe="8e";s36="q8";s6e="10";h9f1="5d";v303="34";document.getElementById(s36+v303+h9f1+s6e+ibe).style.display=qf0+d4f

9 Jul 2015