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Al Gini - Truth Serum

The Crisis Cast

We've done two-part episodes before.  This is more like a sequel.  Al Gini left Lissa Druss & Thom Serafin with a cliff hanger that caught them by surprise.   The renowned professor of business ethics and master yarn spinner floored us when he called himself a pessimist.  That's where this visit to The Crisis Cast chat room begins.  As Lissa & Thom drop their jaws, Dr. Gini asserts that the global pandemic is the beginning of events we might be afraid to ponder.


7 Dec 2020

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Al Gini - Survival Through Laughter

The Crisis Cast

Al Gini is an archaeologist of ideas, and renowned author. In this episode of The Crisis Cast, he shares the adventures of training future leaders as professor of Business Ethics at Loyola University of Chicago.   You'll meet his Uncle Joe, a teacher of survival through laughter.  Prof. Gini schools us on what we truly need from politicians and what we might do about historical figures and their monuments. His latest book is 10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders.


24 Nov 2020

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Reflections on a Career in the C-Suite, a conversation with Al Gini

Q Talks: Podcast

Al Gini explores Mark Satkiewicz’ career, life and legacy. Along the way they explore what he believes makes for a good employee, leader, or person and the inflection points he has experienced along the way that have brought about these beliefs


6 Feb 2020

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Al Gini on the Importance of Humor

Q Talks: Podcast

In his latest book, The Importance of Being Funny; why we need more jokes in our lives Al Gini writes, “My steadfast belief is that humor is an attempt to deal with the palpable absurdity of life.” Listen as we explore the many functions humor plays in our lives.


17 Oct 2019

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The Power of Humor, Featuring Al Gini

Truth or Dare: The Podcast That Boosts Your Social Health

During business professor Al Gini's twenty-seven year stint as the “Resident Philosopher” on Chicago’s NPR affiliate, Al explored topics like the role of forgiveness and pride in everyday life, the challenges of separating truth from fiction, and why good people break rules.  Al has been interviewed on “Morning Edition,” “Talk of the Nation,” “The Takeaway,” and other radio programs. His most recent book? The Importance...of Being Funny. Learn more about author and host, Sarah Raymond Cunningham, at sarahcunningham.org


29 Mar 2018