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30 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jason Mraz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jason Mraz, often where they are interviewed.

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30 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jason Mraz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jason Mraz, often where they are interviewed.

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015 / Mona Tavakoli (Jason Mraz, Raining Jane) on Being Present with Drums

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Hilary talks with Mona Tavakoli (Raining Jane, Jason Mraz, Ebi) about playing Sesame Street, crushed NBA dreams, and reintroducing herself to her culture. Plus, tips for companies to make change when they don’t know where to start.


Mona Tavakoli is a Los Angeles-based drummer, singer and performer who believes in making music that unites, elevates and connects.

While Mona is equally comfortable performing as a drummer and a percussionist, she is especially known for adapting the cajón to unexpected genres such as rock and pop. She began playing the Peruvian percussion instrument as a college student taking a flamenco dance class. She’s since designed a signature instrument called The MT Box.

Mona started playing drums at age 11 and blossomed into a tenor drum star in her High School marching band. She began her professional musical career in 1999 at UCLA as a founding member of Raining Jane, an all-female rock band. More recently, Raining Jane co-wrote and recorded YES! (Atlantic Records) with Jason Mraz. In support of the album they toured internationally for two years. As a solo percussionist, Mona has collaborated with Pat Benatar, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, and many more.

She is a co-founder and co-director of the Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles, a nonprofit that encourages girls to find their voices through music during an intensive, weeklong summer day camp. Mona also promotes music education by hosting rhythm workshops at elementary schools and colleges around the country.

Mona is endorsed by: DW Drums and Hardware, Gibralter Hardware, Latin Percussion, Remo Percussion, Roland Electronic Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, Sennheiser Microphones and Vater Percussion.


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Mona’s Bumper Track: “IWF Mother’s Day V2” by Mona Tavakoli, Shiva, Becky Gebhardt & Houda Zakeri 

Theme Music: "Hedonism" by Towanda

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Aug 27 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Tricia Huffman on Becoming a Joyologist for Jason Mraz, Finding Fulfillment & Joy, and Letting Go of "I Should"

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How can you let go of the should's that have kept you stuck your whole life? Tricia Huffman, better known as Your Joyologist, is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and podcaster who was touring as a sound engineer when she realized she could invent a new role and help successful musicians on a deeper level to claim more joy and purpose in their life. She shares how to choose what makes you come alive, stop letting other people's judgment keep you from living your dream, and discover the key to becoming fulfilled.

- Follow Tricia on Instagram @yourjoyologist
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Jun 25 2020 · 54mins
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A Beautiful Conversation with Jason Mraz on Spreading Kindness, Staying Grounded After Decades of Musical Success & How to Look for the Good

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How do you look for the good when the world can feel like a dark and challenging place? Jason Mraz, Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum artist, singer songwriter, and musician has sold millions of albums and performed all around the world - but he has always stayed grounded in being a vessel for goodness and kindness. He shares how to stop worrying about what other people think of you, how to live in alignment through your words, actions, beliefs, thoughts, and attitude, and how to enjoy the messiness of creating something great.

- Get Jason's newest album Look for the Good on Apple Music or buy the vinyl
Jun 22 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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Look for the Good With Jason Mraz

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Since the release of his first hit single, The Remedy (I Won’t Worry), in 2002, Jason Mraz has based his musical career on sharing positive, uplifting music. On June 19, the two-time Grammy winner is releasing Look for the Good, an album that encourages us to find hope, optimism and gratitude despite the turmoil we’re experiencing this year. In this episode, Jason explains how this collection of songs came about, what he learned in the process of writing and recording this album and what he hopes every one of us takes away from it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why he believes it’s so important to look for the good in every situation.
  • How music can help soothe and heal us.
  • The power of remaining positive.
Jun 16 2020 · 21mins
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"Look for the Good" with Jason Mraz

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Jason Mraz’s new album begins and ends with the same phrase: “Look for the good.” Those four words are not just a lyric or the title of his seventh studio album, but also an all-encompassing world philosophy for the musician, who believes that in dark and challenging times we should search for something positive.

The musician also runs the Jason Mraz Foundation, which has donated over $1 million to organizations supporting inclusive arts education and equality. The foundation recently put on an event in San Diego, “SHINE,” to celebrate all-inclusive arts education and become more fully immersed in the community using Jason’s music as a backbone. In many ways, Jason, a two-time Grammy winner, Songwriters Hall of Fame Honoree and board member of the ASCAP Foundation, aims to use his position to empower others and inspire real-world change and positivity. Everything he does and every song he writes comes back to the idea of love. Look For The Good is not just an album – it’s a refreshing way of seeing and experiencing the world we live in.

You can connect with Jason at :

And on his website at

May 27 2020 · 24mins
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144: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Episode 3 (Jason Mraz, How Dare You!)

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It’s week 3 of LTYH, Broads, and let’s be honest it was a bit of a snoozefest BUT the Broads had a jolly old time laughing through this recap and analyzing it to bits. Beforehand, The Broads chat about some Bachelor tea ( Madi/Peter/Kelley, potential Bachelors, and Clare’s recent tweets). They then dive into LTYH and the “permanent” partner decisions the cast is forced to make Week 3, some awkward dates, Jess being a Savannah stan, Natasha/Ryan’s iconic-ness, the judges, and of course - the live performances - also, fun drinking game idea? Take a drink anytime The Broads reference Love Is Blind during a non-Love Is Blind episode!
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Apr 28 2020 · 2hr 12mins
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Stefano Intelisano, The BoDeans and Jason Mraz

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This episode we spend time with Stefano Intelisano, whose history and discography is so much vaster than the two acts cited in this episode title. We talk everything from working with different band leaders to Bach and the debate on sitting versus standing when playing. Links to content mentioned during the show: Fabrizio Poggi and […]
Apr 21 2020 · 53mins
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Music Superstars Kesha & Jason Mraz

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The drama is heating up on “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart,” and Rachel and Becca are talking to music icons Kesha and Jason Mraz, who will be guest judging on next week’s episode. Kesha and Jason talk about their experience on the show, whether they’ve ever dated a fellow musician, and what’s coming up next for them in their careers.

Plus, Kesha reveals what she’d say if asked to be the Bachelorette — and her answer may surprise you!

“The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart” airs Mondays at 8 p.m./7c on ABC.

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Apr 21 2020 · 1hr 14mins
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Guest host Jason Mraz celebrates and interviews Tricia Huffman for her birthday episode

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This episode comes out on my birthday, February 10th, so my long time client and friend Jason Mraz planned a special episode for me and turns the tables on me as he acts as the host.  He reached out to friends to have them send in acknowledgements and questions to ask me!

While the episode is focused on me... I know you will get a ton out of it as we share tons of good insights as we look back on my journey, why I do what I do, our friendship and work relationship, and so much more!  There is laughter, tears, fun memories, deep reflections and fun commentary from Jason!

You can find more detailed show notes and links to things we mention at episode  and from me in general at and @yourjoyologist on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

You can find Jason @jason_mraz and

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Feb 10 2020 · 2hr 10mins
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Interviews On Tap Episode Two-Kudos to Coffee, Avocado and Jason Mraz!

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Tune in to the last Interviews on Tap this year-and this decade-as IOT podcasters Janelle, Brett and Jeff discuss a few of their "favorite things" this holiday season and Janelle's in-depth interview with Jason Mraz!

They discuss Mraz's current tour with Raining Jane, his thoughts on his career and success, and looking for the "good" in people and in life.

What's On Tap for 2020: Follow Interviews On Tap on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out!

Happy Listening!

Dec 18 2019 · 38mins