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Episode 89: Andrew Morgan and Clifford Blanquicet

Cliff's Notes Real Estate Podcast

LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER IN DALLAS TEXASTHIS THURSDAY @ 1:00PM CSTAndrew and Clifford partnered in 2019 to create the independent residential brokerage, BLANQ MOR Real Estate Group servicing the Greater Charlotte and Lake Norman areas of North Carolina. While most real estate agents build their business gradually over time, Andrew and Clifford went ALL-IN with a “build it and they will come” mentality. So far, they seem to be on to something as they're currently on pace to close over $60M in only their 2nd full year. “We want to be a company that, not only talks about the power of a positive mindset but lives it by having people walk out of here better than when they stepped foot in the front door,” Andrew says. After Andrew attended a Brent Gove event in Scottsdale this past spring he came back on FIRE!! After discussing the opportunity, he and Clifford jumped in head first to move both their residential and commercial teams over to EXP bringing over $150M in production collectively! Andrew, a 3rd generation Real Estate professional is the Managing Broker for BLANQ MOR Real Estate Group in Charlotte, NC. Having worked his way up the ranks at another top-producing team in his market, Andrew credits his Grandfather who owned and operated a residential real estate brokerage for over 30 years as his inspiration for creating his own Real Estate company. His hard work, charisma and passion for the business helped Andrew been recognized as a “Top 200” agent in his local MLS (20k+ agents!) for the last 5 years in a row…Andrew specializes in all facets of the residential Real Estate business but truly shines when it comes to building a powerhouse network of Real Estate professionals around him. He takes great pride in his ability to train and support new or newer agents into the business in order to help them establish sustainable careers in real estate! Clifford's real estate brokerage career began at a small boutique commercial firm in Concord, NC (just outside of Charlotte) in 2014. I didn't know anyone when I moved to Concord after college and did any deal I could get my hands on at the time including property management. My strategy was to network, knock on doors, mail letters, and use social media to gain opportunities. After a couple of years of pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into learning CRE, I decided to open Blanq Real Estate so that I could mentor others and create a legacy in CRE.


18 Aug 2021

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25. Commercial Real Estate Rockstar with Clifford Blanquicet

The Power of Design

In today’s episode, we are talking to Clifford Blanquicet. Clifford is the founder and president of Blanq Real Estate a fast-growing and energetic commercial real estate firm in charlotte north Carolina. Clifford is a hard-working visionary with no limits to his dreams and a relentless work ethic. Starting his career as a professional golfer Clifford brings his competitive nature to business, making big things possible consistently. I especially admire his focus on the family and strong partnership with his wife, as they grow a family with 4 small children and also building a unique and powerful real estate company. We talked about motivation, team building, thinking big, taking a risk, and much more. https://www.blanqrealestate.com/ Podcast Instagram Jack on Instagram More info about the podcast


10 Aug 2020

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Ep. 36 - The State of Real Estate - Clifford Blanquicet Jr.

Business Legends

On this episode, Reece and Christian discuss the state of Real Estate during Covid-19 and beyond with Clifford Blanquicet Jr. Check out Blanq Real Estate at: https://www.blanqrealestate.com/ Follow us at:  http://www.businessmarketingsolutionsgroup.com/


27 Jul 2020

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Mindful Multi Family Show #64 with Chris Salerno (Learn From Clifford Blanquicet Jr, He Has Multiple Businesses In Real Estate)

Mindful Multi Family Show

Clifford has multiple businesses. Reach out to Clifford. Insta- theblanqguy  clifford@blanqrealestate.com If you want to be on the show email us at  mudit@qccapitalgroup.com This podcast should not be copied, distributed, published or reproduced, in whole or in part. The information contained in this recording was obtained from publicly available sources, has not been independently verified by QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host, may not be current, and QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host has no obligation to provide any updates or changes. All price references and market forecasts are as of the date of recording. This podcast is not a product of QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host Research and the information contained in this podcast is not financial research. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are not necessarily those of QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host and may differ from the views and opinions of other departments or divisions of QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host and its affiliates. QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host is not providing any financial, economic, legal, accounting, or tax advice or recommendations in this podcast. The information contained in this podcast does not constitute investment advice or an offer to buy or sell securities from any QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host entity to the listener and should not be relied upon to evaluate any potential transaction. In addition, the receipt of this podcast by any listener is not to be taken to constitute such a client of any QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host entity. Neither QC Capital, LLC, The Mindful Multi Family Show, and the Host nor any of its affiliates makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the statements or any information contained in this podcast and any liability therefore (including in respect of direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage) is expressly disclaimed.


1 Jul 2020

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139: Clifford Blanquicet – Blanq Real Estate


Who loves to golf on their day off? I know a lot of you are raising your hands now.. but our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is an actual pro golfer, who is now, also, a commercial real estate broker. He’s also one of Charlotte Agenda’s “30 under 30”.. and a father of “4 under 4.” YES — 4 children under the age of 4. How does he do it all? We’ve got Cliff Blanquicet here from Blanq Real Estate and we’re sure he has some stories to tell!!


16 Apr 2020