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Season 2, Episode 7: From digital citizens to digital leaders with Jennifer Casa-Todd

Teach like a Bosse

Jennifer Casa-Todd is a well-known Canadian teacher-librarian and author of Social LEADia: Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership. Listen in as Jennifer shares about how she uses social media in her teaching practice, her favourite books (she's all about young adult fiction these days), how she takes care of herself (hint: it's not about disconnecting), and her go-to tech tools.


26 Mar 2021

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Jennifer Casa-Todd: Leading, learning, and teaching with social media

Cultivating Connection with KG Education

Jennifer Casa-Todd is a well-known Canadian teacher-librarian and author of KG Education's first-ever book club selection, Social LEADia: Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership. Devon and Leah chat with Jennifer about her teaching practice, her favourite books (she's all about young adult fiction these days), how she takes care of herself (hint: it's not about disconnecting), and her go-to tech tools. Listen all the way to the end for a discount code to join KG Education's book club which launches on Februrary 22!  Show notes with links at https://kgeducation.ca/jcasatodd/


15 Feb 2021

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E138 Jennifer Casa-Todd and Leigh Cassell - Aubrey Bright in Stories that Connect Us

I Wish I Knew EDU with Ramona Meharg

This week on I Wish I Knew EDU, Ramona talks to Jennifer Casa-Todd @JCasaTodd & Leigh Cassell @LeighCassell about the creative process behind their new children’s book Aubrey Bright in Stories that Connect Us https://sites.google.com/view/aubreybright/homehttps://www.digitalhumanlibrary.com/ @GlobalEdSsChat @dHL_edu https://jcasatodd.com/ https://leighcassell.com/ #AubreyBrightStories


4 Jan 2021

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Digital Citizenship: Recap of my show with Jennifer Casa-Todd

THRIVEinEDU by Rachelle Dene Poth

Join in my weekly show on LearningRevolution.com.  A recent guest was my good friend, Jennifer Casa-Todd. We discussed the importance of digcit and empowering students as digital leaders. Check out her book Social LEADia and her upcoming book!. Here is our episode: https://youtu.be/y41j48gbmBc  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


16 Jul 2020

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Creativity During Crisis | Jennifer Casa-Todd & Michael Hernandez


In this episode Mike and Glen discuss the president’s 4th of July speech, the ways that online teaching should be different from face to face and our guests this week are Jennifer Casa-Todd and Michael Hernandez.Guest: Jennifer Casa-ToddIf 2020 wasn't crazy enough we're about to enter another US election season so we wanted to chat with Jennifer about her thoughts on how we deal with fake news and social media during this time of multiple crises.Jennifer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JCasaToddWebsite: https://jcasatodd.com/Guest: Michael HernandezSome are thriving, some are struggling. We wanted to talk to Michael about what it means to be creative during this time. We also had a great chat about how we all should use our platforms to help move people forward in whatever way we can during this time.Michael on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cineheadWebsite: http://www.michael-hernandez.net/Notes:#ChatOnEducation is now LIVE on https://twitch.tv/insideparticipate every FRIDAY at 8pm ET. Join us!OnEducation is now on YouTube! Subscribe to the channel and listen to prior episodes as they are released!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2fkhy9cnZZbggW8_K3FgQMike on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/misterwashburnGlen on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/irvspanishMike is launching some Minecraft servers!: https://twitter.com/misterwashburn/status/12802334866124185619 Ways Online Teaching Should be Different from Face-to-Face: https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/9-ways-online-teaching/Today's podcast is brought to you by:Participate: The presenting sponsor of OnEducation is Participate. As long-time proponents of social learning and cross-cultural community-building, Participate invites you to explore virtual exchange and student leadership as Qatar Foundation International works to build meaningful connections to the Arab World. To become a member of QFI’s robust community of educators, visit participate.com/oneducation.GoGuardian!: GoGuardian helps thousands of K-12 school districts maximize the learning potential of over 8 million students. GoGuardian's products enable productive and safe digital learning by helping educators identify learning patterns, protect students from harmful and distracting content, and support mental health. To support schools during their distance learning transition, GoGuardian is offering free access to their entire product suite until the end of the school year. To learn more about GoGuardian and download free resources about distance learning, visit their Distance Learning Resource Center at goguardian.com/distance-learning

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8 Jul 2020

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Episode 10 with guest Jennifer Casa-Todd

Journeys to Belonging

Jennifer Casa-Todd is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian,  a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board, and the author of the book, Social LEADia published by DBC Inc Books. Jennifer is also a graduate of the MEd program at Ontario Tech University with a specialization in social media and education. Her parenting book Raising Digital Leaders and her children’s book, Aubrey Bright in Stories that Connect us will be published in the Summer of 2020. Jennifer is a Google Certified teacher and Innovator, an Ontario Google Educator group leader, an executive member of the International Society Technology and Education (ISTE) Librarian PLN, a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator and the co-founder of the Global Education Student Chat. She is an international keynote speaker who is passionate about showing teachers and students how they can use technology and social media to make the world a better place. Website: https://jcasatodd.com Twitter: @JCasaTodd #GlobalEdSsChat


3 Jun 2020

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EP 07- Looking at Social Media Through a Different Lens: An Interview With Jennifer Casa-Todd

EdTech Endeavours

How do we move from teaching digital citizenship as a lesson to a lifestyle? How can we “take a look at social media with a different lens?" In this episode, Jennifer Casa-Todd talks all about using social media and online spaces for positivity,  leadership, and empowerment. We discuss practical ways to include “digital leadership” in your learning spaces and what it looks like now in a time of remote teaching. She also talks about a recent campaign she started called #CelebratingAwesome, where people can nominate others who are shining light in the darkness. This episode will not only teach you more about the potential of social media in learning, but it will also leave you motivated and inspired to celebrate awesome in your own life.  Connect with Jen: jcasatodd.com socialleadia.org @JCasaTodd @globaledsschat   Don’t forget to check out edtechendeavours.com for more information about #edtech and education!


25 May 2020

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Jennifer Casa-Todd

The Make Learning Magical Podcast

In this episode, I talk with the amazing Jennifer Casa-Todd.  Jennifer is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora, a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board, and the author of Social LEADia as well as two books releasing this summer: Raising Digital Leaders, and a  children’s book she co-authored called Aubrey Bright: Stories that Connect Us. She is an Ontario GEG leader, a Google Certified Innovator, co-founder of the Global Education Student’s chat, and the lead organizer for a Digital Citizenship conference in Toronto. She is also an international keynote speaker speaking on issues of technology, digital leadership, and parenting in a digital world. Connect with Jennifer:Twitter: @jcasatoddInstagram: @jcasatoddFacebook: SocialLEADia groupWebsite: jcasatodd.com


6 Mar 2020

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Episode 67-Jennifer Casa-Todd shares truth, wisdom, and support for educators and parents

Lasting Learning

Jennifer Casa-Todd is a teacher-librarian with a wealth of knowledge regarding social media, leadership, teaching and learning. Listen as the author of SocialLeadia shares some amazing truth!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/david-schmittou/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/david-schmittou/support


18 Dec 2019

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Jennifer Casa-Todd – Bringing Your Whole Self

Planning Period Podcast

Hello, and welcome to Episode 107 of the Planning Period Podcast, your #EdBreakroom. I’m your host, Brad Shreffler. This week on the show I am joined by Jennifer Casa-Todd. Jennifer is a Teacher Librarian out of Ontario, Canada, and author of the book Social LEADia.  On her website, she says “I am a learner, a leader, an author and a mom who is passionate about showing students that they can use technology and social media to make a difference in the world.” Jennifer and I talk about social media and its value for adults and students, the Global Ed Student Chat, the power of a great teacher-librarian, the balance of curriculum and standards and that there are kids in front of us, the difference between learning and covering content, the importance of being a bright light for our students, and the importance of showing your passion as an educator,  I would like to take a second to thank our sponsor for this episode, TardEase. TardEase is a new tardy tracking platform that makes it quick and easy for schools to process consequences when students are late to class. TardEase runs as a Google Sheets Add-On, so anyone can set it up, and works by scanning the ID numbers of late students into a Google Form. Then, each night, TardEase sends a formatted PDF of the consequences, with your school letterhead, to be sent home with students for their parents to sign, or given as a detention notice. TardEase is also significantly cheaper than other options on the market, with no special hardware to buy, and no per-student licensing fee. TardEase costs only $600 a year. You can learn more, and start a 30-day free trial now by visiting TardEase.com. So, sit back and enjoy Episode 107 of the Planning Period Podcast, my interview with Jennifer Casa-Todd. Jennifer, thank you so much for joining me on the show! I had so much fun chatting with you. To connect with Jennifer, find her on Twitter @JCasaTodd or her website, jcasatodd.com. If you’re interested in her book, Social LEADia, you can find information about it there. Or, check out the Social LEADia Facebook Group. Also, don’t forget to check out @globaledsschat on Twitter, the student-run Twitter chat she talked about. If you have comments or questions about the show, you can always connect with me on twitter, @BradShreffler, and now on Instagram @BradShreffler as well. I love to hear from you there. That’s also a great place to connect if you’d like to be a guest on the show. Or, the Feedback Page on my website gives you options for feedback as well, which you can find at BradShreffler.com/Feedback. Until next week, go bring your whole self into your classroom. Resources 10 Minute Teacher Podcast – 5 Ways to Greet Your Students Music provided by: Vicious by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

22 Nov 2019