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22 of The Best Podcast Episodes for JJ Abrams. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about JJ Abrams, often where they are interviewed.

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22 of The Best Podcast Episodes for JJ Abrams. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about JJ Abrams, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 24 - JJ Abrams is Cloverfield, the Paradox

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This week we decided to change things up for our spooky October specials and go back to the Cloverfied trilogy, an awesome selection of three different types of scares.  We break down each film, talking actors, filming styles, genre and throw around our theories within the Cloverfield universe.  As always there are tangents about things like sports, film theory and a cool Call of Duty Fan Short where you'll get to see Toni kicking some ass.

Remember to check out the SA Horror Fest for its epic line up of online screenings 28 October to 13 November 2020.

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Oct 31 2020 · 1hr 23mins
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BONUS Episode – JJ Abrams Episode VIII

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Hello there! Welcome to a special bonus episode of the How Uncivilized Podcast. This episode is a supercut of JJ Abrams Episode VIII Treatment with some of our in the moment reactions as we read it. If you want the full page-by-page breakdown, check out episodes 13-15 of our main series. For now, sit back and enjoy!

Aug 19 2020 · 46mins

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BONUS Episode 2 – JJ Abrams Episode IX

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Hello there! Welcome to the second of our special bonus episodes of How Uncivilized. This episode is a supercut of JJ Abrams Episode IX Treatment, again combined with some of our in the moment reactions. If you want the full page-by-page breakdown, check out episodes 16-18 of our main series. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy!

Aug 19 2020 · 50mins
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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) by JJ Abrams

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Today we talk about the 2019 film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by JJ Abrams and our thoughts on it.

Hosted by Nathaniel Avila and Timbrel Hildebrand

Jul 20 2020 · 30mins

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Greg Grunberg: Playing Snap Wexley and Watching Star Wars for the First Time with Best Friend, JJ Abrams

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The ace pilot of the Resistance makes a rare podcast appearance this week on Talking Bay 94. We dive in deep with his role as Matt Parkman in Heroes, being directed by his best friend (J.J. Abrams), upcoming opportunities for Snap Wexley to make his triumphant return, as well as working alongside both his acting idols and the cast of creatures that populate the galaxy.

In case you could not hear my smiling throughout the episode, it was such an honor to have Mr. Grunberg on the show. If you would like to watch the video version of this interview, to see that smiling for yourself, head to the Talking Bay 94 YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCElrDBUy1VVaQcw30Ow3UgQ

Be sure to check out Greg's DREAM JUMPER, as well as the incredible series THE INSIDERS that he is currently producing, hosted on his YouTube channel.

And that will do it for this week. We have so much planned for the upcoming episodes, from Terryl Whitlatch to Scott Trowbridge, so just buckle up.

It is always so appreciated if you can leave a 5-star review of the show right here on your favorite podcast app or on Podchaser: podchaser.com/TalkingBay94

For more behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as a link to some of our other in-depth interviews, check out:

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Jul 15 2020 · 43mins
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JJ Abrams Spider-man Series is Disappointing - ChimiComicsCast Issue 13

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In the first ChimiComicsCast of the year, we talk about JJ Abram's Spiderman Issue 3, What we expect from the series, and give our favorite movies, television shows, comic books, and video games of 2019. Tanner briefly explains the Rise of Kylo Ren comic Issue 2, and the gang all lead into what we’ve read this month, and finally we give updates for how the show schedule will work for the rest of the year!
Show Schedule:
The First Week of every month will be the ChimiCultureCast with Wyatt and Tanner.
The Second Week will be a Haul, Read and Tell or Novel Nook
The Third Week will be a Haul Read and Tell or Novel Nook
The Last Week of every month will be the ChimiComicsCast.

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Apr 12 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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162. The JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson Feud Debunked... THANK GOODNESS

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Brock & James talk the JJ Abrams Rian Johnson Feud and so much more!
Mar 25 2020 · 46mins
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Ep 176 - Baskin - Reverse JJ Abrams

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This week on the podcast, the guys take a deep dive into a movie that's about hell . . . maybe. They try to break all that down and also discuss strategies for escaping time loops while Mark tries to delegate. Grab some beers and join the fun!

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Mar 24 2020 · 1hr 43mins
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Revenge of the nostalgia: JJ Abrams strikes back

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Two spiced out bro’s surviving a spice less world
Feb 04 2020 · 47mins
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LCB Ep. 218 - Top 10 Most Anticipated 2020 Movies, Golden Globes Reaction, JJ Abrams Cut of Star Wars and Little Women Review

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|| Watchmen and Mandalorian Breakdowns ==> https://www.youtube.com/lightscamerabarstool ||

|| 0:00 – Thoughts on Netflix The Witcher

|| 5:11 – Will more shows move to weekly releases?

|| 7:51 – Best names on the Blacklist

|| 10:51 – Big interviews on the horizon…

|| 11:41 – Trill's Christmas gifts stolen!?

|| 13:29 – Decade lists have ignored 2010-2015

|| 14:23 – Golden Globes reaction and thoughts

|| 20:40 – A Quiet Place II looks… hmmm, not bad?

|| 26:27 – Peppa Pig killed Rainforest Cafe

|| 27:10 – J.J. Abrams special Star Wars director's cut?

|| 36:11 – Ad Read #1

|| 37:37 – New Mutants FINALLY being released!

|| 40:14 – TRILLION people watched Netflix's Murder Mystery

|| 45:01 – Gretel & Hansel released another bad trailer


|| 1:09:50 – Top 10 Most Anticipated 2020 Movies

|| RATE 2019 MOVIES || DECEMBER: https://forms.gle/uCYmh7uMtxE99Vj88 || JANUARY: https://goo.gl/forms/cJ5tYtYn7VQx4mlw2 || FEBRUARY: https://goo.gl/forms/N98XcvIy3SukhrIw2 || MARCH: https://goo.gl/forms/dBlIoB9WCB7mnDBQ2 || APRIL: https://forms.gle/7UKyQSYw5Qg5PTCt8 || MAY: https://forms.gle/JNuiEd4rvgLHnLkk9 || JUNE: https://forms.gle/7kHJhSWhjpNrCTUV6 || JULY: https://forms.gle/kqRVtSKDF2G2oFv5A || AUGUST: https://forms.gle/Xt9LfNN72oztVr787 || SEPTEMBER: https://forms.gle/GeNqL9t6vy6WDy6H7 || OCTOBER: https://forms.gle/8765DHeaT6w81PiF7 || NOVEMBER: https://forms.gle/yVJjxeuNspX2GNjSA

Jan 06 2020 · 1hr 38mins