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Episode 228 - The Junji Ito Collection

Anime Out of Context

This week, we are currently in the thick of haunt season, but that won't stop Shaun and Rem from watching more anime; and what better for the time of year than 3 episodes of 2018's Junji Ito Collection?Meanwhile, this hole was NOT made for Rem.If you'd like to give us feedback, ask a question, or correct a mistake, send an email to AnimeOutOfContext@gmail.com or tweet at us @AnimeConPod. Visit our Patreon at patreon.com/AnimeoutofContext if you would like to contribute to the show and get bonus content ranging from clips from our pre-episode banter, to our prototype Episode 0, to even getting shoutouts in the show!  Intro and Outro are trimmed from "Remiga Impulse" by Jens Kiilstofte, licensed by MachinimaSound to Anime Out of Context under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 which has been modified by the licensor for the licensee to allow reproduction and sharing of the Adapted Material for Commercial purposes


22 Oct 2022

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Episode 54 – Shiver: Selected Stories by Junji Ito

Radio vs. the Martians!

“I am a horror maniac who prefers to say at home.” This Halloween, we’re chugging down salad oil and hiding from our balloon dopplegangers with returning friend of the show, Kirby Green, and see if our sanity can can survive the brain-melting onslaught of Junji Ito’s collection of his shorter manga works, in Shiver: Selected Stories! In this anthology of the legendary manga artist’s favorite short stories, we get just a little bit closer to stomach-turning madness. A rare vinyl record claims the hearts and minds of all who listen to it, driving some to theft and even murder. A mysterious jade idol inflicts a curse on those to keep it, boring countless holes into their bodies — bringing a deadly chill and becoming irresistible to burrowing insects. A hospital patient reports that the subjective length of their dreams is getting longer and longer, triggering a startling transformation in their mind — and their body. In these stories and more, we remind ourselves of the Ito’s uncanny ability to permanently stamp our brains with the most disturbing and visually stunning weirdness.

1hr 3mins

19 Oct 2022

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Darkly Lit - Ep50 Remina by Junji Ito

Darkly Lit Podcast

Delve into the darkly lit world of horror literature with us! This month, we get our licks in with Remina by Junji Ito.We will be taking September off, but please join us in October when we discuss The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Join us in the reading and send your comments, questions or related topics to discuss to our email or Twitter.


13 Aug 2022

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WR605 - Junji Ito - Master of Horror

Wrong Reel

Victor Rodriguez makes his return to the walk us through some of the best works by Japanese horror mangaka Junji Ito. #Sponsored Use Promo Code WRONGREEL at manscaped.com Follow Victor Rodriguez on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dimestorecaesar Follow James Hancock on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WrongReel Wrong Reel Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/wrong-reel

1hr 14mins

20 Jul 2022

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Digimon Ghost Game Episode Thirty - Junji Ito's ExTyrannomon

Lost in Translationmon - A Digimon Podcast

May, Quinn, and Chloe discuss episode 30 of Digimon Adventure and May, once again, is pumped about some random Digimon appearing. Linkdump Segments: Intro: 00:00 Discussion and Decisions: 06:54 Postmon Pat, Pondering, and Predictions: 31:33 Outro: 43:20 Got something cool you wanna send us? We have a PO Box! May Fisher-Guest PO Box 6258 Dandenong, Victoria 3175 Australia Check out our website for information about the show! Check out our Redbubble! Thank you to our current supporters on Patreon; Steven Reeves (WildWing64 on Archive of Our Own), Kaida Washi, Chisai (Who you can follow on tumblr at chisai236), Lizmet (Elecmon on tumblr), Neoboo, Nicholas, Sam, Emory (From 'Gon x Will x Hunting: A Hunter x Hunter Rewatch Podcast'), Magnus, Lucas, Jaceymon05, Patrick, Jason, GreyTanuki, Shelby, DigitalHazard (Who is on Twitch at TheDigitalHazard, Dedicated Gazi, Ellimist, Michael, and Toropiamon! Become a Patreon supporter for as little as a dollar per month and we’ll love you forever! You can also donate to the production of this podcast using PayPal here or Ko-Fi here. Our Gmail is: LostinTranslationmon@Gmail.com | AnchorFM | Apple Podcasts | Deezer | Facebook | Google Podcasts | Instagram | PlayerFM | PodBean | Spotify | Stitcher | TikTok | Tumblr | Twitch | Twitter | With the Will | YouTube |


20 Jun 2022

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Corpse Club

Catching up on they've watched and read lately, Corpse Club co-hosts Derek Anderson and Jonathan James discuss Robert Eggers' The Northman, Lucio Fulci's The Beyond, Stuart Gordon's Dagon, Dean Alioto's The McPherson Tape, Junji Ito's Dissolving Classroom, and Jack Finney's Invasion of the Body Snatchers on this episode of Daily Dead's official podcast!

1hr 3mins

3 Jun 2022

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Junji Ito - No Longer Human

Xtinction Agenda

Chris and James have lived a life of great shame. Eating dinner disgusted them. The burden of respect hung heavy on their shoulders. And the Great Father that is Nation held them down like a perverted man servant. But now, although disqualified from humanity itself, they have vomited their misfortunes into a psychedelic hell. Today: Junji Ito's manga adaptation of Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human. "This, I was to learn in later years, was a kind of demonical prophecy."

1hr 33mins

5 May 2022

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#121 - Junji Ito’s Fragments of Horror (Manga)

Third Impact Anime Podcast

It's almost April, and you know what that means... we're only 6 months away from Halloween! Why not get the party started early with another episode covering a Junji Ito work, this time his anthology piece Fragments of Horror. Published between 2013 and 2014, this is one of Junji Ito's more recent works and many of the stories therein were adapted into the 2018 anime series, The Junji Ito Collection. The short stories in this collection are Futon, Wooden Spirit, Tomio: Red Turtleneck, Gentle Goodbye, Dissection Girl, Blackbird, Magami Nanakuse, and Whispering Woman. Hosted by Tori (@WorstWaifu) and Bill (@wbforeman999)! If you enjoy this or any other episode, leave us a Rating and Review on Apple Podcasts! Show notes are available on our website: www.thirdimpactanime.com More helpful links: https://linktr.ee/thirdimpactanime Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/TI_Anime Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | YouTube | Stitcher | Podbean Support us on Ko-Fi | Patreon

1hr 3mins

30 Mar 2022

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A Thesis on Cultural Evolution Through the Lens of Anime, the Emergence of the Villainess' Story, and the Mind of Junji Ito

That Time I Got Reincarnated in the Same World as an Anime Podcaster

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. The Weeb Cabal isn't going to stop any time soon! This episode Isekai Sensei-Sama, Kermit D. Grog, and Bento Baggins become entirely to philosophical about how shonen protagonists, and culture in general, has changed over time, what the heck is going on with Villainess isekai, and what it must be like to be Junji Ito's therapist.Support the showCheck out our website, AnimePodcasterReincarnation.com, to leave a comment or check out our blog posts. Follow on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube so you don't miss new episodes. You can also reach us by email at IsekaiSenseiSama@gmail.com.

1hr 29mins

8 Feb 2022

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Junji Ito Collection: Souichi's Convenient Curse / Hell Doll Funeral

Kinda Creepy

We start our first ever anime AS WELL AS our first ever animated show that we've covered on the podcast!  Discussion starts at: 30 Min. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kindacreepypod/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/kindacreepypod Brandon's Links: https://beacons.page/zombrandon--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

1hr 9mins

5 Feb 2022