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Episode 089: Primary Care by Text Message with Dr. Brad Younggren

The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

What does it mean to have a virtual telehealth doctor's visit? Can artificial intelligence (AI) and telehealth actually work in a medical setting in a way that doesn't frustrate doctors or patients? Well, my guest today is the chief medical officer of 98Point6 which is a text based primary care service for patients. That's right, patients use their phone or tablet with texts to receive their primary care.  The service uses a robust AI and actual primary care physicians to cater to their patients and employers. The ease of use, lack of physical location, and fact that it is open 24/7 make it efficient and successful. Also, the nature of the platform allows for physicians to cover the entire US from the comfort of their home or office  while allowing them the flexibility of shift work. It's a different way of providing care for physicians and will also require a different way to get professional satisfaction. Dr. Brad Younggren is an emergency care physician and the CMO of 98point6. show notes 98point6: 98point6 is a virtual text based primary care service that operates in all 50 states. It only uses physicians to provide the care but they work in a completely virtual setting. Episode 002: What is Direct Primary Care? A discussion with my DPC doc, Dr. Belen Amat. Samaritans Health Sharing Ministry: This is the ministry we use. Feel free to mention my name if you sign up - not sure if that helps you or not. Made Simply Web Site Creations: This is the great, affordable website service that built my wife's podcast site. I cannot recommend this company more to someone looking for creating a website. Always Andy's Mom: Home of my wife, Marcy's, podcast for parents grieving or those looking to help them. YouTube for Paradocs: Here you can watch the video of my late son singing his solo on the Paradocs YouTube page. Patreon - Become a show supporter today and visit my Patreon page for extra bonus material. Every dollar raised goes towards the production and promotion of the show.


24 Jun 2020

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Episode # 62 – Wait! A Near Perfect C19 Solution? A Virtual Primary Care Giving People the Right Care at the Right Time. Meet Dr. Brad Younggren, Chief Medical Officer at 98point6.

Primary Care Cures

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Brad Younggren, the Chief Medical Officer at 98point6. 98point6 is a text first based Primary Care that meets patients where they are at, on their own phone. Here they discuss the importance of offering a technology like theirs and having it available in non-traditional settings. Brad dives into what differentiates their platform from traditional primary care, especially when it comes to patient convenience and experience. They also talk about mobile medical devices, having virtual doctor visits, platforms like this in the age of coronavirus, and much more. Brad joined 98point6 in 2017, bringing nearly 20 years of experience working as a physician, most recently serving as chief medical officer at Cue. He also served as chief medical officer at Shift Labs and Mobisante. Brad still practices as an emergency physician at EvergreenHealth and is medical director of emergency preparedness, trauma and urgent care. He received his BA from UCLA and his medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He has earned both a Bronze Star and the Combat Medic Badge for his service in Iraq as a United States Army physician. Brad enjoys traveling through Central America with his twin daughters and is passionate about designing global health solutions. Read the Transcript The post Episode # 62 – Wait! A Near Perfect C19 Solution? A Virtual Primary Care Giving People the Right Care at the Right Time. Meet Dr. Brad Younggren, Chief Medical Officer at 98point6. appeared first on Primary Care Cures.


6 Apr 2020

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On Demand Patient Care with Dr. Brad Younggren 98point6

Empowered Patient Podcast

Brad Younggren MD, Chief Medical Officer, 98point6 talks about what happens when a company fundamentally changes the way patients interact with doctors by providing 24/7 on-line access to medical professionals aided by the camera and attachments on mobile devices to further inform the diagnosis and treatment plan.  With enthusiastic support from traditional primary care doctors, this new model of on-demand care is showing effectiveness for addressing emergency as well as chronic conditions. @98point6inc 98point6.com Download the transcript here


21 Jan 2020

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Physician Co-Creation, Multi-Sided Markets & Planning Early for Commercialization w/Robbie Cape and Brad Younggren

Health Innovators

Many innovators lead with their technology in their creation process, and in the process they leave behind the other important building blocks of a strong business. How do we avoid building a business with a singular muscle? How can we deal with the biggest barrier to successful commercialization? How can we get physicians involved in the ideation process, and what difference can that make?  On this episode, we’re joined by the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of 98point6, Robbie Cape and Brad Younggren, who share their journey to commercialization and lessons learned. 3 Things We Learned  The biggest mistake innovators make  Many innovators lead with a technology and end up with that as the singular muscle behind the business. One of the things 98point6 got right is that they developed 4 core muscles in the business: the medical, technology, regulatory & compliance, and commercial muscle.   How to build relationships with physicians  When it comes to building strong relationships with physicians, we must look at doctors as a separate audience segment, understanding the problems they have and delivering a strong value prop to them as we would with any customer.  How to get into healthcare and win the favor of stakeholders  There’s a huge difference between coming into the healthcare industry as a competitor, and coming into the industry with the intention to find the right stakeholders and people and support their vision and goal. It’s more powerful to sit alongside the primary care community so that you’re not treated as a competitor.  Innovators often focus mostly on raising money and building the technology. They think the vision, mission, values, culture and employee engagement are things that can be built-in down the road. The problem is, they miss the benefits of building these things into the system early on. In order to successfully commercialize, it helps to be deeply integrated with the people who will eventually become your customers and pay for your service. You do that by thinking beyond the technology and considering the greater ecosystem and stakeholders who are critical to your business. 


23 Sep 2019

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A New Kind Of Primary Care (w/Dr. Brad Younggren)

The ZDoggMD Show

A startup in Seattle is providing a new way to deliver primary care...text-based! Sounds crazy, so I interviewed their CMO Dr. Brad Younggren and I came away woke.Check out 98point6 here: https://5fdp.app.link/tKSuajO5uZVideo, links, Facebook LIVE, and more here: zdoggmd.com/incident-report-256


3 Sep 2019

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189 98point6 - Reimagining Medicine and its Workforce with Brad Younggren

Businesses that Care Podcast (formerly Mere Mortals Unite)

Our guest today is Brad Younggren, the Chief Medical Officer of 98point6, a company who delivers on-demand, text-based primary care.  From the battlefield to innovative approaches in primary care, Brad brings decades of experience to this organization. What is truly different about this organization is how they choose everyone in their company.  Whether you are a software engineer or a physician the process is the same. Your functionality includes being a contributing member of the entire company.   Their unique practices include bringing all their physicians into the corporate headquarters on a regular basis.  This allows discussions with the marketing team and the core developers so that everyone has a deep understanding of the company’s core values and how to live them.   For more information about Brad and 98point6: 98point6 Website 98point6 on Twitter Brad on LinkedIn 98point6 on Instagram iTunes - Subscribe, Rate and Review Find us on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts


20 Mar 2019

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Primary Care on Demand with Brad Younggren MD 98Point6

Empowered Patient Podcast

Brad Younggren MD, Chief Medical Officer, 98point was trained as an emergency medicine doctor and has brought his expertise to the online world of on-demand primary care.  Brad talks about the value of giving patients access to accurate resources at any time of the day to diagnose symptoms, recommend treatment, escalate to other medical professionals, and help manage chronic conditions.  Using a mobile app and artificial intelligence along with real primary care doctors, 98point is encouraging patients of all ages to take more direct control of their own health. @98point6inc 98Point6.com


13 Feb 2019