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24 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jim Vance. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jim Vance, often where they are interviewed.

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24 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jim Vance. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jim Vance, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 12: Jim Vance on Running with Power

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Show Notes:

In this episode, I sat down with Jim Vance (coach of Ben Kanute) and discussed running with power. We also chatted a bit about how he applies run power to Ben Kanute's and other athletes' training and racing.

Website: www.peakendurancesolutions.com
Email: peakendurancesolutions@outlook.com
Instagram: @ryaneckert_tri
Published Book on Amazon: Swim, Bike, Run, Happiness: My Journey to Overcoming Depression

Jim Vance Contact Info
Instagram & Facebook: @coachjimvance
Twitter: @jimvance
Coaching Website: https://www.coachvance.com
Authored Book: Triathlon 2.0
Authored Book: Run with Power

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Aug 15 202044mins
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[ Jim Vance ] From School Teacher To Life Changer

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Welcome To Today's Conversation!

Excited to bring you another powerful conversation with an online coach that is doing big things in his business.聽 Which always means there are some amazing insights for you to pull away from this conversation.

Today's conversation I have the pleasure of having Jim Vance join me.聽 Jim is a successful masculine identity and relationship coaching business - the Conscious Man - where he leads high achieving men & couples to own their identity, recapture their power & purpose- so they can have success in their life & relationships.

Within his conversation he shared how important it is to build a business that is true to you, and how important it is to stop chasing the fast money and to build a brand that is authentically you.聽 I really hope you enjoy today's conversation with Jim!

Connect with Jim here馃憞
Facebook Page
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Aug 10 202047mins

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How to Run with Power: Jim Vance

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Jim Vance is the author of "Run With Power", which details how to use a running power meter for better performance. Jim is the personal coach for 2016 US Olympic triathlete Ben Kanute, and Head Coach for Formula Endurance, a USA Triathlon High Performance Team.聽 And while he has coached elite athletes at all levels, he's also an accomplished former-triathlete himself, winning two amateur world championships and a 3rd place finish at IM Florida.聽

Mar 08 20201hr 3mins
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Episode #72: Coach Jim Vance Discusses Athlete Success and Running With Power

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Coach and Author Jim Vance sits in with Jim and Gerry to discuss his history in coaching, running with power, and how he helps his athletes achieve success.

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Feb 27 20201hr 6mins

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Deep Dive into Ben's 70.3 Worlds and How Jim Vance Uses Today's Plan To Get The Most Out Of Training

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SuperFly Coaches Jim Vance and Eric Turner sit down to take a deep dive into Ben Kanute's best 70.3 performance ever, a 4th place finish at 70.3 World Champ's, how Jim is leveraging Today's Plan to get the most of of athlete workouts and what Ben has in store for 2019.聽

Feb 16 20191hr 1min
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145 - Jim Vance and Data to Build Confidence with TodaysPlan

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Our interview this week is with Coach Jim Vance, author of Triathlete Science, Triathlon 2.0 and Running with Power.聽 He coaches athletes such as Ben Kanute with great success.聽 He is joining us today to talk about how and why he is using Today'sPlan software to quickly analyze athlete performance and how their training is going.

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Thanks to last week's guest, Coach Matt Fitzgerald, co-author of 80/20 Triathlon with David Warden. The concept of 80% of training being easy and 20% being moderate to hard is not new.聽 This book packages what professional endurance athletes and their coaches have been practicing for years.聽 In addition to laying out good evidence and science, it also provides a lot of practical tools for determining your training聽 zones and how to put together a training plan that is based on these principles.聽 If you haven't heard the interview, go back and listen to episode #144.

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Jim Vance is an elite endurance sports coach, author, and sport technology and training consultant based in San Diego, California. He is the personal coach 2016 US Olympic triathlete Ben Kanute.

Jim is also the Head Coach for Formula Endurance, a USA Triathlon High Performance Team, focused on developing top junior triathletes, as part of the Olympic Pipeline. Jim is also the Head Varsity Swim Coach at Coronado High School, (where he coached a 2016 All-American swimmer), and has coached elite National Champions, World Championship podium performances, countless Ironman World Championship qualifiers, and been a training consultant for US Olympians. Jim has written two books 鈥 Triathlon 2.0 and Run with Power, and co-edited Triathlon Science with best selling training author, Joe Friel.

Jim continues to work with new companies bringing technology to the sporting world, as well as athletes all over the world, at all different levels, from beginner to elite, in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon. There are few individuals in the world with the teaching background, elite athlete experience, and coaching experience with elites, amateurs and juniors, as well as knowledge of training, like Jim Vance.

Welcome back.聽 Our post interview discussion is sponsored by Halo Neuroscience.聽 The Halo Sport from Halo Neuroscience will help you learn the technique and form to get faster.聽 20 minutes of neural priming with the Halo Headset gives you an hour of neural plasticity to work and lock in the muscle movement that leads to strength, power and endurance.聽 Use code MHE150 to save $150.

Jim Vance Debrief:

One of the Today'sPlan features that Jim Vance described are the RPE of the workout and Subjective Wellness ratings the athlete can provide on a daily basis.聽 As a coach we can look at all the power files, paces and heart rate levels in a workout and not have insight into how the athlete experienced their workout, their day, and what might be going on that contributed to the power, heart rate and pace.聽 At a glance, looking at the workout in the calendar I can see the RPE.

With one click, I can see the Session Rating recorded by the athlete, the duration rating by the athlete and the intensity.聽 This is a great way for a coach to know the athletes perception and perspective of the session objective, duration and intensity as it relates to the athlete's goals.聽 If there's a mis-communication about how the sessions are designed to help the athlete achieve their goals, this is a great way to make that mis-communication visible and get the conversation started if it hasn't happened already.

The other insights that can be collected are wellness attributes that can be customized by the coach in terms of what the athlete sees and responds to.聽 The athlete can complete include:

  • Diet
  • Mood
  • Stress
  • Muscle soreness
  • Sleep quality
  • Fatigue (waking)
  • Fatigue (before)
  • Fatigue (activity)
  • Satisfaction
  • Performance

The coach can also select to make the wellness ratings on the day in the calendar view.聽 With that feature enabled to be visible, a small yellow star appears and by simply hovering over the star, the coach can see the athlete's perspective on all of those attributes on a daily basis.

When I have my weekly Skype call with my athletes, I ask them about subjective wellness items including stress, fatigue, injury or niggles.聽 I ask how the workouts are going from their perspective, do they make sense given the goals, etc.聽 But just like Jim Vance pointed out, athletes tend to forget what they felt like 6 days prior.聽 Having it recorded daily gives the athlete and the coach data, recorded on the day, of the athlete's subjective sense of what they are experiencing.


Video of the week:聽Family affair at Ironman Augusta 70.3 Double win

In the News is sponsored by Rudy Project.聽 Rudy Project has the helmets, glasses and gear to help you ride safe and look great.聽 Use code MHE30 to get 30% off your full price items.

In the news:聽https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Triathlon/News/Articles-and-Releases/2018/September/24/Womens-NCAA-triathlon-season-gets-underway-with-first-two-Regional-Qualifiers

Upcoming interviews:聽

  • Brian Burk author of "Tips to Run Your Best Marathon"
  • Team USA Paratriathlete Allysa Seely
  • Todd Carver, Cliff Simms and Franko Vaterott- co-founder of Retul and now working with Specialized. Human Performance Center, 3D Retul technology and where the product roadmap is heading and how it can help you.
  • Olympian Sarah True after Kona

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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!

Sep 30 20181hr 25mins
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Jim Vance, High Performance Coach on Mental Momentum & Going Faster Without Going Harder

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It's a deeply flawed belief that more is always better when it comes to training. We've heard it all so many times.

"I have to run the full distance to know that I can do it".
"I need to swim 2.4 in the pool so I know I can finish the swim".
"I need to bike over 112 miles to make sure I can make the cut offs".
"I need to do more to get stronger".

No, no, no and no. Any athlete who believes these types of statements and brings them into their physical training would be best served by increasing their mental training. What every single one of the statements screams聽to us is "I don't believe in myself". Belief is the number one element to hold close as we race towards our goals.

Jim Vance is what I would consider a master of training his athletes to believe in themselves. He knows which buttons to push and when to push them. He garners their trust through his results-producing training recipe. He understands that each athlete has a metric that is a gateway to their success. His job is to identify that metric and utilize it to his athlete's greatest advantage by creating victories throughout their training and racing journey.

Jim is the聽coach to Professional Triathlete and Olympian Ben Kanute. Ben came to Jim following the Rio Olympics a bit beat down and looking for a new direction. By identifying his metrics and cultivating his trust, Jim reduced Ben's physical training and in the process created an unstoppable champion. Ben is on the top right now and the biggest difference is that Ben fully believes in himself as a champion. He knows he can go faster and win more.

Coach Vance has been coined as the data guy and certainly he relies on the data but only as a reference point. He knows that mental health is the most important piece of an athlete's success. 90% is the amount that he reminds us of during this conversation. If we do not believe, we will never reach our highest potential.

To take this into a YogiTriathlete spin, belief comes from deepening our relationship with the present moment. It is only in the present moment that change can occur. It is only when we are fully awake to the moment that we are living that can we see the thoughts that are driving our lives. Present moment awareness creates a space between the thoughts and our focus. This space is where we can choose new thoughts. Ones that align us with our goals and our highest potential to believe in our abilities to reach those goals.

Hands down this is one of my favorite podcasts yet. Data guy turned mindfulness guru, Coach Vance is a master at his art. He has assisted countless athletes to great successes and I believe that his ability to fine-tune the mental game is only going to get stronger. When we tap into the power of the mind and learn how to train it, we open up a vault of unlimited potential for learning and achievement.

Thank you for tuning in, please let us know what you thought of this episode by leaving a review on Apple Podcast. We are grateful for your support.
Aug 13 20181hr 20mins
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a chat with Jim Vance @jimvance

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On today's show, Zucco and Vance have a chat.聽

Jul 03 201830mins
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Race week/Taper discussion with Jim Vance @jimvance

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On today's show Zucco sits down with Jim Vance to chat about all things race week ahead of this season's opening with Oceanside, Galveston, and Haines City 70.3s.聽聽

Apr 05 201832mins
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BEST of SuperFly Podcast, JIM VANCE and training specificity, common AG mistakes, KEY workouts @jimvance

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Dec 28 201735mins