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The People-Centric Nature of Chiropractic Medicine with Jerry Kennedy

Clinic Gym Radio

Today we are welcoming Jerry Kennedy. Jerry created Rocket Chiro to help people-centered chiropractors grow their practices and be prepared for the business side of chiropractic medicine. After starting his own practice right out of school at age 24, Jerry realized that chiropractic school does not prepare you for running a business. Learning much during […]


15 Sep 2020

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FTCA Podcast #56 - Jerry Kennedy DC - Rocket Chiro

Forward - The Podcast of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance

“Chiropractors are in the people business. Our profession is incredibly relational by nature. We help people by putting our hands on them. We see our people repetitively, often over the course of years. That’s a high-touch business by anyone’s definition.Chiropractors should be known for their ethical marketing and people-centric business practices. The chiropractic profession should be mentioned amongst the most trusted professionals, not the least.Thankfully, there is a growing number of chiropractors who are committed to being ethical, people-centered chiropractors. We are the chiropractors who care because it's right to care. We are intentional about building strong relationships within our communities, and we refuse to compromise the wellbeing of our people.We are chiropractors who are committed to creating a new legacy of chiropractic excellence and trustworthiness.” - Jerry Kennedy and Rocket Chiro

21 Jun 2020

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156: Is Your Brand Congruent w/ Dr. Jerry Kennedy

ChiroCandy: THE Chiropractic Marketing Podcast

In today's episode, Billy and Dr. Jerry Kennedy dive into the topic of branding.  You'll learn how to make sure your messaging is conveying the true identity of your practice.


11 Feb 2020

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Episode 80 - Interview with Dr Jerry Kennedy, Black Sheep DC

Dr J's Path to Success Podcast: Chiropractic, healthcare, business and life advice

In this episode, Dr J interviews Dr Jerry Kennedy, also known as the Black Sheep DC. Dr Jerry is a chiropractic coach who believes: "One of the BIG mistakes that chiropractors make is trying to do everything on their own. Trying to sort out chiropractic marketing and business without help is an expensive and time-consuming game that many chiropractors lose." Listen in as Dr J and Dr Jerry talk about ways struggling chiropractors can use simple tips to get their practices moving in the right direction.

8 Oct 2018

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Relationship-Centered Chiropractic with Jerry Kennedy

The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show


23 Aug 2018

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#77 - Jerry Kennedy

The Paul Leslie Hour

Jerry Kennedy is a retired record producer, guitarist and songwriter. A 4-time Grammy award-winner, his guitar and Dobro playing has been featured on albums from everyone from Elvis Presley, Johnny Hallyday, Kris Kristofferson, and Bob Dylan. As a producer, Jerry Kennedy worked with everyone from Reba McEntire, Tom T. Hall, Connie Smith and most of the country recordings of Jerry Lee Lewis.Jerry Kennedy is also the father of past guest Bryan Kennedy, songwriter Gordon Kennedy and music industry insider Shelby Kennedy. We're honored to present a rare interview with a beloved figure in the world's music! Support The Paul Leslie Hour by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/the-paul-leslie-hour


4 Apr 2018

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FTCA Podcast #8 - Dr. Jerry Kennedy - Black Sheep DC

Forward - The Podcast of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance

I have had the pleasure of holding a couple of great conversations with Dr. Kennedy lately, including this one.  Jerry understands relationship marketing like very few do in our business, which is ironically a business of relationships.  His own podcast, (http://blacksheepdc.com/chiropractic-podcast) is revered by quite a few DCs.  Enjoy our talk, I know I did!

1hr 13mins

13 Feb 2018

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80: Chiropractic Relationship Marketing - Interview with Dr. Jerry Kennedy

ChiroCandy: THE Chiropractic Marketing Podcast

Billy interviews the Black Sheep DC founder, Dr. Jerry Kennedy.  Listen as they discuss the 3 keys to successful chiropractic relationship marketing. About Dr. Jerry Kennedy... In His Own Words: I'm a nobody from nowhere. I’m not the highest paid marketing expert in the world. I have never racked in 80 new patients from a dinner talk. And I have never seen a thousand patients in a week (nor did I ever want to). I did, however, spend 9 years operating a successful chiropractic practice and I’m a bit of a relationship marketing expert. I understand chiropractic patients. I know why they start care, why they choose to stick around and why they leave. That information is incredibly valuable for any chiropractor looking to grow a high-referral, high-retention practice. I also like to teach, which is why in 2015 I created BlackSheepDC.com. It’s designed provide chiropractic marketing tips that help improve retention, increase retention and get new patients from the internet without selling chiropractic. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to plug in to the Black Sheep DC family. You will be glad you did.  In This Episode: 3 Keys To Any Successful Relationship Break The Ice Give Value Follow Up More From Dr. Kennedy: The Weekly DC Podcast The Weekly BS Newsletter The BS Academy


13 Sep 2016

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Jerry Kennedy & Justin Todd Herod

Miracle Crusades Audio Podcast

1hr 6mins

1 Dec 2014

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86: Jerry Kennedy: Changing The Focus On Health And Pain Through Passion and Commitment

The Health Crossroad with Dr. Doug Elwood and Dr. Tom Elwood

Dr. Jerry Kennedy is a chiropractor, an author, and I’m happy to say, a podcaster, with one of the top-ranked new shows on iTunes in health! Dr. Kennedy’s journey began when he realized the importance of himself in feeling great and reducing pain. Since then, he dedicated his career to helping others understand their bodies. Dr. Kennedy is the author of two books, The Posture Paradox and The Neck Pain Cure. In this interview, through personal anecdotes and great analogies, Dr. Kennedy discusses the importance of viewing health in a new light and redirecting the focus to one that is more positive and healthy.


11 Jun 2014