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EP 02: Mortgage Management and Taking Advantage of COVID-19 with Bill McCafferty

The Joe Robert Show

It’s easy to see the COVID-19 pandemic as a collapse. There are those, however, who see it as a chance for rebirth. This especially applies to savvy real estate pros who are driven to create ever-better opportunities for investment and advancement. Bill McCafferty's true skill is building & managing portfolios of re-performing & non-performing 2nd mortgage notes. As a full-time Asset Manager for Peoples Mortgage Relief II, LLC (PMR II), he has well over 10 years of experience in all aspects of residential real estate and is continuously looking to grow and expand his network around the country. He really enjoys assisting other note investors in the business in whatever way possible. Bill has managed well over 1,000 re-performing & non-performing 2nd mortgages - over $25m of unpaid principal balance. He also specializes in cash flow, multiple streams of income and note education.  On this episode of the Joe Robert Show, Joe and Bill dive deep on the mindset shifts that helped Bill persevere through the difficulties of the mortgage industry, the nuances of bankruptcy, particularly in the current circumstances, which tools can help you organize your life (both business and personal), and Bill’s reasons for living, succeeding, and thriving. Join the conversation to change your mindset, get creative and create new success for yourself.    What You’ll Learn  How Bill learned to stop “accepting average” and focus on driving towards his potential What new and even seasoned real estate investors can be doing during COVID-19 to set themselves up for success moving forward Why Bill is happy and grateful for the changes COVID-19 has brought the world, and how he plans to take advantage of the new opportunities And much more! Favorite Quote “I used to stomach a lot of things and take a lot of things personally. What I’ve learned in over 10 years is, don’t take anything personally. It’s all business. Do what’s right, be ethical, communicate with your clients and investors. Communication is key” - Bill McCafferty Connect with  Bill McCafferty: bill@billmccafferty.com Facebook LinkedIn Connect with Joe Robert: Joe@robertventures.com Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Enjoyed the podcast? Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a review. We love to hear your feedback and we’d appreciate it for you to help us spread the word!


2 Jul 2020

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Major Insights into Junior Mortgages With Bill McCafferty

Tech Guys Who Invest Podcast

On this episode of Tech Guys Who Invest, we talk to note investing expert, Bill McCafferty. We learn information and techniques about certain types of note investing that you can use to invest while helping people going through hard times. We also talk about mindset and overcoming obstacles. This is a great episode to learn an uncommon approach to real estate investing that is profitable and also charitable.  To view the full show notes, head over to tgwipodcast.com/bill-mccaferty


13 Apr 2020

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Episode 018 Bill McCafferty

FUEL with Chris Swartz

Episode 018 – Bill McCafferty http://fuelstory.com In episode 018, Chris welcomes longtime friend, Bill McCafferty. Bill is a fulltime Note Investor & Asset Manager for other Note Investors. He assists Homeowners through a process to help them stay in their house and afford payments that fit their budget. Bill is consistently looking to expand his relationships with Note Buyers and Note Sellers from all around the country. Bill's true skill is in building & managing Portfolios of Performing & Non-Performing Mortgages. He's always looking to grow and expand his Network. He really enjoys assisting other Note Investors in the business, in whatever way possible. Connect with Bill: eMail: Mortgagepayhelp@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BillCMcCafferty Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwur7GABeu8nUXyP-E7kEdQ HIGHLIGHTS 0:52 Chris introduces Bill. 1:40 Bill briefly talks family. 2:58 Let’s dive right in! 3:35 What is Bill’s FUEL? 5:45 What did Bill do before becoming an entrepreneur? 9:00 Fail forward. 13:45 College background and shifting gears. 14:59 True soul searching. 16:20 How did Bill handle fear when making his big change? 20:15 Apparently, Bill and Chris are not easy to deal with. 21:00 Bill discusses his business a little bit. 24:14 RAPID FIRE!


25 Feb 2020

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Why Invest In Second Position Mortgage Notes With Bill McCafferty

Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast

Investing in non-performing seconds can be quite risky. For Bill McCafferty, the founder of People’s Mortgage Relief II, doing so is well worth the risk. Being involved in note investing for over a decade, he equips us with the right strategies in managing second position mortgage notes. He discusses the differences in the process of handling first notes versus second notes. For him, being laser-focused and sticking to a well thought of process and system within the business are keys to handling non-performing seconds. Learn more from Bill as he shares the importance of sourcing in the notes business, what people fear most in non-performing seconds, buying notes, and running a note investment business. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Good Deeds Note Investing movement today: GoodDeedsNoteInvesting.com Chris Seveney Facebook Chris Seveney Twitter Chris Seveney Instagram Gail Greenberg Facebook 7EInvestments.com 7E Investments Facebook 7E Investments YouTube 7E Investments Google+ WinWinNotes.com Win Win Notes Facebook Win Win Notes Twitter

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15 Nov 2019

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Episode 5: Bill Mccafferty

A Passion For Real Estate Investments

We chat with Bill Mccafferty, where he discusses leaving the education system, not taking things personally, and his bread and butter as an asset manager. 


6 Mar 2019