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36 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Debra Silverman. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Debra Silverman, often where they are interviewed.

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36 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Debra Silverman. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Debra Silverman, often where they are interviewed.

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WYS - Debra Silverman

What's Your Sign?
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We got to it with today's guest, you've probably seen her iconic zodiac character YouTube videos, it's astrologer/psychotherapist Debra Silverman! This Gem Sun/Aries Moon jumped in head first to our chat and it was entertaining to say the least! She reads through our charts, chast about ancient aliens, stinky humans, Carl Jung and using astrology with mental health in psychotherapy (holy URANUS!) It was a jolt of energy having Debra on. Follow her YouTube channel and Instagram . XO XO

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Jun 29 2020



Ep. 317 - Written in The Stars: 2020 Astrology Forecast with Debra Silverman

Almost 30
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Debra Silverman is on to give us a much-needed astrological update on what’s currently happening in the world. She shares what was written in the stars when the virus came and things started to shift, when it looks like we’re going to get out of it, what every sign needs to be doing during this time, what transitions in astrology we need to be aware of over the coming year, and what the new normal will look like on the other side of this. (Don’t worry too much. There’s opportunity there.) We close the episode out with a beautiful prayer, a mic-drop moment that we hope will help you open up to the power of prayer and meditation as you move forward through this crisis.

We also talk about:

  • What the stars are telling us is coming
  • Moving into the Age of Aquarius
  • How the different signs need to react to this
  • Maintaining relationships during this time
  • Being in service of others
  • Leaning into your personal gifts

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Apr 21 2020

1hr 18mins


Ep. 246 COVID-19 and the Astros with Debra Silverman

That's So Retrograde
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Astrologer, psychotherapist and writer, Debra Silverman (@debrasilverman_astrology), gets into the particulars of the current cosmic forecast as it relates to the global pandemic we are facing. On a micro level, she breaks down how we individually deal with crisis based on the elements of our astrological chart, providing actionable advice on how to self soothe, and guides us in a heartfelt meditative prayer around trusting the moment. Roses and Thorns is extended with a special guest - Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Joey Greer, graces the mic as he, Steph and Elizabeth discuss the R and T’s of relationships, non relationships and creativity inside of this unique moment in time.

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Apr 02 2020

1hr 3mins


17 - Debra Silverman on Astrology, Psychology, and the Elements

The Dream Detective Podcast
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Debra Silverman combines her background as a psychotherapist with the elemental wisdom of Astrology. In this episode, Debra talks with Mimi about her background as a dance therapist, the functions of the left and right brain, the personality and the soul, and how we can use an understanding of elemental energies to create balance in our lives. Debra and Mimi also touch on some of the astrological elements of the tarot.

Feb 11 2020



Womanifesting, Applied Astrology and the YumYum Factor with Debra Silverman

Mind Body Musings
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Episode 287: Debra Silverman is part astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian, and ALL REAL. She helps people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in a totally objective way. Debra has been in private practice for over 40 years. She uses astrology and her own system called the The 4 Elements (or 4E for short) as tools to help people step into their power. Debra’s mothering approach to understanding and empowering people from all walks of life has earned her international fame and admiration. She has written a book, magazine columns, hosted a radio show and has a YouTube channel with over 7 million views. She is dedicated to creating community and working for the children. Debra Silverman believes the future is arriving and none of us can do it alone. She is an expert in embracing the feminine, and her ultimate dream is to revolutionize therapy by teaching therapists how to provide custom treatment to their clients. Debra Silverman believes in the power of listening. When we are silent - both with ourselves and each other - the messages that are trying to come through us can be given a voice, and we can all start walking our authentic and powerful path. She splits her time between Kauai and Boulder, Colorado where she enjoys talking to the beautiful flowers, daily swims and spending time with friends and family. 

Show notes:

Astrology is 5,000 years old.
“You don’t have to believe in astrology; it believes in you. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it."
What pisses Debra off about astrology.
“There’s no divorce in heaven. You are stuck with you across all time.”
The interesting and quirky part of Debra’s chart and her personality.
The history of astrology and how it helped men make major decisions back in the day.
The interesting aspects of Madelyn’s chart.
Debra’s online school - Meet the Planets:
Debra's specific prayer that she uses daily for “womanifesting.”
How Debra finds pleasure in her body daily.
How to keep astrology simple and the most important planet to look for.
The “YumYum factor” as medicine and why the vibrancy of life is so important for her. 
Ask yourself: “where’s pleasure leading me to today?”
The Piscean Age vs the Aquarius Age and what it means for us today.
How to get the joy factor back in your life.
“Everything changes when you start putting consciousness on the smallest thing that gives you pleasure.”
Why Debra resonates with being a spoiled brat and why she's okay with that.
The Missing Element:
Must-read book: The Afterlight of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan
The Star Community:

Connect with Debra:
Sign up for Debra's FREE 3-part video training series called Meet the Planets:

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Jan 15 2020

1hr 4mins


140: Astrology and Relationships with Debra Silverman

I AM Goddess Collective Podcast
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Goddess of the Week: Debra Silverman

Website -

Instagram -

Today I want to introduce you to my Astrology teacher and friend: Debra Silverman. 

Debra has created a FREE 3-part video training series called Meet the Planets, where she will introduce you to the basics of Astrology, and I encourage you to check it out!

In this video series, you will learn:

  • How to access your natal chart -- the cosmic blueprint you came into this life with.
  • The beginning steps in discovering what your natal chart has to say about your personality, soul, and purpose in this lifetime.
  • A description of what each of the planets represent.
  • Where Mars is in your chart, and how to reignite your get-up-and-go.
  • Where Jupiter is in your chart, and how to increase your fun-factor and find your joy.

What we chat about on the show: 

  • Using astrology to navigate and harmonise relationships
  • Going through Saturn return - what to expect and why it happens 
  • Saturn and the healthy masculine
  • Finding the motivation to get through challenging times
  • Embracing your uniqueness and fulfilling your mission
  • Staying true to yourself in relationships

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Jan 07 2020



256: Debra Silverman on Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements

Wellness Realness
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Today I'm chatting with Debra Silverman, part Astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian and ALL REAL. She helps people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in a totally objective way. Debra has been in private practice for over 40 years. She uses astrology and her own system called The 4 Elements (or 4E for short) as tools to help people step into their power.

In this episode, Debra discusses how astrology can help you better understand yourself, how astrology and psychology work together for greater personal breakthroughs, and how you can make astrology tangible in your own life. Debra talks about the four elements and what each means, how to balance the elements in your own life, and whether you should live your life according to your astrology chart. She discusses what to look at in your astrology chart, the meaning of your Saturn return, what Mercury signifies, what we can expect in 2020, and much more!

For more from Debra, head here:

Instagram: @debrasilverman_astrology

Facebook: @debrasilvermanastrology

YouTube: Debra Silverman Astrology


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Dec 11 2019

1hr 2mins


[128] Debra Silverman Reads my Astrological Birth Chart + The Missing Element

That's So Maven by The Healthy Maven
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After 128 episodes it's probably no surprise to any of you how much I love astrology. We've chatting about astrology many times here on the show but never have we delved into the birth chart and looked at it from an applied perspective. That's why I'm thrilled to welcome Debra Silverman, a psychotherapist, astrology and writer to the show today. She takes a clinical approach to astrology where it's not just predictive horoscopes but how to get to know your inner self better and live life to your highest potential. She helps you get to know you as it is written in the stars. But we also discuss the importance of fate vs. free will and how to find what your true calling and purpose is in life.   Today's episode is a bit different. Rather than just explaining how a birth chart works, Debra is breaking it down for all of you by jumping into my birth chart and sharing some of my inner workings. I hope you enjoy!   On today's episode we also discuss:
  • Debra's background and how she combines psychotherapy with astrology
  • Her approach to astrology and how its different from others
  • What is a birth chart + how are you born with one?
  • Your sun, moon and rising signs
  • The 4 elements and what they tell you about yourself
  • The missing element and what it can teach you
  • Saturn returns and what you need to know about it
  • South and north nodes and how you can use them to live life to the fullest
  • ...and so much more!

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Dec 04 2019



37 | Debra Silverman | Elemental Power: Psychology Meets Astrology | The Amber Hawken Podcast

The Amber Hawken Podcast
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Did you ever think to look at your missing element?

Me neither, until I spoke to Debra Silverman on podcast #37

Debra Silverman is part Astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian and ALL REAL. She helps people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in a totally objective way. Debra has been in private practice for over 40 years. She uses astrology and her own system called The 4 Elements (or 4E for short) as tools to help people step into their power. Debra’s mothering approach to understanding and empowering people from all walks of life has earned her international fame and admiration. She has written a book, magazine columns, hosted a radio show and has a YouTube channel with over 7 million views.

Key takeaways we explore:

  • the science and art of combining psychology, astronomy and astrology
  • how to read astrology as the cheat sheet and fine print of our life lessons
  • the basics of sun, rising and moon signs to understand yourself
  • how to understand your elements and how its relative to balance
  • the relationship of spirit working through our personal journey
  • how to look within our signs and understand what keeps us stuck and how to  un-stick :)
  • being the most yourself you can be is the best way to avoid suffering
  • how to figure out the connection between you missing element and how you can become unstuck
  • using astrology to navigate and choose relationships
  • where to look to to understand your life lesson to get right to the centre






Discover your missing elements and surrender yourself to the greater good.

Each day, proclaim: use me, let me serve, let me be a channel for all. 

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Until next time....

Hugs, Ambz

Nov 20 2019



Broadening Your Impact — Debra Silverman

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Hi Heroine,

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is how the practice of astrology could help me step up as a leader. How could it help me broaden my impact and align with my purpose? And that’s a huge part of what my guest Debra Silverman opens up by applying astrology in a practical way to our lives. Debra holds an M.A. from Antioch University in Clinical Psychology and trained for her mental health credentials at Harvard University.

What’s super interesting about astrology is that for thousands of years it was primarily practiced by men but in recent times, we’ve all seen the shift – women practice it far more than men – and Debra has been a driving force in training women to combine both their analytical and intuitive gifts in order to become astrologists. It’s really inspiring to see how she shifted from private practice as a psychologist for over 40 years to building a scalable business and school online that certifies thousands of mostly women. In other words, she’s kicking ass. In this episode, you’re going to learn about the Saturn return (if you don’t know what that is, you’ll so find out) and how much it affects you and your destiny, even if you don’t recognize it at the time.


Debra: Don’t underestimate- I wish someone would have told me that if you have a passion, whatever it may be, something that you really pour yourself into- that does come into a reaping cycle eventually.

Majo: I want to talk to you about that transition that you made. You were doing private practice as a clinical psychologist and an astrologer for multiple decades.

Debra: That’s right, 38 years.

Majo: And then you shifted to scaling and in large part because we’re in a special time as well with all the technology and tools. With so much of your business online, tell me a little more about the shift and how that happened. I hear the energetics of it but I'm curious was there particular characters or moments?

Debra: Fate showed up and introduced me to Destinee Berman who I now have a meeting with every Monday morning. It’s karmic- fate has a file for each of us and if you open it you can see the destiny lines. So she opened mine and said “Have you ever heard of an online school?” and I didn’t know what she was talking about. She then helped me do a “skinny launch”- just my email list and in that first class there were 40 women and now it’s grown to thousands.

Oct 24 2019