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Entrepreneur in Education - Jason Earl

The Hope Strategy Podcast

Jason Earl professor at BYUH and Entrepreneur shares his vision for the future of education along with his thoughts on success and happiness. Jason shares how his upbringing created the desire to do well in school and taught him the value of working hard and smart, the value of opportunities, the lessons learned building a successful business and optimizing your own weaknesses through the right team. This episode is a great look at what it means to be successful, the real value of traditional education and what needs to happen in order to future proof the education process. Highlighted Quotes “Bad Zoom Classes” The shroud is off and people can finally peer into higher education, and for the first time in the world people could see what a bad zoom class looks like… it's not pretty. I think what's really happened is we've jumped into the future about 10 to 15 years. I'm convinced there are some educators out there that can do it, and they can teach it and I think this is a huge opportunity for them because this is a chance for a lot of well meaning people to find a platform and put their own foot back in education and really help.  “Skills” There's so many skills now that can be gained just with a decent internet connection and with a tablet or a laptop. You can learn skills in project management, and digital marketing or whatever... There's a lot of things that students need besides just passing some class… they need that confidence, they need a network and they need the brand. “Intangible value” If you can learn to value the things in life that you can't put a dollar amount on and then devote your life to those things. I think that's where you find your greatest reward and even to this day I look at you know some of my best students and I'm so proud of them. But I also look at my students who are simply, you know back in the Philippines and working with their families and they're running a small business, they're happy. they can provide for their families. They feel like they are part of something bigger than just themselves. And they're creating jobs in their own little way and they're changing the world so I think, I think those are the two examples. Resources/Mentions: Education  Willes Center BYUH Companies Exxon Mobil  World Minerals  Places Walmart Museum Podcast Links: Instagram: @Hopestrategy  Facebook: @hopestrategy Twitter: @thehopestrategy Youtube The Hope Strategy

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7 Oct 2020

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Meet The Hubby's: Jason Earl

Delivering the motherLOAD

It's the month of love and the girls have invited their husbands on for some in-depth  questioning. First up is Jason, Kattie's husband. They ask him who is the bigger flirt, who fell in love first, and who is the funnier one in the relationship. Then they play the newlywed game to see how well they know each other. 


3 Feb 2020

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Episode 53 - Andy Fleming, Jason Earl Folks, and Derek Sheen

This Week in Despair with Peter-john Byrnes

It's our first-ever three-guest show! Seattle comic Derek Sheen is in town to join stalwart regulars Andy Fleming and Jason Earl Folks on a week where the government has been shut down, giant Chinese wasps fill the air, lizard people roam the streets undetected, and local restaurants are serving blasphemy on a bun, so the show is even more apocalyptic than usual. We learn what American voters believe. Killer bees make a comeback. Jason would prefer to fight a bear. And the latest Bigfoot news, of course. 


2 Jul 2014

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Episode 16 - Jason Earl Folks and Katie McVay

This Week in Despair with Peter-john Byrnes

This episode was recorded on my birthday, and what greater cause for despair is that? Our National Bigfoot Correspondent Jason Earl Folks turns his expert eye to the latest sighting video emerging from Ohio, and Katie McVay joins us because one loud guest isn't enough. Atrocities discussed include anal tattos, Dungeons and Dragons groups who use Star Wars characters, major newsweeklies which no longer fact-check, and Todd Akin.


29 Sep 2012

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Episode 3 - Jason Earl Folks and Stephanie Hasz

This Week in Despair with Peter-john Byrnes

It's NATO weekend in Chicago, and I'm joined in the studio by the red-headed tag team of Jason Earl Folks and Stephanie Hasz as the helicopters hover overhead. Other topics include Jon Lovitz, the Chicago Cubs ownership, and the rap career of Jason Earl Folks. Also: Bigfoot!

1hr 1min

21 May 2012