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GSB163: 2022 Summer Special Bart with Sam Firstenberg

Gremlins Strike Back

English part starts at 9:52In de eerste Gremlins Strike Back Film Podcast Summer Special 2022 is de king of the sequels te gast. Bart sprak met niemand minder dan Cannoncoryfee Sam Firstenberg. De man die meer sequels maakte dan eerstequels. Hij is verantwoordelijk voor onder meer Revenge of the Ninja, Ninja III: the Domination, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, American Ninja 1 en 2, Delta Force 3, en nog veel meer B-aktie (toen nog met een K) lekkers. Daarnaast is de gepens- en gepassioneerde regisseur ook een uitstekende verteller, waardoor Bart weer zeer weinig moest doen en maximaal van zijn zomervakantie verder kan genieten. En hopelijk jullie ook van deze aflevering.

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18 Jul 2022

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Episodio 21. SESIÓN VIDEOCLUB - Ninja III: The Domination / La Dominación (1984) de Sam Firstenberg


Sesión Videoclub nos permite viajar en el tiempo y disfrutar de aquellos días en los que nos reuníamos con amigos para ver películas de videoclub.NINJA III: The Domination / La Dominación (1984)Las pelis de ninjas tienen todo lo que nos gusta: artefactos, gadgets, peleas, saltos, magia, posesiones, aeróbic, poltergeist, persecuciones, Sho Kosugi y una protagonista muy especial.Esta vez lo damos todo y esperamos que disfrutéis con nosotr@s.En esta ocasión un miembro de nuestro equipo se enfrentará por primera vez a Black Ninja.Equipo Maniático: Albert San (Mr. Maniático), Naila Knight, Miguel y Montse Vela.Saludos Maniáticos!!!!!!Intro MusicalSINOIA CAVES “1983 Main Titles” Album Beyond the Black Rainbow (2014)"Body Shop" Performed by DAVID POWELL"Ultimate Ninja" - "Ninja Mission" - "Ninja Force" - "Ninja Intro" by COBRA COPTER - Album Ninja Empire (2014)"Ninja Raiders" by MEGAHAMMERIntro Musical SESIÓN VIDEOCLUBPUBLIC IMAGE LTD “Order of death” Album This is what you want This is what you Get (1985)

1hr 50mins

1 Jun 2022

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272 - Cyborg Cop (com Sam Firstenberg, realizador)


Voámos até à África do Sul para conhecer esta cópia contrafeita do Robocop, protagonizada pela quase estrela de ação David Bradley. E mesmo sem polícias cyborgs, Cyborg Cop conseguiu reproduzir mais duas refundidas sequelas, feitas a pensar no refugo de videoclube dos anos 90.O israelita Sam Firstenberg regressa ao podcast para desenterrar não só esta trilogia como o resto da sua lendária carreira de realizador ao serviço da Cannon Films.

25 May 2022

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IFH 545: The Godfather of Ninja and Cannon Films with Sam Firstenberg

Indie Film Hustle® - A Filmmaking Podcast with Alex Ferrari

You are in for a treat today. We have legendary 80's action director Sam Firstenberg. At a young age Sam began to "create" movies to entertain his friends. Horrifying his mother, he would cut up books, stringing together the pictures and rolling them up. He would then put the roll into a box with a cut out window, shine a flashlight from behind, and manually pull the roll, revealing the pictures through the window in sequence.Sometimes he would plan a special show in which his sister narrated the "film" based on a script Sam would concoct, and his father would accompany on the violin. As he grew up he found a hobby in photography and by high school had turned his bedroom into a darkroom where he would earn pocket money by developing pictures for his friends.After serving three years in the Israeli army, Sam came to the US in 1971, began to study and work in films, and culminated his studies with “One More Chance," the graduate film thesis which turned into a feature-length film."After Golan bailed us out, our film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1981, then went on to become the official US entry at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival   in Switzerland, and won a Silver Plaque at the 17th Annual Chicago Film Festival. This film became my calling card, and launched my career." recalls Sam.By then Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus had acquired Cannon Films. They hired Sam to direct “Revenge of the Ninja." Sam knew nothing about martial arts, but learned quickly and the film, which starred Sho Kosugi, was shot in Salt Lake City, Utah. Distributed by MGM to a great box-office bonanza, it set the stage for Sam's next directing assignment, “Ninja III - The Domination," also starring Kosugi. The film was shot in Phoenix, Arizona and was also tremendously successful.Both Ninja films directed by Sam were sequels to the highly successful “Enter the Ninja” directed by Golan. "Then came a pleasant opportunity," Sam smiles. "Golan wanted me to direct ' Breakin 2 - Electric Boogaloo," another sequel, which then made me the king of sequels, but also gave me a break from directing Ninja action films."In fact, each of the sequels directed by Firstenberg resulted in better reviews and box office draws than the originals. “Breakin 2 - Electric Boogaloo " was a musical that featured major dance production numbers, filmed in Los Angeles. Distributed by TRI-STAR it was critically acclaimed; and a box office success, one of the reviews hailed it as "The most exuberant musical of the decade."Soon after the release of " Breakin 2 - Electric Boogaloo " Sam was on his way to the Philippines to direct "American Ninja" a major action picture starring Michael Dudikoff and Steve James, who would team up with Sam for two additional motion pictures, "Avenging Force," shot in New Orleans and the swamps of Louisiana, and "American Ninja II"        ’Avenging Force’ was one of the most physically grueling productions I ever worked on,"comments Sam."We spent days and nights in water, mud up to our waists, with snakes crawling between our legs."The film opened to rave reviews. The LA Times called Firstenberg "... a rockin' young action director who's pulled off a series of rave up pictures for Cannon including ' American Ninja ' and ' Electric Boogaloo,' and now in ' Avenging Force ' shows off his savvy style, which combines a keen sense of pacing with brawny punch...it marks the emergence of a truly gifted movie talent."The next picture for Sam was “Riverbend”, a controversial drama with Steve James and Margaret Avery from "The Color Purple." The picture explored race relations in 1966 Georgia, and was an opportunity for Firstenberg to work with strong dramatic material. In sharp contrast, Sam's next picture was an all-out comedy, “The Day We Met,” which proved to him that his directorial talents were easily extended."Delta Force   III” came next, a military action picture with Nick Cassavettes, Eric Douglas, Mike Norris, and Matthew Penn, and was followed with a breakthrough approach to martial arts in “American Samurai” introducing hot young martial artists David Bradley and Marc Dacascos.  Firstenberg then got his first taste of TV work with a nighttime crime show for CBS, directing six episodes of “Sweating Bullets"With the creation of Nu Image, principles Avi Lerner and Danny Dimbort recruited Firstenberg to direct their first production, "Cyborg Cop," and then the sequel, "Cyborg Soldier," both sci-fi action flicks with David Bradley. In addition, Firstenberg completed with Bradley and Frank Zagarino the action picture "Blood Warrior." Next came “Operation Delta Force” a military style action / adventure with Ernie Hudson, Jeff Fahey, Joe Lara, Frank Zagarino, and Hall Halbrok.1997 brought Firstenberg to explore new directorial areas; “McCinsey’s Island” is a comedy for children, a treasure hunt movie with Hulk Hogan, Robert Vaughn, and Grace Jones, and “Motel Blue” with Sean Young, Soleil Moon Frye, and Seymour Cassel, is a psychological thriller with two women in the lead.Sam and I had an amazing conversation about all things Cannon Films, Ninjas, Break Dancing and 80's action films. Enjoy!

1hr 17mins

13 Jan 2022

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Revenge of The Ninja (1983) Movie Review (Directed By Sam Firstenberg)

RazTazzAm The Podcast Show

After ninjas killed his family, Cho and his son Kane come to America to start a new life. He opens a doll shop but is unwittingly importing heroin in the dolls. When his friend betrays him, Cho must prepare for the ultimate battle.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/raztazzamthepodcastshow/support


11 Oct 2021

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ep 90 Sam Firstenberg- Film Director

Red River Podcast

https://linktr.ee/_red_river_podcastBeyond lucky to get some time with the legendary action film director. We talk Cannon, Ninjas, and breakdancing. Talk about some classic fight sequences as well as the story behind the American Ninja poster. Another guest that we will need a part 2 for. For all Sam updates go to https://samfirstenberg.tripod.com/Follow Dark Satellite Media https://www.instagram.com/darksatellitemedia/?hl=en

1hr 25mins

21 Jun 2021

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You Might Like This: with director Sam Firstenberg.

You Might Like This.

I spoke with Sam Firstenberg, the director of so many classic Cannon films.  

1hr 11mins

10 May 2021

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230 - American Ninja (com Sam Firstenberg, realizador)


Das muitas coisas bonitas que a extinta Cannon trouxe ao ocidente, uma ainda perdura no nosso imaginário. Falamos pois na mitologia ninja e mais concretamente no apropriamento cultural descarado chamado American Ninja. Ou, como cá foi chamado, O Regresso do Ninja Americano.O nosso convidado é o realizador Sam Firstenberg que nos vai contar como é que, sem qualquer experiência, foi largado no meio desta loucura de punhais e sabres.Podíamos ter chamado o Michael Dudikoff para nos ajudar a arrumar esta empreitada de 5 filmes mas optámos pela melhor alternativa possível: Pedro Cinemaxunga (podcast Nas Nalgas do Mandarim), também ele letal e silencioso.

19 Jun 2020

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Ep 367: Sam Firstenberg

The Movie Crypt

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Sam Firstenberg (BREAKIN’ 2:ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, AMERICAN NINJA, NINJA 3: THE DOMINATION) “virtually” joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career… and the guys couldn’t possibly geek out harder! This highly enjoyable conversation is an absolute must listen for fans of Sam’s illustrious career - chock full of anecdotes and behind the scenes stories about the making of some of the most memorable action films of the 80’s and 90’s. You’ll be doing the worm with Arwen, moonwalking with Adam, and head spinning with Joe before the episode is over! TO HEAR THE FULL VERSION OF THIS EPISODE GO TO PATREON.COM/THEMOVIECRYPT. FOR ONLY $1 A MONTH YOU'LL GET EVERY NEW EPISODE, IN ITS ENTIRETY, EVERY MONDAY MORNING! YOU CAN HAVE NEW EPISODES DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY TO YOUR PODCAST APP OF CHOICE USING THE RSS CODE THAT PATREON PROVIDES FOR YOU WHEN YOU SIGN UP!


15 Jun 2020

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“Have you ever heard of Ninjutsu, sir?”: An Interview with Sam Firstenberg by Kent Hill

podcasting them softly

https://podcastingthemsoftly.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/sam-the-ninja.mp3 “This book is a great achievement for the action film genre!”Isaac Florentine (Director, Undisputed 2) The heart of the die-hard, ninja movie addict in me skipped a beat when I received word that I would be sitting down for a chat with the Godfather of the genre, Sam Firstenberg. THE MAKING OF CYBORG COP IN AFRICA Marco Siedelmann & Sam have compiled what I feel is a kind of splendid maelstrom of biography meets chronological history meets retrospective documentary the size of the phone books from the days of yore. To read it is to be immersed in warm, gooey, Cannon goodness. The question put simply…how can you resist? MAKING OF NINJA III Indeed any resistance is futile when it comes to this true completest’s tome of not merely Firstenberg’s exciting, excessively driven, and beautifully enigmatic cinematic career, but it also runs side by side with accounts from the stars, the stunt men as well as many of his peers and collaborators. BEHIND THE SCENES ON SPIDERS II: BREEDING GROUND Sam Firstenberg is mostly recognized as one Cannon’s most important in-house directors during their outrageously successful heyday of the 1980’s. The journey of this interview collection starts even before he made his way to direct box office hits just like REVENGE OF THE NINJA, NINJA III: THE DOMINATION, BREAKIN’ II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, and AMERICAN NINJA, amongst others. The conversations in the book shed light on his origins and influences, including childhood memories, private biographical chapters, his years as a film student in Los Angeles, and his early work as an assistant director and technician for people like Menahem Golan, Charles Band, Ephraim Kishon, Boaz Davidson, and many more. The interviews are not chronological, but focus on every career-step, just as well as on every single movie Firstenberg ever directed until his retirement in 2002. FRANK ZAGARINO IN OPERATION DELTA FORCE His memories about all the projects he was involved in are packed with adventurous stories about ninjas and breakdancers, about directing action entertainment in exotic countries, and about working with numerous movie stars, among them Michael Dudikoff, Eric Roberts, John-Rhys Davies, Hulk Hogan, Grace Jones, Nick Cassavetes, Zachi Noy, Richard Roundtree, Steve James, Sho Kosugi, and many more. MAKING REVENGE OF THE NINJA STORIES FROM THE TRENCHES is also a book about the early film industry in Israel, the Hollywood star system and the no longer existing mid-budget movies. It’s about the home video boom, about the ascension and the decline of Cannon, but it also discusses the rules and traditions of the industry. Other topics are the practical way a film was put together in that era, the technical changes through the years, the different film market situation compared to nowadays – and last, but not least, it’s an inside story about the early years of Nu Image and how Avi Lerner’s companies Nu Image and Millennium continued the spirit of Cannon, but under different circumstances and times. MAKING REVENGE OF THE NINJA In the Trenches: Adventures in making high octane Hollywood movies with Cannon veteran Sam Firstenberg, is about the war all filmmakers fight, trying to bring about the seemingly impossible and mysterious aligning of the planets of both art and commerce that have created one of mankind’s contributions to the universe…the movies. Or in Sam’s case…ninja movies. GET IT NOW!!!

8 May 2020