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Selling Coaching in the Digital World with Marc Mawhinney

Results Leader.FM

Selling coaching online is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, you can find tens of thousands of your ideal clients in seconds thanks to social media.  On the other hand, social media giants spend billions of dollars each year, devising ways to keep you addicted to their platforms.  Which is a curse when you’ve got a business to run!  But today’s guest, Marc Mawhinney—owner of the Coaching Jungle Facebook group & host of the Natural Born Coaches podcast—has cracked the code of selling online without becoming addicted to social media.  In this episode, you’ll discover how to effortlessly get clients online — without wasting all your time and energy on social media.  Listen now!  Show highlights include: How to read 100 high-value books a year (while still having enough time for your business and family) (4:29)  A powerful daily email strategy for turning a disengaged audience into a horde of email junkies (who practically beg for you to sell to them again) (8:26)  The “Big 3” marketing pillars of a stable and highly profitable coaching business (10:48) Why enjoying a cold drink on a sunny afternoon helps you earn piles of money (even if you skip work) (13:03)  How to guard yourself against social media addiction with the “drive by posting” method (14:15)  If you found a golden nugget of wisdom in this episode, share it on social media with the hashtag #ResultsLeaderFM to help spread the word. If you’d like to connect with Marc, here’s where you’ll find him online:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheCoachingJungle www.NaturalBornCoaches.com


27 Oct 2022

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Growing Your Coaching Business With Polarizing Content with Marc Mawhinney | 616

Money Ripples Podcast

Marc Mawhinney is the coach of coaches. He is the owner of The Coaching Jungle on Facebook, he’s been an entrepreneur, a real estate agent, an investor, and so much more. He’s here today to talk to us about creating polarizing content and how you can use it to your advantage.Key Talking Points of the Episode[01:27] Invest with Secured Investment Corp! [02:17] Who is Marc Mawhinney?[03:25] What is Marc’s background?[04:48] How long has Marc been doing daily emails?[07:18] What does it mean to be polarizing?[08:07] How did the Tony Robbins film affect other coaches’ content?[09:13] What kind of things should you be polarizing about?[11:45] How do you overcome the hate your content gets?[13:00] How does Marc take advantage of his belief in capitalism?[15:30] How does Marc deal with the hate he receives on his content?[18:53] How does Marc find valuable content that he uses to bring in people?[22:15] Where can you find more of Marc and what he does?Quotables“I think it’s something that never completely leaves you. It’s kinda like a wound that’s scarred over - you can kinda see it, but it doesn’t sting as much.”“I always think when you’re being polarizing, it has to be grounded in actual beliefs that you have.”“It gets easier the more you do it. You get a thick skin.”“What I like to do is to use their hate and turn it into sales, so I use it as content fodder.”“I haven’t been getting as many of them as I probably should and part of it is because I’ve changed the way I use social media.”“Once you start creating a lot of content, it gets easier. You’re building up your content creation muscles.”


10 Jun 2022

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How to Profit from Daily Emails with Marc Mawhinney

Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life

In this episode we’re joined by guest Marc Mawhinney, a ... Read more


10 Jun 2022

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Marc Mawhinney: Growing A Business The Right Way, Natural Born Coaches & Entrepreneurs

The Michael Brian Show

Marc Mawhinney (@marcmawhinney) is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients (without paid advertising)! He achieves this with his coaching programs: the popular Natural Born Coaches podcast, his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter – Secret Coach Club. Previous Interview : https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/marc-mawhinney-natural-born-coaches/id1467604892?i=1000450665218 We discuss relationship building and how that is the key to growing a business in the right way, and we talk about the current state of business, the coaching industry and capitalism versus communism and much more! Get your 2-month free trial of my Inner Circle here https://bit.ly/InnerCircle2MTrial Join the FREE Facebook group for The Michael Brian Show at https://www.facebook.com/groups/themichaelbrianshow Follow Mike on Facebook Instagram & Twitter


6 Jun 2022

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Episode 3 - Breaking Beliefs through Action with Marc Mawhinney

The School of Atypical Insights

Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients (without paid advertising)! He achieves this with his coaching programs, his podcast Natural Born Coaches, his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter – Secret Coach Club. He's been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, frequently makes media appearances and contributes for Entrepreneur.comMarc and I dive into... - Synergies between real estate and coaching - Consistency as a Superpower - Breaking beliefs through ACTION - The benefits of exploring interests outside of your business - Getting over the fear of shipping your artConnect with Marc:www.NaturalBornCoaches.comTwitterLinkedInInstagram


27 Apr 2022

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Superior Coaching For Coaches with special guest Marc MaWhinney

Talks on the Wild Side

Thanks to Carl Richards and his team at Carl Speaks  for his support in producing my podcasts. If you're thinking of launching a podcast, I highly recommend you check him out:https://carlspeaks.ca/podcasting/


15 Mar 2022

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NBC 756: Marc Mawhinney & Wally Carmichael: An Easier Path to Success for Business Coaches

Natural Born Coaches

Courses, marketing campaigns, and other content must be created to have a growing and profitable business, but when you do all that work, you’re working against yourself. In this episode, Wally Carmichael returns to discuss how you can eliminate the overwhelm of content and asset creation, so you can actually coach business owners and enjoy the freedom lifestyle you desire! If you’re looking for a done-for-you system for business coaches and consultants, you’re going to want to check out http://www.coachingbusinessboost.com/ ! * How would you like to build your dream coaching business, and would you like to work directly with me and get my help to do it? If so, I’m now accepting applications to my next Construct Your Dream Coaching Business Group Program, where I’ll work with you over 12 weeks to get your coaching business rocking and rolling! To apply, go to https://marc-mawhinney.lpages.co/construct/, and I’m looking forward to working with you soon! There are a million Facebook Groups out there (and you’re probably a member of a lot of them), but The Coaching Jungle Facebook Group is different! It’s where you’ll find tens of thousands of amazing coaches sharing advice and giving accountability to each other, along with a healthy dose of motivation to grow your coaching business, each and every day. Swing on in and join The Coaching Jungle Facebook Group! Make sure to check out Secret Coach Club, my monthly hard copy newsletter that’s delivered to your mailbox each month! In it, I share my best strategies and advice for getting new coaching clients – all for about $3 a day, with flexible subscription options. Learn more at https://www.secretcoachclub.com/, and don’t delay!


14 Mar 2022

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Building Your Online Business | Marc Mawhinney | Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch

Raw & Unscripted with Christopher Rausch

Building Your Online Business | Marc Mawhinney | Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch Tuesdays @ 7pm (pst) / 10pm (est)Learn strategies for starting a successful online business with a shoestring budget Discover strategies for having the RIGHT mindset for dealing with challenging customers & circumstancesGain proven methods for advertising your business and charging what you are WORTH!! Please join me LIVE Tuesday, March 1st 2022 @ 7pm (pst / 10pm (est) as I chat with business strategist and the creator of Natural Born Coaches and The Coaching Jungle Marc Mawhinney!!! Videocast Replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq-0Xg6_avEYou will absolutely love Marc's powerfully effective approach for starting and running a successful online business! Marc has decades of direct experience in business and sales strategies and runs one of the most recognized coaching brands in the industry. Please check Marc out at  www.www.naturalborncoaches.com and find him on all social via @MarcMawhinneyNo doubt this conversation will provide tons of #inspiration and #motivation to potentially change your #Perspective and #Mindset! Bring your favorite note-taking tools and let's make the changes we need to move to the next level of our life!BONUS: We'll be interacting with you LIVE in the comments section with your thoughts and answering your questions!Are YOU READY #KickassNation #MisFits4Life???#OnlineBusinessSuccess#BusinessStrategies#NoExcusesCoach#Raw&UNscripted#NoRegrets#UnstoppableFor More Information please check out:www.ChristopherRausch.comwww.Youtube.com/TheChristopherRausch


1 Mar 2022

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Integrating your Facebook group with your Podcast to build authority and connect with ideal clients- Marc Mawhinney

Beyond Influencer Marketing

Coaching business expert and renowned podcaster Marc Mawhinney shares  practical tips to integrate your Facebook group with a content platform such as a podcast to build authority and connect with ideal clients During our conversation, Marc shares: How to initially get people to eagerly join your Facebook group  What matters most between quantity of members and engagement to succeed with your group Proven ways to increase engagement in your Facebook group The role that an abundance mindset has in the growth of your group and your ability to monetize the group How to monetize your Facebook group in a way that doesn't offend people who join Ways to integrate your email marketing, Facebook group, and podcast to attract ideal clients Why share your client wins in your Facebook group The role that your connections play in the growth of your Facebook group and your podcast The decision to have a free group versus a paid Facebook group About Marc Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help coaches build successful businesses! He achieves this with his coaching programs; his podcast, Natural Born Coaches;his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter Secret Coach Club  He frequently makes media appearances and is a contributor for Entrepreneur.com. You can learn more about Marc at: www.NaturalBornCoaches.com Download Marc’s infographic: A guaranteed way to get clients from other people's Facebook groups at www.naturalborncoaches.com.


7 Feb 2022

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Entering the Coaching Jungle - Marc Mawhinney

Peace Love and Bring a Bat

Welcome to the jungle, baby...the COACHING jungle that is. Join Uncle Dave as he sits down to chat with this week's guest, Marc Mawhinney, the king of the coaching jungle. Dave and Marc chat about the nuances of coaching, especially the nuance about looking out for unscrupulous coaches, and much more in the deep dive episode. Spoiler alert: Uncle Dave talks about skinny dipping in Hawaii so get your earmuffs on the kids! Follow Marc Mawhinney here: https://www.naturalborncoaches.com or on his Facebook group "The Coaching Jungler here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheCoachingJungle I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you would like to connect, you can find me, your host Uncle Dave, David Chametzky here: https://www.davidchametzky.com Find me on social media as David Chametzky, or on the Facebook page for Peace, Love and Bring a Bat, on Twitter @goofyjaam Peace Love and Bring a Bat is produced by Launchpad 516 Studios. For show ideas, guest inquiries or general feedback, drop an email: peacelovebringabat@gmail.com For sponsorships and media inquiries, drop an email: peacelovebringabat@lp516.com If you are enjoying hearing this and want to support either the podcast OR more importantly Goons for Good please feel free to click on the Patron link below to support and for a shout out and a half hour one on one session of Havening(R) https://patron.podbean.com/PeaceLoveandBringaBat Pink Cans for Cancer http://recycling4acure.org/pink-cans-4-cancer Subscribe to Peace Love and Bring a Bat on Apple Podcasts and get notified of new episodes, every Thursday! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/peace-love-and-bring-a-bat/id1552738547 (c) 2021 On the Path LLC. All Rights Reserved and Enthusiastically Protected.


6 Jan 2022