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155 - No Sex At Work | Ft. Judith Beck

Team Guru Podcast

Show notes:http://www.teams.guru/podcast/155-no-sex-at-work-the-secret-to-gender-diversity-ft-judith-beck/My guest in this episode is Judith Beck. Judith is the author of the salaciously titled book - No Sex at Work. But it’s not what you think. It’s not about the federal government’s famous “bonk ban”. Nope. This is more meaningful than that.


28 Jul 2021

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#4 Judith Beck - Koreaa 2020

Wein für Wein

Wenn Gemischter Satz zum Almdudler Gspritzt wird.Endlich eine Winzerin! Judith Beck hatten sowohl Michael als auch Kady auf ihrer Liste - Michael war den Tick schneller und hat einen Klassiker aus dem Beck-Universum mitgebracht: Koreaa, ein leichter Gemischter Satz der gerade für Naturwein-Einsteiger optimal geeignet ist. Spannend, easy drinking und für Michael totales Almdudler Gspritzt-Feeling. Jede Folge verkosten die beiden Weinliebhaberinnen Kady und Michael einen Wein & stellen die Winzerinnen dahinter vor. Das besondere daran: Abwechselnd bringt einer der beiden eine Flasche Wein mit und der andere hat keine Ahnung, was ihn erwartet.


24 Jul 2021

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Part 2: What do the Top 10% do with Judith Beck

Lady Leadership with Sam McIntyre

It was great to catch up again with my new friend Judith Beck for part 2 of this podcast! If you haven't listened to part 1 of this chat - check out my first episode with Judith called 'Don't let Gender hold you back at work.' This week we talked about what do the top 10% per cent do to get to those coveted senior leadership roles. Some of these concepts that we talked about where so simple, being organised, be kind and polite to people, not levellising ie being the same with everyone and I mean everyone, being prepared and organised. Plus we talked about being a continual learning - ie if you think you know it all then you definitely don't. Then we talked about being able to get a good understanding of what is going on, making a proper assessment and then making change. Then we covered being able to own both your own achievements and your own mistakes as well. They also don't have barriers ie they don't sop themselves from doing things, they go for it and give it a go plus they know to give a great elvevator pitch. If you are wanting to shift your career to the next level then you should definitely give this podcast a listen! f you want to learn more about what the T10P’s do, Judith’s new book ‘No Sex at Work’ is available at all good bookstores and online through amazon: https://lnkd.in/gMCTQTY -


18 Jul 2021

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Stop gender holding you back at work with Judith Beck

Lady Leadership with Sam McIntyre

This is the most delightful chat with Judith Beck - I absolutely loved meeting and talking to Judith. Judith is a powerhouse and so knowledgable! I could have talked to Judith all day - she has so much wisdom to share! Judith Beck had a stellar career in recruitment with Financial Recruitment Group, an executive search company she founded in 1995. Over her career, she has successfully placed thousands of candidates at senior to managing director level within the finance industry. What Judith learnt from recruitment led her to start Financial Executive Women (FEW) in 2013, an organisation that promotes the positive progression of women in the finance industry through experience, guidance and support. Judith passed the FEW business to the next generation in 2020 and her passion remains to ensure women have the right support systems to advance their careers.Judith  says it’s time to stop gender holding you back at work, talks the top skills needed & key to overcoming barriers . Your gender shouldn’t define your success at work. It’s not about your sex, it’s about you and your ability to learn certain skills and behaviours to help you step up in your career.  We talked recruitment and we had a great laugh about some of our experiences and stories! Judith is someone who generally wants to help people and leaders. Judith also shared some AMAZING tips on how to progress your career! I loved these suggestions and they are so so true!   In her new book, No Sex at Work author and founder of Financial Executive Women, Judith Beck, provides a no-nonsense guide to career advancement and inspires you to see yourself as an individual not a gender. Drawing upon extensive experience as a leading recruiter in the financial services industry, Judith explains what the top 10 percent of high achievers do well, and how to increase your chances of success by eradicating the barriers holding you back. About me: My name is Samantha McIntyre and after 30 years in business and technology - from starting out on the helpdesk to the C suite, being on Executive boards, and being a mother and entrepreneur! I am passionate about helping women in their careers and business. What I have enjoyed the most in my roles is helping those around me succeed - particularly women!  I have lead technology teams for some of the biggest businesses and brands in Australia and the world such as Tesco, Loreal, Coles, Woolworths, and Sportsgirl. So if you're looking for someone who knows what it is like to be a woman in business and technology plus being a mother and an entrepreneur then you've come to the right place. Contact: Website: https://www.lady-leadership.com/ LinkedIn: Samantha McIntyre Twitter: sjmcintyre1 Facebook: @Samantha McIntyre Instagram: @lady.leadership. 


5 Jun 2021

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No Sex At Work - By Judith Beck


Judith Beck draws on decades of experience as an executive recruiter to share what sets the top 10 percent of people apart. She believes the key to speeding up our career progression is to think as individuals, not as genders, and when we do this the sooner their will be equality for everyone


29 Apr 2021

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Scale Up Series #4 - Judith Beck

Ensombl Podcast

Judith is the Keynote Speaker at Judith Beck Consulting and author of "No Sex at Work". She and Fraser discuss scaling up through staff, and how to behave like the top 10%. Judith Beck LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/judith-beck-6097234/ Judith Beck Website: https://www.judithbeck.com.au/ To connect with your local Aberdeen Standard BDM visit https://www.aberdeenstandard.com/en/australia/adviser/contact-us?country=Australia Join the XY platform: App Store: http://co.xyadviser.com/xyistore Google Play: http://co.xyadviser.com/xygplay Desktop: https://www.xyadviser.com/ General Disclaimer – https://www.xyadviser.com/disclaimer/ This podcast has been prepared with care, is based on sources believed to be reliable and all opinions expressed are honestly held as at the applicable date. However, it is of general information only and we accept no liability for any errors or omissions. It has been prepared without taking into account the particular objectives, financial situation or needs of any investor. Investing involves risks including the risk of losing capital. It is important that before acting investors should consider their own circumstances, objectives and financial situation, the information’s appropriateness to them and consult financial and tax advisers. Investors should consider the PDS available at aberdeenstandard.com before making an investment decision. Products issued by Aberdeen Standard Investments Australia Limited ABN 59 002 123 364. AFSL number 240263.

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10 Mar 2021

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#50 Dr. Judith Beck Explains How Everyone Could Benefit From Learning CBT

Therapy Show

Dr. Judith Beck is President of Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a nonprofit organization which provides training and certification in CBT to health and mental health professionals around the world. Dr. Beck divides her time between teaching, clinical work, program development, research, and writing. Dr. Beck is also Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of the primary text in the field, Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond, which is now in its third edition and has been translated into 20 languages. Dr. Beck’s other books include Cognitive Therapy for Challenging Problems, Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders, the Oxford Textbook of Psychotherapy, and The Diet Trap Solution. The online CBT courses she has developed at the Beck Institute have been taken by people in 130 countries. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a cognitive therapy focused on identifying and modifying thoughts, feelings and behavior. Based on the cognitive model, CBT is a psychotherapy approach that recognizes that an individual’s reactions, either emotionally or behaviorally, are a result of how they perceive a given situation. One important part of CBT therapy is helping clients notice their automatic thoughts in order to change their unhelpful thinking and behavior. Once clients become aware of their automatic thoughts and how those thoughts lead to negative emotions and behavior, they can begin to experience lasting improvements in their mood and functioning. TherapyShow.com/Podcasts Disclaimer: The information shared in this podcast is not a substitute for getting help from a mental health professional.


9 Nov 2020

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Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back? with Dr. Judith Beck

Making Positive Psychology Work

Today we’re talking to Dr. Judith Beck, who is a clinical professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and the president of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Judith is a prolific author, clinician, and educator in the field of mental health, and has written several books for professionals and for consumers about cognitive behavior therapy, made hundreds of presentations around the world, and continues to treat clients through Beck Institute’s in-house clinic, and has won numeral awards for her contributions to the field of CBT. In this week’s podcast, we explore how cognitive behavior therapy can be safely used in workplaces to help leaders and staff care for their wellbeing. Connect with Judith Beck: https://beckinstitute.org/ You’ll Learn: [02:13] - Judith explains what cognitive behavior therapy is and provides an example of how it can support our wellbeing. [06:20] - Judith shares some of the research findings on the benefits of cognitive behavior therapy when it comes to caring for our wellbeing. [09:08] - Judith explains how cognitive behavior therapy has changed over the last decade to tap into research on motivation, purpose, and resilience. [13:38] - Judith offers some examples of how cognitive behavior therapy can be safely used in workplaces – particularly in the midst of COVID-19. [18:04] - Judith provides three tips on how we can use cognitive behavior therapy to care for our own wellbeing at work. [23:05] - Judith enters for the lightning round. Your Resources: MPPW Podcast on Facebook Group Martin Seligman's books. Thanks for listening!  Thanks so much for joining me again this week.  If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of this post. Please leave an honest review of the Making Positive Psychology Work Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. They do matter in the rankings of the show, and I read each and every one of them.  And don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic updates. It’s free! You can also listen to all the episodes of Making Positive Psychology Work streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad through stitcher. No need for downloading or syncing. Until next time, take care!  Thank you, Judith!


10 Jul 2020

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Episode 042: Book Review - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 2e by Judith Beck

The Sean M. Sullivan Podcast

I review CBT 2e by Judith Beck and also share real life instances where I have used the methods laid out by Dr. Beck in this book.8/10 I highly recommend this book for those of you who want to learn how to challenge ideas in a therapeutic way or to those of you learning to be psychotherapists.


3 May 2019

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Episode 31 – LIVE from the FPA Congress – Day 3 with David & Kathryn from Capital Partners on investing in your firm, Cara Williams on investing in yourself and Judith Beck from Financial Executive Women on getting from A to B in your career

The Robo's Are Coming!

… Read More The post Episode 31 – LIVE from the FPA Congress – Day 3 with David & Kathryn from Capital Partners on investing in your firm, Cara Williams on investing in yourself and Judith Beck from Financial Executive Women on getting from A to B in your career appeared first on The Advice Movement.


6 Dec 2018