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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jenny Zhu. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jenny Zhu, often where they are interviewed.

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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jenny Zhu. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jenny Zhu, often where they are interviewed.

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First Generation Immigrant Builds A Massive Home Decor Brand -Jenny Zhu Ep 56

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How First-Generation Immigrant Jenny Zhu Created the Massive Triangle Homes Fashions from Scratch.

In a business that deals with warehouses from India and China to manufacture their textile products, there has to be an incredible business model, right?

In this episode of the Page One Podcast, Luke Peters speaks with Jenny Zhu about her home décor textile business Triangle Homes Fashions. She is a first-generation immigrant who has turned Triangle homes into a massive company in only 10 years and now sells to major retailers plus 40 others. She graduated in 2005 summa Cum laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology before founding Triangle Homes in 2008.

Listen in to learn the business model she uses with manufacturing factories overseas while taking care of the business side of things in the US. You will also learn the strategy they use at Triangle Homes to keep business running smoothly during the pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use the ERP system to get the business data that helps you plan ahead.
  • Learning to overcome challenges in a foreign country and rising to start a leading business.
  • How to differentiate your brand to stand out in a saturated market.

Episode Timeline:

  • [0:29] Intro
  • [2:01] She explains the home textile products that Triangle Home Fashions creates and distributes when she founded the company, and their business model.
  • [3:29] How the COVID-19 has affected their operations from working from home to how they establish warehouse guidelines.
  • [6:27] She describes how they prepared for the COVID-19 by manufacturing early and shifting the process from China to India.
  • [9:41] The business model they use with their warehouses and shipping of products and what they’re looking to change in the future.
  • [13:30] How they build a great ERP system to give them data to analyze different skew performance.
  • [16:17] She explains where she spends her time in the company as the CEO while helping the team steer the company forward.
  • [19:21] She narrates her childhood in China, the challenges she faced after her move to the US plus pursuing a career in the textile home décor field.
  • [25:51] She explains how they differentiate their Lush Décor brand from similar décor brands.
  • [31:48] The methods they use to skew inventory to get solo inventory turn goals.
  • [35:35] She describes how she has had a hard time balancing work and life as an entrepreneur.


“We offer our customers some inspiration, we believe the customer will have a sense of what it is they want and we help them to find it and create the home of their dream.”- Jenny Zhu [25:57]

Aug 14 2020 · 40mins
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Zero to Hero; Wechat Hacks for User Growth; 8X8 Speaker Series (2/3) with Jenny Zhu, Co-Founder of Open Language

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Wechat hacks are the new cheat sheet for optimising user and business growth. This week, recorded Live! from Chinaccelerator's 8x8 event in Shanghai, Jenny Zhu, Co-Founder of Open Language, shares how to fine-tune content strategy, avoid cheap tricks, allow users to buy what they love, and the importance of tracking campaigns for sustained growth.

Want to join our next September 8X8 event? Then click to join us at Beijing or Shanghai -and all for FREE! This year, 8x8 Shanghai will also capstone NewCo Shanghai, a new kind of event experience -a mashup of an open studio tour and a business conference with the vibe of a music festival.

Thanks as always to our sponsors Chinaccelerator, People-Squared, and our syndication partner Technode. A huge thanks to our Producer, Vivian Law and Production Editor David Xu, and finally our listeners –Thank You!

Aug 31 2016 · 15mins
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Raising an entrepreneur regardless of gender, with podcast superstar Jenny Zhu

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We bring on the show our first female guest Jenny Zhu, who was the voice behind the iconic Chinese learning podcast ChinesePod. Jenny is now working on her new venture OpenLanguage to help young Chinese learn English using engaging audio and video content.

In this episode we discuss the gender imbalance in entrepreneurship and Chinese parents’ influence on their children's career choices. Jenny also shares with us lessons she learned building and growing OpenLanguage and the importance of going local and mobile.
Dec 16 2015 · 44mins
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EP7: Jenny Zhu of OpenLanguage

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In this episode of the Tech in Shanghai podcast we speak with a local podcast celebrity, Jenny Zhu. Born in Shanghai to a hard-core Communist military family, and schooled in Singapore and Australia since 14 years of age, Jenny is a pioneer in online, podcast-based language learning.

Jenny was on the founding team of Chinese pod, a wildly popular podcast for learning mandarin. After a successful exit from that venture, she founded OpenLanguage, and language learning platform for multiple popular languages.

In speaking with Jenny we get a unique perspective on entrepreneurship from someone who was born and raised in Shanghai, has seen dramatic change in her surroundings, and who represents the many successful and ambitious women in Shanghai and beyond!


WECHAT: TheHungryFoolish


Nov 09 2014 · 1hr 2mins