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Better You 4U - An Entrepreneur's Journey

 Episode Objectives - The Why Brand management is not reserved for big corporations with large marketing budgets. The size of your marketing budget does not always correspond to the size of the impact of your brand. As a small business owner you want to amplify the impact of your brand to create instant recognition of the problem that you solve and the value that you bring. The objective of this episode is to level the playing field by providing you with budget friendly suggestions for to amplify your brand. Key Issues - Owner Perspective: The power of your brand is experienced through your customersBranding is more that style, fonts, colors, pictures but it also includes your actionsOur brand is not what we do but part of who we are What You Need to Know - The What 1. You have at least two brands – Your personal brand and your Business Brand Personal BrandBusiness Brand 2. Your branding shows up everywhere you are  WebsiteEmailsSocial MediaBlog postsReviewsComments 3. Your brand is impacted by everything that you do Positive ImpactsNegative Impacts 4. Brand Evaluation Brand evaluation refers to the measurement of the value of a brand using relevant indicators that assess the impact of the brand on customers/users. Brand evaluation includes both monetary considerations (i.e. brand value) and non-monetary considerations (i.e. brand strength and brand equity). What You Need to Do - The How 1. Conduct a brand evaluation What does your brand stand for? What do you want your company to be known for?Talk to the source – Your customers are going to be a key source of information about the perception of your brand.Review your web and social media assetsReview your sales data in the context of the customer journeyExternal factors 2. Be consistent (Budget Friendly Solution) In your actionsDo what you say you are going to do, when you said you were going to do itIn the way you show-up on social mediaIn the way you show-up in other venuesIf you have a style guide, then use it consistentlyIf you do not have a style guide then develop one 3. Use the power of your community  ReviewsTestimonialsReferrals Previous: Your Call To Action - https://podcast.betteryou4u.com/1-your-call-to-action-james-bryant Next: Customer Referrals – Why You are not getting the results you want Links and Resources 1. Upcoming Webinar https://link.betteryou4u.com/Webinars 2. Webinar Recordings Defining Your Target Market - https://link.betteryou4u.com/targetmarketIdentifying Your leadership Language - https://link.betteryou4u.com/LLReplay 3. IBGR – Season 5 Survey https://www.ibgr.network/facebook-community.html or https://www.ibgr.network/linkedin-community.html): 4. Subscribe to the podcast:  https://podcast.betteryou4u.com/ James W Bryant - Helping you Succeed in Business and in Life LinkedIn:        https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbryant2/ Business Made Simple:  https://www.hireacoach.com/James-Bryant https://www.businessmadesimple.com?ref=jamesbryant1 Small Business Highlight: https://banowetzmarketing.com/


14 Mar 2021

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Leading yourself well in tough times- guest James Bryant

Inspiritment from Jo Koepke

So what is self-leadership and how do we lead ourselves well in tough times? James Bryant from Lead Different joins me for a conversation about this. You also get a little insight into being friends with James and how much we love talking about these things. You can also find this episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmRPhJtLCBxZ298b1No6Ztw Find out more about the Ignite programs that Lead Different run: https://online.ignitegroups.org?aff=3 Find Lead Different on social media to stay in touch with James and what he's up to.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jo-koepke/message


11 Mar 2021

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Better You 4U - An Entrepreneur's Journey

INTRODUCTION Who is in the best position to talk about your product, your promise, and the transformation that it provides? Are you the best person to talk about your products and services? What if you had people who used your products tell the story of how your product changed their life!  The experiences of the people that use your products and services build a strong narrative about your brand. Today we are going to learn how to unleash your customer stories to talk about your products and services. Episode Objectives - The Why Using your real-life customers to tell their story is one of the most powerful tools you can use to connect with new potential customers. The objective of this episode is to equip you with the tools that you need to unleash the power of your customer’s stories.  Key Issues - Owner Perspective: Customer engagement takes time and is worth the effort.The community that you build provides a foundation for future growth.Negative feedback is fuel for innovation. What You Need to Know - The What There are many ways to engage your customers. The tools that you use engage your customers will depend heavily on what you are trying to accomplish.  1. What are you trying to accomplish? Product TestingProduct ReviewMarket research for new productIncreasing salesIncreasing clicks on websiteIncrease traffic to website.Get more people into your sales funnel. 2. Sample Customer Engagement Tools SurveysReviewsReferralsTestimonialsCustomer Stories 3. The difference between a Testimonial and a Customer’s Story 4. The elements of a customer’s story What You Need to Do - The How 1. Determine what type of customer engagement will work the best for your intended purpose.  What issue are you trying to address in your sales process?Are you trying to overcome a specific objection that a potential customer may have?Do you want to highlight your customer’s real-life transformation because of using your product?Feedback for new product developmentFeedback for further market penetration 2. Include points within your process to specifically ask for the type of feedback that you want. If you want your customers to provide a review, then you must insert that “ask” into your process. Maybe this is a follow-up email campaign a few days after the product is delivered.You can ask for Video reviews and offer some time of incentive for those customers that submit a timely review.Just having a reviews section on your website is not enough. You must make the “ask.” 3. Help you customer provide the type of feedback that you are looking for by structuring the right questions. If you are looking to build stories, then you must ask more than yes or no questions.Examples: Describe how receiving the product in the mail make you feel?What was your initial impression of the product?You have a lot of choices on what you can purchase, why did you purchase this product?Please choose one word to describe how using this product made you feel? Describe why you chose that word. 4. Find ways to use your customer stories in marketing materials. WebsiteEmailsBrochuresVideos 5. Always look to leverage what your customers have to say into ways to improve. This is not just applicable to things that are under performing. You may find the feedback useful in identifying those things that you need to start doing more of. Links and Resources 1. Webinars: Upcoming: https://link.betteryou4u.com/WebinarsWebinar Replay: Your Leadership Language: https://link.betteryou4u.com/LLReplay 2. IBGR – Profit Radio DOWNLOAD the IBGR Growth App 3. Subscribe to the podcast: https://podcast.betteryou4u.com/ LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbryant2/ Business Made Simple:  https://www.hireacoach.com/James-Bryant https://www.businessmadesimple.com


1 Mar 2021

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My Morning Coffee w/ James Bryant of The Cochran Firm

My Morning Coffee

Check out this episode of My Morning Coffee with James Bryant speaking about his new tequila brand, Vuelo. Covid may have halted the parties but not the movement. Check out Vuelotequila.com. James gave his honest opinion about Donald Trump and Bill Barr. We cover the need for updated Black history in our schools and qualified immunity in policing. He will be back on the show soon with one of his first business partners, Ray McKenzie. Till then, you can find James at https://cochranfirmlaw.com/attorneys/... #hot #bold #flavorful #conversation For more info about The Positive PR People #Leaders #Learns #ContentMatters #PositivePR #GoodNewGuru www.SandAndShores.com or TonyaMcKenzie.com Find more of Gia Sneed's creations at The Mahogany Box Store (shopthemahoganybox.com)

1hr 15mins

24 Nov 2020

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James Bryant - Leading Me Part 2

Reality Church

James Bryant, director of Lead Different, concludes the two-part series called 'Leading Me'. He shares about God's perfect love overcoming all fears. Recorded live at Reality Church on Sunday 4 October 2020.


4 Oct 2020

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James Bryant - Leading Me

Reality Church

James Bryant, director of Lead Different, shares a powerful word about leading yourself through the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2 - "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will." Recorded for Reality Online on Sunday 27 September 2020.


28 Sep 2020

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#134 RPA, AI & tech in Treasury: James Bryant

The Treasury Talent Podcast

Today we are joined by James Bryant. James is the Director of Treasury Analytics at Stanford Healthcare. He is in a position where he is really redefining treasury through the use of data analytics, business intelligence, RPA and AOI application. In this episode we discuss: The highlights and things James learned in his career What one piece of information he wishes he knew before that he knows now His approach to relationships and networking throughout his career Being a strategic partner and understanding the challenges How James sees the role of treasurer changing/evolving along with technology How he utilizes AI Machine learning, RPA and operations Unique perspectives with regards to technology from healthcare to traditional corporate His thoughts on automation Systems that measures liquidity and cash flow management


17 Sep 2020

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I Was Numb - James Bryant

Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with author, life coach, multifamily apartment investor, and founder of BetterYou4U.com, James Bryant.Let’s dive into James’s story of how powerful it can be for us to choose Humanity and Love, despite all the chaos that’s happening in the world today.Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 - 03:50] Opening SegmentLet's get to know today's guest, James BryantHe wants to help people evolve into better human beings for themselves[03:51 - 10:05] Life With The New NormalJames talks about adjusting to the new normalRomanticizing the pastMoving on after accepting the current situationNot allowing frustration to get in the way of your goalsHe wasn't a runner his whole life but ran in a 5k marathon[10:06 - 17:13] The Fear FactorWhy it’s important to not let fear dictate our livesJames weighs in on the subject of fearWill you just allow change to happen?Being afraid that something will go wrongJames shares a story of his trip to Monument Avenue with his boysMonuments are getting defacedThese monuments are helping people unite[17:14 - 23:22] The Power Of The MediaJames talks about how the media protects properties over peopleSaying bias and racist commentsHis friend judged him based on how the media portrays African-American peopleYour rationality is affected by the media[23:23 - 30:02] I Was NumbJames shares his story of being numb to the George Floyd incidentThis isn't something that happened for the first timeHow can we go back to Humanity and Love?We should take advantage of the political processes that we have in our countryTalk about each other's differencesThings have gotten better but there's always going to be room for improvement[30:03 - 37:47] Closing SegmentWhen do we know that we've had success?Facing racial issues and the economic divideHow do we expect wealth to look different?Continuing to tell our storiesMoney will take care of itselfFinal words from James and ITweetable Quotes:"I am not a proponent of blocking out your fear. I'm a proponent of accepting that it's there. Accepting that I'm fearful and then start to understand why I'm fearful." - James Bryant"If you ever tell yourself that you can't do something, know that it's not true." - James Bryant"We have to choose humanity over anything else." - Jerome Myers"If I can move beyond my limiting beliefs, anybody can." - James BryantYou can connect with James on LinkedIn or visit his website https://betteryou4u.com/. To know more about motivation and steps that you can take to re-imagine yourself and lead a better life shoot James an email on James@betteryou4u.com.LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at www.dreamsshouldbereal.com. Find out more about Jerome at www.d3v3loping.com or www.myersmethods.com


5 Jul 2020

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Live Well Podcast #003 | Personal Leadership with James Bryant

True North Church Podcast

Deans talks to James Bryant from Lead Different about Gratitude, planning not predicting & personal leadership


29 Apr 2020

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Episode 9 w/ James Bryant

Hustle On 4th & 1

In this episode Coop talks with James Bryant, University of Miami and University of Louisville alum who is now a Personal Trainer at Shape Training. James talks how it was playing at Miami during 05-07 and how the hurdles he had to get over gave him life lessons which helped get his outlook on life and bouncing back from any hard time. Click to take a listen to James story and much more!


31 Oct 2019