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Breathing Your Way to Better Health & Performance with Expert Brian MacKenzie

WHOOP Podcast

Brian MacKenzie is a human performance and endurance expert, and the President and co-founder of The Health & Human Performance Foundation. He is on a mission to help everyone from top executives to the US military understand how breath can help optimize their health and performance. Brian joins the podcast to talk about what hypoxia is and why it matters (6:37), the downstream effects of improper breathing (10:42), the characteristics of optimal breathing (15:30), the physiological impact of mouth breathing (20:24), benefits of nasal breathing (28:13), elevating your awareness and achieving an optimal breath practice (35:27), and how to think about your breath in gears (35:59).Support the show


10 Aug 2022

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#288 BITESIZE | The Power of Breath to Transform Your Life | Brian MacKenzie

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

We react to every single situation in life with our breath and we have the power to choose how we respond to any situation by controlling our breath.Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my weekly podcast for your mind, body, and heart.  Each week I’ll be featuring inspirational stories and practical tips from some of my former guests.Today’s clip is from episode 113 of the podcast with human performance specialist Brian MacKenzie.In this clip, he explains how we can use the power of our breath to become more present and help counteract the stresses and constant stimulus of modern-day life.Thanks to our sponsor http://www.athleticgreens.com/livemore Show notes and the full podcast are available at drchatterjee.com/113Order Dr Chatterjee's new book Happy Mind, Happy Life:UK version: https://amzn.to/304opgJUS & Canada version: https://amzn.to/3DRxjgpSupport the podcast and enjoy Ad-Free episodes. Try FREE for 7 days on Apple Podcasts https://apple.co/3oAKmxi. For other podcast platforms go to https://fblm.supercast.com.Follow me on instagram.com/drchatterjeeFollow me on facebook.com/DrChatterjeeFollow me on twitter.com/drchatterjeeukDISCLAIMER: The content in the podcast and on this webpage is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard on the podcast or on my website.  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


30 Jun 2022

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#183 "The Free, Must Try Training Protocol To Boost Fitness & Recovery" With Brian Mackenzie

Football Fitness Federation Podcast

Episode 183 of the Football Fitness Federation Podcast is with the Creative Director at Shift Brian Mackenzie.We discussed:🧖‍♂️ Recovery Protocols😮‍💨 Breathwork & mobility🤒 Immune Health😷 The training mask& much more!You can follow Brian on twitter @brianmackenzie & on Instagram @_brianmackenzieYou can also follow Shift on Instagram @shift_adapt or check out their website www.shiftadapt.comJoin our online community & get access to over 20 webinars as well as presentations from our recent networking events including:⁣⁣Professor Damian Hughes⁣'Who wants to be a high performer?'⁣⁣Inter Miami Performance Director Dawn Scott⁣'Evolving with women's football'⁣⁣Bristol City Head of Fitness & Conditioning Patrick Orme⁣'Individualisation of Physical Training'⁣⁣To get FULL access to all of these & even more like this, sign up to a FREE month on our online community at the link below.⁣⁣www.footballfitfed.com/forum/index.aspx⁣⁣Keep up to date with everything that is going on at Football Fitness Federation at the following links:⁣⁣Twitter - @FootballFitFed⁣Instagram - @FootballFitFed⁣Website - www.footballfitfed.com⁣Email - mail@footballfitfed.com

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13 Apr 2022

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001: Brian Mackenzie on Why Breath is the Most Critical Component to Your Health

The Better Man Podcast

Brian Mackenzie is a human optimization expert, educator, and coach, recognized for his expertise in stress management & breath control. His research and protocols have shifted the way professional athletes and high performers around the world train for improved physiology and performance. Today, I wanted to tap into Brian’s wisdom around breathwork. We discuss the power of nasal breathing and how changing your relationship with oxygen can dramatically affect how you perform—not just physically but emotionally and mentally. We also dig into learned behavior patterns and how they can subconsciously hold you back from succeeding in all areas of life. Key Takeaways with Brian MacKenzie The story of how Brian became a human performance specialist. Shifting the way endurance athletes train. Nasal breathing vs. mouth breathing. How lower intensity training and nasal breathing lead to improved performance and endurance. Don’t let your ego get in the way of developing better physiology! The correlation between anxiety and low CO2. What does breathing have to do with your mental and emotional wellbeing? What you do is not who you are. Learn how your daily patterns affect everything! How challenging the norm and experimenting can change your life—and why Brian only drives the speed limit. How to become less attached to things to fully enjoy life. Connect with Dean Pohlman Facebook YouTube Instagram

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11 Apr 2022

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Stress Adaptation & Human Nature with Brian Mackenzie


This week on the HUMINT podcast, Brain Mackenzie joins us! Brian is an innovator in human performance, stress adaptation, and a pioneer in the development and application of custom protocols to optimize health and performance. We talk about a wide range of subjects including psychedelics, meditation and breaking identity, and controlling stress on the physiological level using the breath. Make sure to listen in at the end to one of Brian's favorite quotes that will blow your mind. Cheers!==Show Notes: 00:45 Brian Intro03:18 The reason Shane got into breathwork05:40 Brian’s introduction to breathwork08:10 Gateway to Meditation & transcending reality using Breathwork vs psychedelics 13:13 What drew you to psychedelics?  17:36 Meditation and breaking identity 26:00 Working through trauma & stress to strengthen the vessel and create freedom in your life31:26 Controlling stress on the physiological level using the breath 39:48 How can we monitor energy based on respiration? 44:38 The evolution of human connection with nature53:10 The importance of getting back into our body58:56 Brian’s group events & where to find him==Shane's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shane.hanner/ Brian's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_brianmackenzie/Shift Adapt Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shift_adapt/Shift Adapt Website: https://shiftadapt.com/

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6 Apr 2022

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Adopting a Breathe practice for Peak Human Performance with Brian Mackenzie

Optimal Self with Jeremy Herider

Featuring Brian Mackenzie, Stress Architect | Author | Biological Storyteller FOUNDER of www.shiftadapt.com "You have the ability to control one thing as a human being - how you respond. The moment you try to control anything outside of your response, you’ve lost control emotionally. And to respond effectively, you must understand your breath.” -BRIAN MACKENZIE Brian is the Founder & Creative Director of SH//FT, Co-Founder and President of The Health and Human Performance Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching how breath and innate tools can optimize and help health and human performance.Connect with Brian: linktr.ee/_brianmackenzieConnect with Jeremy and Optimal Self: Links: (We LOVE to be tagged in your posts, please share our content and tag us!)- Main Page: www.OptimalSelf.Today - Links to our Podcast, all social media, PLUS join our Private Facebook Group, Free "Identity Creator" Course, and more!- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAkydziqrlYZIFmOgD1kTPA- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OptimalSelf1- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/optimal_self/- TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@optimalself

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18 Feb 2022

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Episode 205: Brian Mackenzie (@_brianmackenzie)

NOT DEAD YET with Matt Vincent

Best Shorts to Breathe In: https://www.thehviii.com/collections/goat-training-shorts Video of Podcast:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz-3Al1WFD9-ZVYsWL0k8B2MceAqCesRX Brian Mackenzie Excited to have Brian in today to talk about different aspects of performance enhancement and specifically performance enhance through breathwork and cold therapy. He's worked with a number of adventure athletes like big wave surfers and climbers for a long time. I'm always curious about what we are capable of accessing and what we are capable of accomplishing with our bodies. Got a super informative podcast for yall today so enjoy and check out our sponsors below when you get the chance. Blast oooffff!!! Sponsors: Caveman Coffee Hybrid Performance Method Onnit - Onnit.com/mattvincent 10% off Oregon Originals - Code UMSO 10% off Stay Classy Meats - Code UMSO 10% off Nutrition Solutions - Code UMSO $20 off HVIII - Code UMSO 10% off Habit - Code UMSO 10% off Daily Destroyer - team training and programming SIGN UP HERE: https://marketplace.trainheroic.com/brand/Matt%20Vincent?attrib=445833-pod

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7 Jan 2022

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Ep 28 with Brian Mackenzie discussing stress, emotions, primary emotions breathing and more

Move.Breathe.Live. with Wib Yoga and Spirit Wren

This week I am super lucky and proud to say that I got to chat to the Brian Mackenzie. Brian is some what of a legend in the sports performance world and has taken that knowledge in to the world of stress and human performance world now. Brian is a New York Times best selling author, founder of Shift/adapt, co-founder of the non profit health and human performance foundation and the art of breath, a coach and so much more.    In this episode we get into the ideas around primary emotions and how these drive us to our decisions and choices and how we perhaps do or do not have control over those choices. As well as this we look at the roll of CO2 in stress and how we feel it.   Brian is one of the main people I hoped to one day get to chat to on this podcast so to get to do it before episode 30 is incredible. I hope you enjoy this episode in which we tried to look at the idea of primary emotions and the way we react or respond to them. Seriously go check his work out over at    http://www.instagram/_brianmackenzie  http://www.brianmackenzie.com https://shiftadapt.com/evolution-art-... in particular check out this video on primary emotions from his insta feed, its one of my favourites of his https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBgoYR1D... Any way please subscribe/like/rate/review and comment if you enjoyed the episode and I will see you all real soon.


13 Sep 2021

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491 - Brian MacKenzie (Human Performance Specialist, Sorta)

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Brian MacKenzie and I had a good chat about how "working out" should be more like play, how psychological issues manifest in our physiology, and how rejection can hit the body like a car wreck. Brian is the Founder & CEO of Shift. He is also the President and Co-Founder of The Health and Human Performance Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching how breath and innate tools can optimize and help health and human performance. Brian has also co-authored the book Power Speed Endurance, The New York Times Best Seller UnBreakable Runner, and UnPlugged, which assesses the integration of emergent technology and human performance. Brian on Instagram, Twitter. Find me on Instagram or Twitter. Please consider supporting this podcast. This Amazon affiliate link kicks a few bucks back my way. Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; "Move with Me" by Nena Cherry; "Smoke Alarm," by Carsie Blanton.  This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit chrisryan.substack.com/subscribe

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28 Aug 2021

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Five-minute breath holds and childhood trauma with Brian Mackenzie

The UNcivilized Podcast with Traver Boehm

Have you ever been carried away by impulses, feeling your existence has no purpose and reached a point of constant stress? Then, you're not breathing correctly. Today's guest is Brian MacKenzie, a human performance specialist. Brian educates people on how to perform at their highest biological potential, and he is here to talk to us about the five minutes breath holds and childhood traumas, everything you need to know to make a shift in your life. Become a more resilient and fulfilled human. Start doing breathwork. ABOUT BRIAN MACKENZIE Founder & CEO UnScared Inc.   SH // FT Co-Founder & President Health and Human Performance Foundation Brian Mackenzie is an innovator in human performance on stress adaptation. A pioneer in the development and application of custom protocols to optimize human health and performance. His work harnesses and integrates respiratory, movement, strength, conditioning, and endurance-based training approaches to elicit unprecedented positive results. His protocols have been used to accelerate and raise both: mental and physical performance in world-class Olympic and professional athletes, top executives, and elite military operators, as well as to improve the health of people suffering from various chronic and pathological issues. CONNECT WITH BRIAN HHP Foundation: https://www.hhp-foundation.org/ Shift Adapt: https://www.shiftadapt.com/ IG  @_brianmackenzie IG  @shift_adapt WHAT YOU WILL HEAR [4:47] Meeting Brian MacKenzie. [12:17] Brian's drive: learn. [17:13] The UNcivilized Movement Mission. [18:06] CO2 tolerance breath. [26:01] The best way to handle our nervous system. [30:05] Today’s sponsor: Semsquatch.com [30:42] How we manage to achieve an authentic and unapologetic life. [35:11] The first step to deal with childhood trauma. [40:51] A pandemic of anxiety and the comfort crisis. [47:58] Exchanging Crossfit for more freedom. [52:00] Evolving consciousness. [53:48] Brian's routine. If you look at the civilized world and think, "no thank you," then you should subscribe to our podcast, so you don't miss a single episode! Also, join the uncivilized community, and connect with me on my website, Facebook, or Instagram so you can join in on our live recordings, ask questions to guests, and more. This episode is sponsored by Zensquatch Apparel. Checkout www.Zensquatch.com and use promo code " UNcivilized " for 20% off your purchases AND FREE SHIPPING for the month of August 2021.  Find Traver on Instagram @traverBoehm Get a copy my book, Man UNcivilized  Join the UNcivilized Nation before registration closes on July 31st Start your journey to become the man the that the world failed to teach you how to be.


2 Aug 2021