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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Johnny Clegg. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Johnny Clegg, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Johnny Clegg. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Johnny Clegg, often where they are interviewed.

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Kurt Darren on Fokofpolisiekar, Soweto Gospel Choir, Brenda Fassie, Guns n Roses, Johnny Clegg and everyone else you can think of!

Jon Savage's ... What's Your Poison?
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Kurt Darren has a new album out called The African Songbook and it's so fresh and unexpected, it's awesome.  If you want to hear someone whose passion for music knows no boundaries, and meet a superstar that will continue to surprise you, then listen to this incredible interview.

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Jul 22 2020



809 Remembering Johnny Clegg

Afropop Worldwide
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Johnny Clegg holds a unique place in South Africa’s musical pantheon. From his childhood immersion in Zulu culture, his mastery of Zulu language, dance and guitar playing, some 20 albums with three different bands, his tireless world touring and, finally, his brave public battle with cancer, Clegg was an inspired witness to tumultuous history in South Africa and around the world. Afropop was fortunate to conduct many interviews with the maestro and raconteur over 30 years. In this program, we sample the man’s words and music over a long shape-shifting career. Produced by Banning Eyre.

Feb 27 2020

1hr 15mins


P93 - Chelsea Manning | Johnny Clegg & Savuka (and Juluka)

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He’s a leader, talks of freedom
He knows the power of the Big Idea
He’s a dealer, he’s a seeker
Of the power that comes from fear
-Johnny Clegg

Gilded Walls | Will Hoge : My American Dream
Working Poor | Fantastic Negrito : The Last Days of Oakland
How Many Kinds of Courage (Song for Chelsea Manning) | My Gay Banjo : Country Boys in the City
Hey There NSA ! | Dan Bull : Hey There NSA ! - Single
Song for Chelsea Manning | David Rovics : Big Red Sessions
Chelsea Girl | Drones Club : Hugs for Chelsea: benefit for Chelsea Manning
Bernie Sanders_ Incarcerating a Country (4_13_1994)
Inevitable Consequence of Progress | Johnny Clegg & Savuka : Heat Dust & Dreams
Work for All | Johnny Clegg & Juluka : Work for All
The Revolution Will Eat Its Children (Anthem for Uncle Bob) | Johnny Clegg : One Life
One Man One Vote | Johnny Clegg : Cruel Crazy Beautiful World
If You Stop, They Win | Jennifer Holub : The Reckoning
Up to the People | Petra Glynt : This Trip

Aug 18 2019

1hr 13mins



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Rob Tobias pays tribute to South African Musician Johnny Clegg who passed away recently at the age of 66. He formed two bands, Juluka and Savuka and also performed under his own name. Lyrics to his songs were often bilingual in English and Zulu and his bands wrote several politically charged songs, particularly related to apartheid. He embodied the fighting spirit and vision required to transcend into a better future for all. Leading from the front, he has shown how social barriers and prejudices can be broken with his music and in doing so, has instilled an awareness of other cultures while truly creating a meaningful change.
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Aug 15 2019



Johnny Clegg's final interview on the #CokeTop40CT

Kfm Top 40 with Carl Wastie | #KfmTop40
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Listen to the raw and uncut interview between Carl Wastie and Johnny Clegg on the Coca-Cola Top40SA on Kfm 94.5 from February 2018.

It is possibly Johnny's most candid interview, opening up about his musical journey, his personal life, working with his son Jesse - and what that meant to him, and offering advice to future South African stars; as well as thanking fans for their loyal support over the decades.

R.I.P. Johnny.

Jul 20 2019



Johnny Clegg (In Memoriam - updated with new intro)

Gareth's Guests
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Read more — You know the name but you've never heard his story told quite this way. Ahead of the Johannesburg leg of his Final Journey world tour, Johnny Clegg sits down with Gareth Cliff to highlight some of the stories from his 40+ years in the music industry, beginning with how his character was shaped and his personality emancipated by falling in love with the Zulu culture as a young man. Hear how his jazz singer mother and stepfather who left when he was 14 impacted him, as well as how he's been touring since 1983. And hear Johnny detail one of his all-time favourite moments: performing 'Asimbonanga' with Nelson Mandela on stage.

Jul 18 2019



Radio EXOTICA FM Episode 15 Johnny Clegg Tribute

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Tonight we talk about the Huawei Ban and pay tribute to the legend that was Johnny Clegg

Jul 16 2019



Meet Johnny Clegg, a legend of legends on his final journey

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Most South Africans need no introduction to Johnny Clegg. Ray White interviews him about his life and times, and final journey.

Sep 27 2017