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21 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Grace Campbell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Grace Campbell, often where they are interviewed.

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21 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Grace Campbell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Grace Campbell, often where they are interviewed.

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66: Grace Campbell - Growing Up With Amazing Disgrace

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Grace Campbell takes you on a whirlwind tour of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, growing up in a playground of political celebrity, idiot boys and brilliant girlfriends. This is a must-listen episode for all young women and parents of daughters navigating the passion and pitfalls of teenaged life. Get your copy of Grace's book HERE.
Nov 10 2020 · 26mins
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8: Overcoming shame with Grace Campbell

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Hello Body Protesters!

In a very dark week, we hope to bring you all a bit of light with this delightful conversation we had the pleasure of having with Grace Campbell, Comedian, Activist and Author! With her debut book, Amazing Disgrace fresh off the press and two changed laws under her belt, Campbell is quite the powerhouse, and we hope you enjoy her outlook on shame as much as we do.

Grace speaks to Honey and Nadia about:

- . Trauma, sexual trauma (CW) ,

-    Shame storing itself in your body

-    Drug abuse

-    Eating disorders (CW)

-    Punishing your body

-    The male gaze forcing us to separate our bodies from ourselves

-    Mental health, intrusive thoughts, medication

-    Intrusive thoughts

-    Fanny farting

-    Sex, masturabation, orgasms

-    yoga for anxiety

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Nov 02 2020 · 44mins

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Grace Campbell

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Straight-talking feminist comedian Grace co-hosts the podcast Football, Feminism and Everything In Between with her dad, political advisor Alastair Campbell. She's written her new book Amazing Disgrace to help women handle feelings of shame. Her life tips include never sleeping with co-workers, and dressing fabulously to boost your confidence.
Oct 30 2020 · 28mins
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Astrid & Miyu: After Hours S3 EP3 - All Things Comedy With Grace Campbell

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Join our lovely host Bella as she sits down with comedian, author and activist, Grace Campbell. It’s time to get into your comfy clothes and unwind as they discuss everything from growing up in the world of politics, why everyone should brave stand-up comedy and her brand new book! 

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Thank you so much for tuning into Season 3, head to our Instagram @astridandmiyu to stay updated with new episodes!💫

Oct 20 2020 · 46mins

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Staying Sane - Grace Campbell - Episode 4

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Natasha talks to Grace Campbell about activism in lockdown, why PMQs should always be done remotely and hoe-ga.
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Apr 24 2020 · 32mins
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Grace Campbell on why you should date a feminist

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This week we're taking a break from coronavirus content and returning to regularly scheduled programming.

Olivia is joined by comedian and activist Grace Campbell to discuss why it's important to date a feminist and what that means.

How do you know if you're dating a feminist? And if you're unsure, how can you educate a partner on equality without coming across as patronising?

Grace opens up about how she and her boyfriend support one another and strive to defy stereotypical gender roles.

She also reveals why she felt so irked when her father, Alastair Campbell, refers to women as "birds".

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Apr 24 2020 · 26mins
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71. Do I have to convince people I'm right? Ft. Grace Campbell

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It's easy to get tangled in a world wide web of your own making when arguing online. Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are joined by comedian and activist Grace Campbell to discuss trolls, the grim underbelly of internet culture and how to pick your battles. Sophie thinks we should feed the trolls, Ned chats to a meme lord, Heidi talks about how to deal with online criticism and Steve Ali solves a listener's dilemma.

Co-created by Deborah Frances-White for The Spontaneity Shop and BBC Radio 4.

Produced by Al Riddell.

Music by Mark Hodge and Omahrose, produced by Nick Sheldon.
Apr 09 2020 · 51mins
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Wanking, Pubic Hair and Politics with Grace Campbell

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In the first episode of Season Two, Hannah is joined by comedian and activist Grace Campbell, who shares her first experience of masturbation, and why she co-created the #girlswanktoo campaign. Grace also discusses her relationship with pubic hair (and nipple hair!), and how that relationship’s changed. Her and Hannah chat about whether sex and politics can ever really be separated, with Grace sharing why she is never going into politics, despite having a very political childhood. Finally, they talk about the power of Gen Z and hope for the future!

Grace Campbell: https://www.instagram.com/disgracecampbell




Jan 15 2020 · 38mins
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Ep 313: A Badass New Decade Begins with Grace Campbell & Owain Astles

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It’s the first week of a brand new decade and we’re kicking things off badass.

The first guest this week is Grace Campbell , Grace has been a feminist activist for several years, she and some friends started the campaign group “pink protest” which helped to launch the “Free Periods Campaign” aimed at helping women and girls facing period poverty. She is also the co-creator of the Channel 4’s “Riot-girls” an all female comedy prank show and quickly caught the stand up bug. As well as a long list of talents she is also the daughter of politician Alister Campbell as Grace tells this can be quite polarising for her audiences, they have joined forces to create a podcast chatting “Football, Feminism and Everything in-between”.

The second guest this week is Owain Astles the filmmaker behind the docu-drama “Sleeping Rough” which takes frank look at the state of homelessness in the UK with an Increase of 165% in recent years the Owain tell the ladies what is behind the rise. After a period of sofa-surfing Owain learnt more about what it is to be without a home, homelessness is more than just the people we see in streets, this makes up just 3% of all homeless people in the UK, the aim of the film is to broaden peoples understanding of homelessness and the severity of the issue in ways that we don’t see. Find out more info and where you can see the film here.

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Natalie Campbell

Emma Sexton

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Jan 06 2020 · 21mins
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End of year special! Comedian Grace Campbell joins me to share who and what she'd hate to be stuck with on a desert island from 2019. Be sure to follow the podcast @dickspod

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Dec 30 2019 · 45mins